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International Day Spa

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325 Cajon Street,
Redlands, CA 92373
United States
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Mon: 9am  -  9pm Tues: 9am  -  9pm Wed: 9am  -  9pm Thu: 9am  -  9pm Fri: 9am  -  9pm Sat: 9am  -  9pm Sun: 9am  -  9pm
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Customer Reviews for International Day Spa (27)

February 21, 2011
Must visit
Expert staff and a wonderful experience..
February 19, 2011
Need a Vacation ?
In just a couple of hours you can be completely relaxed as if you've had a week's vacation. Just visit International Day Spa and let Mimi and her team pamper you. It's wonderful!
Rachel H
February 19, 2011
Great service and price. I would recommend to all.
October 22, 2010
Loved it!
I just got to enjoy hot apple cider by the fire before receiving my Scrub, Tub and Rub! Such a cozy place! The staff was very welcoming and helpful!
October 21, 2010
Great Find !
I was in town and had just come from a stressful business meeting, when I discovered this hidden oasis in Redlands. What a find! The staff welcomed me like family and escorted me to a calm and cozy waiting area which opened to an exotic garden of green, flowers, and a fountain. I was treated to a scented foot bath while waiting. Because I had no appointment, I could not be taken right away, but the wait was so pleasurable, that it was as if the treatment had already started. Then the massage!! Best I've ever had in any American or international spa ever. Their name says it all. THIS is the best spa anywhere. I can hardly wait for my next Redlands business meeting. The stress will be nothing, just knowing I can go to International Skin and Body Care afterwords. This time, I'll have an appointment!
July 2, 2010
Excellent experience
The Service was great. The staff was very personable and caring. They wanted to make sure that you had a experience and also willing to meet all my needs while I was there. The atmosphere was very relaxing. I will definitely go back again.
Christina M
December 8, 2009
Great experience
I loved this spa. Can be a little hard to get into because they are so great you may have to make an appt.and wait your turn but it will definitely be worth it! The staff is very poilte and knowledgeable and patient. Can't wait to go back again!
October 27, 2009
Relaxing Experience
Whenever I get a treatment at International Skin and Body Care, I am welcomed by friendly and helpful staff. I have had multiple treatments and I always look forward to going and being pampered! I enjoy the spa facials. Not only does my face get attention but my hands and feet get massaged as well! Wether I have had a facial or another treatment I leave feeling relaxed, and any stress is gone! If I made another appointment I already look forward to going back!
October 22, 2009
As soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted with the best service. I have been to many spas and I must say that International Day Spa is the ELITE of all spas. I was treated like the queen of Sheba. From the wonderful foot soak and yummy treats I received, to their fabulous SKIN CARE services. I can say that this Spa is going to continue to get my business. I highly recommend that you visit this Spa.
October 22, 2009
I had found a gift certificate that I thought I lost and it was at least 4 years old and when I called the receptionists gave me the great news that the gift certificate never expires! I am so glad I chose to make and appointment! I enkoyed a pumpkin head to toe treatment!!! Loved the staff!
October 14, 2009
Cherry on Top
This was one of the best experiences at a spa that I have had. I travel often and receive treatments frequently and I usually leave feeling as if I over paid for what I got. At International the extras that are part of every treatment were the Cherry on Top for me! The aromatherapy foot soak, the steam room, the soft robes, the service, the refreshments, the knowledge the therapists have, and then a "gift of the day." It was a great time and a therapeutic treatment. I will be back!
September 7, 2009
A Rest After Work
The receptionists greeted me with a warm smile right when I walked in. Coming in after a long day of work, a friendly welcome means a lot. The attendants then pampered me with a warm foot soak (which was the perfect temperature), lemonade, and delectable cookies. The massage itself was also satisfying. My therapist Connie was willing to go the extra mile and was truly concerned about the tension on my lower back. She was the best.
July 6, 2009
Best Esthetician-Kim Mast
Very convenient to be on a "standby list" (When I tried to make my appt. they were booked, but they gave me a standby call when an opening became available.) Footsoak and lemonade were fast and accommodating to my appointment time. Always a nice atmosphere...relaxing. Suberb-two treatments in one therapy-GREAT. Kim, my esthetician is always responsive to my needs. The front desk staff is very efficient and helpful.
