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Serenity Springs Salon and Spa

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3358 templeton gap rd,
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
United States
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+1(719) 574-4373

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Customer Reviews for Serenity Springs Salon and Spa (16)

July 24, 2013
This spa is amazing! This was my first time and the girls were wonderful, they made me feel right at home! It was the most comfortable I have ever felt at a spa! Plus as an added bonus my nails turned out phenomenal! I will be returning and I recommend this spa as the 1st pick in Colorado. If you have the opportunity to go DO IT!! You will not regret your decision to choose this spa! I love it and it is AMAZING!!!!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Thank you so much for your wonderful review!!!
November 25, 2012
Great Place - Excellent at Waxing
Great experience, even a first time male brazilian was a breeze, neck down 2 hours. I will definitely be back.
November 19, 2012
Small, Comfortable, Friendly and Just Plain Wonderful!
These girls are great! They are fun and you can really tell that they love what they are doing! I had a Facial with Natascha that I can honestly say was the most relaxing facial that I have ever had! I was there a few years ago for a facial and it was nothing like it was this go round! WOW she made me feel like a million bucks! Then I had a massage, just when I thought it couldnt get much better, Melinda got ahold of me!!! You can really tell that she has years of experience under her belt! If you are looking for a light touch, she may not be your girl, but for a good firm massage with expert healing hands! She is your girl. I didnt have any salon service done this time, but I watched some miracles in progress while I was there. What personalities too!!! These girls make you feel like you are family!! Thanks for the wonderful day!!!
August 9, 2012
Found the staff unprofessional and with concerned with short term money making than with customer satisfaction. The more satisfied the customer, the more likely they are to refer others to your business. Just plain common business sense.
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Hello BobbieM, I am very concerned about addressing your experience at our spa. We strive to ensure every one of our guests has a wonderful experience. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority and if you feel in any way unsatisfied we would love the opportunity to make it up to you. I understand that this is not always possible, however I would like to discuss the matter in detail with you, to ensure that this problem is corrected and we can grow from it. I have tried to match this review to our customer list of this time frame and cannot locate anyone matching your name. Please give me a call at your soonest convenience. 719-574-4373. Thank you so much for helping to improve!
April 13, 2012
***Massage ***
Best swedish massage in a long time. Very intuitive and knowledgeable to what my body needed. Very satisfied. Ask for Melinda if you go.
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. Please come back and visit us soon. If we can do anything ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact us through our website.
November 10, 2011
Amazing experience
I visited serenity springs spa with my sister in law. We were treated like VIP's from the moment we walked through the door. Shiela and her staff were ready for us and the services we received were phenomenol. I walked away feeling better than I have in years because each staff member was very experienced and competent. These ladies know how to take care of their customers!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Hi Elise! Thank you so much for your review about your time at our spa... I hope that the special day ended up wonderful! Please dont forget you still have a manicure pedicure day to use.. Plus $10 Beauty bucks to use for being so wonderful and writing this review!!
Jamaica S
November 9, 2011
I received a spa finder gift certificate from my job and decided to finally use it when I took some time off. The reason I initially chose Serenity Springs is because it was very close to where I live. I am so happy I did! My massage and mani were my first stop when I started my stay-cation. Couldn't have a better start! Everyone there was amazing and my appointment went perfect :) I will definately be scheduling some time to come see you ladies again! Thank you so much!!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Hi Jamaica, Thank you so much for choosing us for your massage and manicure. And also for the wonderful review. See you again soon1
October 14, 2011
Will Never Go Back!
