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Ayurveda's Beauty Care

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375 5th Avenue - 5th Floor, between 35th & 36th Streets
New York City, NY 10016
United States
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(212) 529-3300

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Customer Reviews for Ayurveda's Beauty Care (4)

June 20, 2011
Horrible service
This place was absolutely disgusting, it was filthy...the floors were not swept and was sticky, the pillow cases had dirt all over them, and the towels had a foul oder.
April 14, 2009
Amazing: Ayurvedic consultation, Facial, & Massage
I've had an ayurvedic consultation, facial, and massage here, with Dr. Marballi. I have acne prone and scarred skin. I left the consultation with an idea of the imbalances at play in my body according to Ayurvedic science. Dr. Marballi told me what to include and what to avoid in my diet ( invaluable nutritional advice considering how overwhelming all the information on eating sensibly is), breathing exercises, and other helpful suggestions about how to move towards better health and beauty. I came back for a facial which made my skin feel and look more brilliant than I've ever seen it. And then, one month later, I came back for a massage which I can't explain because I don't know much about the chakras and how they specifically affect your state of mind, which directly affects your body. But, even one week later, I still feel the relief and open, positive charge that the oil and Dr. Marballi's healing hands have given me. I am truly grateful and I highly recommend Ayurveda's Beauty Care for health, beauty, and relaxation.
December 30, 2006
Be open to a different experience.
This experience was a little different than what I'm used to. There were no robes, slippers, or fancy locker rooms with showers, hair dryers and mouth wash. Nor was there a relaxation room with flat screen tv, chips, juice and tea. I was a little annoyed, bec that was what I was used to, and in my mind thought I needed. The down stairs lobby wasn't pretty nor was the elevator. I was so upset, I was even thinking of leaving before my therapist came for me. (kinda shollow of me) Then I started to think of how tense I was in the first place, and how tight my shoulders and neck were, and how good they were to let me come in at the last minute, so I stayed..... I am so happy that I stayed. Amita was very warm, and brought me back to my room, and prepared me for my experience. The next thing I knew I was snoring. The combo of warm moist towels, warm oils, and great hands swept me away, and the after steam was the icing on the cake. They have a very holistic approach, so if you are open to a new experience, you will be glad to add this to your spa catalog. Amita was my therapist. She was wonderful...........
November 15, 2006
Got the Bliss Package
Amita worked on me and it was a very subtle but profound experience. I had the Shirodhara and Abyhanga. There was a lot of oil on my head afterwards. It worked on a very different level, more on the subconscious and holistic level so for people that just want a deep tissue massage that works superficially other places would probably be better. Amita had me focus on my breath to integrate the bodywork on a deeper level. She also put me in a very unsual steam box, so that my body was steaming but my head could stay cool, I really enjoyed this part. I left feeling very light and floaty (and oily since she recommended to let the oils seep into me so they could continue to detox me.
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