June 18, 2009
Happy Birthday
International Day Spa made my birthday visit to their spa on June 13th so wonderful. I had never been to this spa before and both my therapists, Mandi and Amanda were wonderful. The staff was so kind and professional, but as I was leaving, they suprised me with a card and a little gift. What a nice thing to do, it's the kind of amazing customer service thats so rare these days.
June 9, 2009
I Love this Place
I received the gift of a massage. I sure needed it. My massuse was Sonia, and she was terrific. I just loved being in this place, it had a warm, calm, soothing atmosphere. Everyone was very kind and generous. I am very grateful and will return soon.
June 6, 2009
Wonderful Spa Experience!
If you want to be treated like a Queen, this is the place. Friendly staff, charming Victorian cottage, skilled therapists. You don't get just a massage or facial here. There are lots of extras that come along with the treatments: foot soaks, steam room, little gifts for every customer, and the therapists have an arsenal of goodies at the ready for everything from sore muscles to dry heels. They carry Murad products, which I LOVE since being exposed to them. All in all, a warm, relaxing, healing experience.
December 7, 2008
I received a gift certificate for Mother's Day a few years ago & my first experience there was awesome! I was hooked. I purchased gift certficates & made appointments for my mother, my mother in law & myself and I booked the appointments well in advance. Again, all went well. We enjoyed our "ladies day out" & did it again after Christmas. Again, I made the appointments well in advance to acomodate all 3 of us. When we arrived at 9am, the receptionist told me that I had made a mistake, my appointment was the next day. (I didn't make the mistake, I specifically asked for the day I had off from work). The "moms" had driven about a 1/2 hr to the appointment, but I drove an hour from my house to the appt. They offered me NOTHING to make it right. Luckily, we were all able to come back the next day & we enjoyed the experience. I was a little miffed because those appts. cost me $300 & she acted like it was nothing. I had received another gift certificate & decided to try again. When I arrived (still an hour drive), I was told my massage therapist was sick & they'd have to reschedule. Again, nothing to try to make it right, just too bad, so sad. I really loved the atmosphere when I first went to this spa, but they do not value their customer's time & money. I don't think I'll give them another shot....
Response from International Day Spa
Although this review was posted many years ago we still felt the need to respond. At International Day Spa we do not strive for Customer Service, we want Customer Delight. Your last visit with us was less than perfect. We NEVER want to give less than a wonderful experience to our guests. Please don’t give up on us. You are a valuable and appreciated guest. We want to give you years of DELIGHTFUL service. Please visit our website to see new services we offer and remember to sign up for our newsletter for deals and events.
August 28, 2008
The perfect place to relax!
I have finally found my favorite place to get a massage. All the ladies are so lovely, kind and attentive. Before my massage I use the Turkish steam room. I perfer a deep tissue because I am so tense and 90 minutes later I feel such so much better. I have been hooked on International Day Spa ever since my first massage, and my overall health has improved since I have been going in monthly for 5 months now.
June 3, 2008
Fabulous Facials
This spa goes the extra mile in attending to all the "little" details of a facial. The accompanying hand and foot massage are thorough and not just "thrown in". The facials are truly customized.
May 16, 2008
Good Gift.
My wife bought me a gift certificate for a "hydro" package for my birthday. When I came in everyone was very professional and friendly. They exceeded my expectations. The "Roman Soldier" package really realived my stress. It was fun too. Thanks.
May 7, 2008
The Total Body Experiance
The International Skin and Body Care Day Spa is an experiance you won't forget. I am a frequent visiter of this spa and let me tell you, the Mud, Tub, and Rub 2 hour treatment is truly the best thing a girl could ever ask for. The prices are affordable, the services are wounderful, and the staff is amazing. I highly recomend anyone to go and visit the ISBC. It's like your home away from home.
May 5, 2008
Healing Hands
My back was hurting and I had missed several days of work. I was going to see a chiropractor and a friend suggested I try a massage from International Day Spa. She recommended a certain therapist who does hydrotherapy treatments, and I was in so much pain I could hardly get onto the massage table. I have to say the therapist was a miracle worker because immediately after my massage I could stand up and walk again! My therapist knew exactly what to do and fixed me right up! She focused on my need and I am forever grateful to her.
April 28, 2008
My visit was amazing!!!
This was was my first visit to this adorable, victorian style spa. The staff was very friendly and my services were wonderful. This spa has a Redlands charm to it. I relaxed in the waiting area with tea and a complimentary foot soak. My therapists were knowledgable and helped me relax. I WILL be back to enjoy more services.
