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Body* Mind* Spirit* Natural Health Center

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9449 Old Dixie Hwy.,
Miami, FL 33156
United States
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+1(305) 670-1333

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Mon: 10am  -  8pm Tues: 10am  -  6pm Wed: 10am  -  8pm Thu: 10am  -  6pm Fri: 10am  -  8pm Sat: 10am  -  6pm Sun: Closed
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Customer Reviews for Body* Mind* Spirit* Natural Health Center (8)

May 11, 2014
Bliss massage
I definately was in a state of bliss all day. People noticed at work too. This place is an oasis of peace.
December 5, 2013
Deep Tissue Massage
Loved it loved it loved it! Thank God I went the day before Thanksgiving. I was sooooo relaxed for days even when my oven when up in FLAMES! My husband and sister-in-law had the argument of the year. My mother got highly intoxicated and the little kids were screaming and body slamming themselves.
November 21, 2013
Very nice place
Very nice place, they treat customer the right way. it was just amazing and they are very polite. excellent place to relax, body felt like new after massage.
November 17, 2013
Detox wrap
Well a week ago I did the detox wrap. I fell asleep a bit --very relaxing -- like all their treatments. I really did not notice any change until 3 days later. Yep I lost around 3 1/2 inches . I just wasn't bloated , maybe? The good news was that I lost 3 lbs as well! I have also maintained it off. I haven't exercise cause we left on a weekend vacation and yes I had moderate alcohol and dessert. So... I don't know how but I think it works!
November 1, 2013
Steam Treatment
Very Meditative. Exactly what I needed. It was gentle and soothing and the therapist was very professional. It's a slow process and I opted for the Ayurveda Head Massage. I believe it was detoxing. My joint and muscle pains disappear and my body felt light. I don't suffer from sinus problems but if anyone out there does YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! The steam enters your nose very gently.
October 13, 2013
Stress Relief Wellness Center
This is exactly what I've been looking for years. I have had massages even in Europe. It's very Wabi Sabi. The minute you park, it's easy, no stress, from beginning to you drive off. The best most therapeutic massage. I think I lost inches on my thighs. I feet very light even today, the next day. I wish I would have drank some milk last night because of the lactic acid release. Wow and I only had the most basic bliss massage! Will try all their treatments in the future and will highly recommend to everyone. Yes, it exceeded my expectations and I just love the price. Thanks you Adriana.
May 4, 2011
Cozy and Clean!
This was a very nice experience. The spa was clean and the people at the desk were very nice and professional as was the staff. Massage was very good and the anti-aging facial was excellent. I would highly recommend this spa-I also heard other clients raving to each other about how much they were enjoying the treatments. And, I would go back again!
March 19, 2011
I've finally found the gem I've been looking for.
I love love love this place the enviroment is so relaxing. And the massage is out of this world, I got thier Relaxing Deep tissue massage with an extra half hour Reflexology on my feet. It was magical!! Im telling everyone about it. What a wonderful experience. If you want a much needed change of pace I highly recomend you treat yourself.
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