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Holistic Options Health Care Center & Spa

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635 Primera Blvd.,
Lake Mary, FL 32746
United States
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Customer Reviews for Holistic Options Health Care Center & Spa (9)

October 16, 2014
Stay Away
It is a horrible place. The woman made an agreement with me and when I showed up for my appt the man , which I assume is her husband, sent her to the back like a puppy and changed our agreement and would not follow through wil the appointment that was originally made. He was rude and talked as if he is better than a woman. Definitly do not waste your time here, not even through groupon. Groupon was kind enough to understand and credit me back and they also have many other companies to choose from. Horrible, horrible place. Not to mention, the place is a dive
October 13, 2014
My skin looks radiant!
While visiting my sister in Orlando, I went to Holistic Options Health Care Center and Spa for a facial. The esthetician went through the steps as she was doing the facial, she was knowledgeable and professional. My skin was glowing afterward.
August 2, 2010
Great Place To Go
I have been really sick on and off for over 3 years and I have been sent to just about every kind of specialist that you can think of and no one can seem to find what was wrong with me. I went to Holistic Options met with Mojka and within 2 1/2 hours she was able to tell me all kinds of problems I had. She used a computerized machine that picked up my body heat and energy - that machine was so on point that it even picked up diseases that I had in my past that I never even told her about... OMG... Now I am letting her treat me for Cancer and many other things. I have other friends that went to her for other types of diseases and cancers and they had excellent results.. To the user that gave a review about getting an allergic reaction just so you know when your body detoxes it can make you very tired and sick to your stomach. Your body is getting rid of crap that was probably building up in you for YEARS.... Do your research before you bash someone... I have friends that are in the health field that are even going to Mojka.. Great Choice for any one that wants to try Alternative Medicine. - Thanks, Yours Truly, Believer - Sanford, FL
July 22, 2010
Horrible experience
I went to Holistic Options for a detox treatment since the website stated 22 years in the business. The consultation consisted of me discussing my problem with Mojka for 5-10 minutes and the rest of the time with my hand on some contraption that was supposedly reading all of my bodily issues. No blood tests. No skin tests. Nothing. But, the machine was somehow saying I have parasites and fungi in my digestive tract and bacteria in my blood. As a professional scientist - I was seriously skeptical, but she was the expert and licensed. So, I agreed to go on her detox regimen. I followed all of the directions to the letter for two days (this was supposed to be a 2-week to 30 day routine) and LANDED IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM WITH A SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION - warm, raised hives, swollen throat, and struggling to breathe. I took all of the detox products back to Holistic Options and proceeded to have a heated discussion with Mojka, who told me that what I had experienced was not an allergic reaction but all of the fungi and whatnot trying to escape my body. I am not an idiot. I know an allergic reaction when I have one and I had a severe reaction, which was confirmed by 2 ER doctors. In the end, all of my money was refunded but I will never see the money I spent on the ER trip and 3 prescriptions to combat the allergic reaction again. I do NOT recommend this spa at all.
adrianne a
March 29, 2010
Why go any where else?
Since I've made Holistic Options and Spa a part of my skincare regimen, my skin has undergone a complete transformation. I'm very pleased with excellent skincare I have received from Adrianne the esthetician who works for Holistic Options. She delivers the highest standard of personal attention using the best of organic products along with the amazing results of Microcurrent. Who would want to go anywhere else, when your skin can transform from dull and lifeless appearance to a firm and youthful glow, in a safe and relaxing environment. Julie W.
March 10, 2010
It should be called Holistic Heaven
For my birthday I got a spa finder gift certificate from my friend and found this spa on the web through spafinder. I live here Lk Mary, FL and never knew this place was right here in my back yard. I got an organic facial and massage and was so relaxed that I wanted to stay all day. The atmosphere was so calming and peaceful and the staff very friendly. I was offered organic snacks and green tea while I waited- what a treat! My therapist Adrianne was the best and I will come see her again. I would suggest they offer more options on the spa menu. But overall, Thanks to Holistic Options for making my day so special ! And thanks Spa Finder!
December 7, 2009
What an inviting place !
My first time here & the atmosphere is so peaceful & calm. I love the fact that all products used are "Organic". This is one of a kind spa & I will be back!
November 12, 2009
Unfortunate Experience
Unfortunately, the service and management at the establishment is so poor, that they cannot even keep their appointments in order. If looking for a massage, they won't accommodate you on weekends and apparently they only have one primary masseuse specialist. If she isn't available; they'll set you up with some other "massage therapist" who doesn't give actual massages, but rather something more like reflexology. I waited over 15 minutes to speak to a manager who never came, and never bothered to call me back about my concern. I had never had a bad spa experience so this made me much more appreciative of all the good spa experiences I have had, and I'll be making the effort to spread the word about them as well! In addition, they are overpriced for a mediocre; strip mall looking establishment. One should never feel more stressed leaving a spa than one did entering it!
Response from Holistic Options Health Care Center & Spa
Please note that this poor review is coming from a client who scheduled and canceled her massage appointment 3 times within the same day. Then later showed up without a scheduled appointment and demanded to be seen. Despite that, we did accommodate her needs and provided treatment per her request for "Reflexology" to be done by one of our LMT's with 20 yrs experience. After receiving her treatment, this client attempted to leave our facility "without paying" for her treatment. When she got caught trying to leave without paying, she became verbally hostile and only under threat of us contacting local police, did she then calm down and agreed to pay for her treatment. Most public establishments would consider what she did a crime and would have reported her to local authorities. Instead, our Spa Director attempted to contact this client via phone to address her concerns but unfortunately got no answer when calling client's phone. The client did then contact our receptionist who informed her that the Spa Director has been attempting to contact her. Client stated she refused to return calls to Spa Director feeling she should not have to call us, we should be calling her....... in which we did. Bottom line "every story has 2 sides." One should never try to commit a crime unless they are prepared to accept the consequences when caught.
John S
July 22, 2009
Great experience
A day at the Holistic OPtions spa was the most relaxed calming atmosphere I have ever been in.
Response from Holistic Options Health Care Center & Spa
Thank you for your kind review John. I'm glad we were able to assist you and provide a relaxing positive experience for you. We look forward to seeing you again!
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