When I went to my last appt for a 1 hr massage the room was cold and noises from outside of the room made it hard to relax. Earlier this week I had called and got their voice mail and left a message telling them I had used 1 groupon and asked if they would allow me to use the other if I upgraded to a 90 min massage. The next day I hadn't heard back from them. I called again, and they said they got the message but was too busy to call back. I explained again that I had used the first groupon and if they'd allow me to use the 2nd, and they said yes, as long as I was upgrading to a 90 min massage (they charge $110) I could use it. Well when I went in for my appointment and after filling out the paper work the owner (Sheila?) came up and said they would not honor the groupon. She admitted to being the one who talked with me on the phone, but claimed she thought I was asking if I could use it after the expiration. I was very clear to her on the phone that I had already used my other groupon and the appointment was made for Before the expiration date. To top it off they said that whoever I gave the groupon to had to upgrade in order for them to honor it and that was the rules. Checked the groupon site to find that is false. AVOID!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
I am so sorry that you are unhappy with your visit. It is unfortunate that you didnt receive a call back in a timely manner, we really do try our best to stay on top of all of our messages and return them as soon as we can. In regards to your groupon, a third party marketing company, it does say on your certificate only one per person may be redeemed. If they expire before you use them, this one having a 1 year span, we do offer as a courtesy to groupon clients the opportunity to still use their certificate after its expiration date, per groupon, but they must pay the differnce or upgrade their groupon servics. I am apologizing again that you misunderstood this, or vice versa.. It is a strict policy, but I can see how it can be confusing. Honoring these, in this way, is a courtesy to clients, Please check again with groupon on their redemption rules so that you hopefully will never have to go through these troubles in the future. I hope that you understand. Note: this was not a Spa Fnder client but a Groupon client.
January 6, 2011
Great Spa
I actually only had a manicure today, but will definitely go back for additional services! The staff is friendly and professional. Melissa did great manicure. Thanks!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Thank you so much for your wonderful review! It is so appreciated and thank you so much for choosing us to use your spa finder certificate, we know you could choose many places, and are grateful that you chose us!
November 7, 2010
Laid-back, relaxing, fun and fantastic!
I started going to this spa years ago, and have not had my hair cut by anyone else since! I have very difficult hair and many stylists didn't listen to me when I told them just how hard it is to handle. When I explained to Sheila that I needed someone who would me able to tame my hair without using enough product to shellac a house, she was willing to take on the task. I was very pleased with the results! The staff always listens to what I'm asking for and I've never been disappointed with any service I've gotten (nails, hair, waxing, etc.). They even did my hair and makeup for my wedding day, and it was a really fantastic party with all of my bridesmaids and family!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Thanks Cathy! I am so glad that you took the time to write a review!! Thanks for being with me for so many years!
May 5, 2010
What a great little salon!!!!
My girlfriend and I went to the salon for a time of pampering. We both got haircuts/ color, and pedicures. I got acrylic nails and my friend got a facial. Wow!!!! I was really branching out with the highlights in my hair (new thing) and Megan was my stylist. She helped me pick two highlights that complimented and enhanced my base color. Sheila did my acrylics, Rhonda did the facial (with accompanying unbelievable massage), and Molly did the pedicures. We had so much fun. The girls that work there make you feel so welcome. THANKS SERENITY SPRINGS!!!!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Thank you Sarah for your wonderful review. I am so glad that you had such a good experience. Please come back and see us soon!
Tenth Wave
April 26, 2010
Bad Hair Day at Serenity Springs
I made an appointment for a men's cut and style. The hair stylist they gave me was Megan. I received the worst hair cut I've ever gotten from her. She does not seem to know how to follow the contours of a person's head and just cuts straight, creating a layered look that I did not want. The worst thing though is that she took electric clippers around my ears and totally botched both sides, taking huge chunks out that will take weeks to grow back. Also, when she shampooed my hair, she did not put a towel under my neck at the sink. Not a huge deal but it's more sanitary and comfortable with a towel. She never offered me a mirror to look at the back of my head but I'm kind of glad I did not get to see that.
Michelle Y
May 22, 2009
Sit back and relax
I have visited this day spa several times for the one hour aromatherapy massage which combines shiatsu, reflexology and Swedish massage styles. I believe the massage therapist who works there is incredibly in tune with my needs and I have always had a positive experience. The prices are very reasonable which is amazing; since I have been to several day spas at 5 star hotels for a much heftier price that do not compare to the experience I have at Serenity Springs Salon and Spa. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. Please come in and see us again soon.