April 26, 2008
I have been going to this spa for quite some time. I have always had a great experiance. I always refer my co-workers, family and friends. This spa is often booked up, so a word of advice is to book in advance and always go in early to receive the free foot bath and steam - it's a good way to start! I love the "at home" atmosphere and how the staff treat you as if your part of a family - not all stuffy like some resort spa's I've been to. I would recommend this spa to everyone.
January 16, 2008
Worst Spa Experience Ever
I am a frequent spa goer and have visited day spas as well as spa retreats all over the world. I have seen bad and good and this is hands down the worst I have ever been to. Below are accounts of both my poor experiences. Experience 1 I received a gift certificate several years ago. I made an appointment (after much hassle as they have limited space and equipment). One of my services included a Vinchi shower. The therapist 'forgot' to remove my clothes from the room and they ended up quite wet. Someone she had also moved my personal belongings and temporarily lost my very expensive prescription glasses (there are no lockers are real changing areas). She found them, but seemed put out by the whole effort. When I went to settle my account I received a high pressure sale to buy their overpriced products. The actual service itself was also below average. During my massage the therapist and client in the room next door could be heard talking and during my hydrotherapy tub a therapist and client walked by me to go into the massage room. There are minimal partitions, but privacy is still minimal. I did not time the massage, but I left the 'spa' about a half hour earlier than my services should have allowed for. The therapist spent most of the time talking before she started the massage and her technique was amateur at best. Experience 2 Unfortunately, my boss gave me a gift certificate here last Christmas. I called to make an appointment and they managed to fit me in about a month and a half later. Granted I wanted a 90 minute deep tissue, but as it is a service they offer I don't think I should be treated like a problem when I request one. Several days before my scheduled appointment I received a call from the spa telling me that they had made a mistake and that the therapist I had been booked with did not do 90 minute deep tissue massages. No apology was offered and the soonest they could fit me in again would have been several month out. I said I'd call at a later time and shelved the gift certificate. About 8 month later I again attempted to use the gift certificate. It took 20 minutes to make the appointment, but the receptionist assured me that my appointment would be honored and that the therapist I had been booked with could do a 90 minute deep tissue. Well, several days before my appointment the same cancellation process was repeated. I asked to speak to the owner and was told she was not available and would call me back (that was on a Saturday). I received no call back so I tried again on Monday - again with no call back. I finally tracked her down that Wednesday and I think I have determined the problem with this spa. The owner proceeded to tell me that she had never received any of my message, but she mysteriously knew a lot about my problem before I told her. She then proceeded to tell me that she had just fired 10 employees and the rest were pretty much worthless (I am assuming she hired these employees). I told her I wanted the gift certificate refunded so I could take my business elsewhere and she refused - her offer was to give me a free hydrotub ($30 value). In the interest of not making a total conflict I agreed to let her try and remake the appointment. The soonest they could fit me in would have been 2 months out. Granted I am a working professional, but nearly every afternoon I proposed as an option the only therapist that does 90 minute massages was off. I said forget it and am trying to figure out how best to salvage the monetary value of the gift certificate. Summary PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not go here, or help further support this horrible 'spa'. Hopefully, it will go out of business soon and well-wishing gift givers and spa seekers will not be duped by this poorly managed and relatively dumpy 'spa'.
December 5, 2007
needs some TLC
I have been going to this spa for years. I have noticed over the last 2 years that the front reception area staff is loud, and they do not pay attention to detail. On 2 separate occasions I had appointments and they screwed up, giving me the wrong service, wrong room and proceeded to charge and over charge me! The rooms smell and the bathroom needs a renovation. The therapists I have gotten services from are fabulous .
Response from International Day Spa
At International Day Spa we do not strive for Customer Service, we want Customer Delight. Your last visit with us was less than perfect. We NEVER want to give less than a wonderful experience to our guests. Thank you for being so understanding. Guests like you keep us on our toes and help me know where we need to give more training. We really dropped the ball on your visit. Please don’t give up on us. You are a valuable and appreciated guest. We want to give you years of DELIGHTFUL service.
November 11, 2006
Treated like a Queen!!
This cozy, victorian cottage offered me a relaxing experience. I was able to sit by the fire while enjoying a cup of tea and warm foot bath. Everyone was so friendly and loving. My massage was just what the doctor ordered. I will definitely be back! Thank you everyone.
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