January 12, 2009
I gave them a try and I won't go back again
I had gotten a certificate from spafinders as a gift from my son and his family, they wanted me to go pamper myself and I tried this spa, I booked 1 hour massage, a facial and the spa pedicure, when I called to make my appointment they were friendly over the phone and they assured me I would be please, I was told that there would be snacks and drinks in case I got hungry since I was going to be there for over 2 hours and my appointment was going to be around lunch. I asked if I needed to come in a few minutes early to fill some paper work and I was told there was no need for that. I got there 5 minutes before my appointment and to my surprise there was paperwork to fill....go figure....once I was done, they took me to the back, to go get my massage first, which was shorten because of the time it took me to fill the paperwork, ( I would have rather get this massage last) the therapist was excellent, gave me a great massage, from there I got my facial (with hands massaged as well ) but this other lady was very, very rough, I ended up with bruises on my arms even though I told her it hurts she just went on, I sure was glad when that was over with, I have had facials before and I know what to expect therefore this was not the experience I was expecting at all, then to my pedicure which I would have liked to get that first, she also acted as if she was in a hurry, gave me a very poor pedicure, slapped some nail polish and left me there while the polish was drying, NOT ONCE was I offered any water or anything else for that matter, I sure was told to ensure to drink plenty of it because of the facial and the massage I had gotten but was not offered anything. I didn't pick one of their packages I selected each treatment that I wanted and paid for each one of them, the only good thing was the massage. I have had massages, facials and pedicures before ( not as a package and not from this place either) and honestly I was not impressed with their service or the quality of the service or the way they just totally ignored me (or at least that's the way they made me feel when they didn't even offered me water much less nothing else, I do not recommend this place at all and as for the Lady that gave this place great reviews all I got to say is good for you, glad you are the only one so far who has gotten a good service out of that place, not only is a far away distance from me which I would have not mind if the service was worth it but it wasn't, very disappointed, what a waste of money that was!!!!!
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
I truly apologize that you did not have a wonderful wxperience at our spa. I have brought your concerns to the staffs attention and we truly apologize to you. God bless!
September 18, 2008
Surprised at prior review.. LOVED IT!
I am very surprised to see the review of Serenity Springs. If you are expecting a resort style spa.. I guess I could see the disappointment.. but talk about a great bunch of gals... and quality of the services that I recieved was fantastic. When you walk in the door, you have a very welcoming feel. The salon area is first so its not the most "relaxing atmosphere" initially but.. just wait.. theres more than meets the eye. I was scheduled for a massage, facial, and pedicure. Rhonda came to greet me and I had my facial first.. She led me through the hustle and bustle of the hair area through a door way to SERENITY.. there is a whole other world back there.. She gave me the most wonderful facial treatment that is unsurpassed by any other I have ever had.. and let me tell ya I have had my share. Then to my massage which was just as lovely and relaxing as I expected after the treatment that I had just received. Then off to my pedicure. I opted for the basic pedicure since it is usually just a finishing touch.. but let me tell you I would visit this spa again just for that... It was done in a lovely dimmly lit room as well.. It was truly a spa treament although advertised as just "basic" It was an hour treatment that really had time taken with each phase. The smell of the scrub was unbelievable... I had some snacks while I soaked which was nice and my drink was well needed. When I was all finished and payed my bill I was shocked at how little I paid for such incredible spa services along with amazing customer service. I do know that this spa just moved into a bigger location recently so maybe the review posted prior to mine was during the move when all the kinks were getting worked out.. This llittle spa is amazing and I would recommend anyone to try it out soon. While they keep their great prices.. surely they will go up as word gets out..
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
Thank you so much for coming to our spa and your feedback at spa finder. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
August 14, 2008
not what I was expecting
I've been to spas multiple times before, and my normal one is currently closed for renovations, but I wanted to get a massage in town before going back up to college, so I made an appointment here. The prices seemed great, i was going to get a massage, hair cut and salt scrub for only $ I made an appointment for 9am. When I arrived there at 9am, no one was there, but someone did arrive relatively quickly...she checked the books, told me I'd be with her and to have a seat. Then I waited as she made phone calls to other clients, and another employee came in, and instead of taking over the phone calls, the other employee sat on her butt for 25 minutes or so...soon the owner came in, and she told me that they recently lost their massage therapist, so I actually can't get my massage today,because she now only comes in on Friday and Saturday. I was very upset that they didn't even think to call me! I drove all the way out there, then waited for half an hour without hardly being acknowledged, then they tell me I can't even get my massage! To top it off, their business didn't seem soothing like so many other places, they just turned on the radio......and to make everything even worse, I got lost on the way home, and have to pay for gas for that unnecessaary trip! I know things come up, and that they likely didn't want to lose the business either but this was supposed to be relaxing and I left more uptight then when I came.
Response from Serenity Springs Salon and Spa
I apologize to you for your disatisfaction. During your visit we were under some renovations and staff turnover. No excuse for you being unhappy tho...
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