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Customer Reviews for Azana Salon and Spa (34)

December 16, 2013
Relaxing manicure and pedicure
I had a great experience getting a manicure and pedicure with my sister in law. Great color selection and really relaxing experience
August 19, 2013
always have a good experience
October 6, 2011
I'm bewildered by the bad reviews....
I've been going to Azana Salon & Spa for about 3 years, and I've pretty much always had the same stylist doing my hair---Krystal Z. I've never had a problem, and I highly recommend both the salon as a whole, and Krystal as an invididual. She has worked magic on my hair. I've gone from brown to red to blonde, medium to short to long in length, and had layers or not, and Krystal always does exactly what I ask her too, and comes up with suggestions. When I've taken her suggestions, I always end up liking what she's done. Twice I've brought in human hair extensions I've ordered and she's colored them for me to match my hair. The first time they turned out great, and the second time (upcoming, for my wedding) I imagine will turn out just as great. While going from color to color, she makes the transition perfectly for me with no brassiness. She is personable, outgoing, and always remembers what is going on in my life. The rest of the staff nearly always recognizes me, and some know my name too. I've gotten brow waxes, manis, pedis, and had no problems. I did an eyebrow tinting and the color didn't take, and without my asking, they did not charge me. I love Azana, and will continue to go there even when I move to Lake Geneva.
July 23, 2011
Great Service
If you want an amazing facial, I recommend that you schedule with Margaret. She really knows a lot about the products. She takes the time to analyze your skin to decide the best facial for your needs and her hands are amazing. She made me feel so good. It was relaxing and I left feeling fantastic. She is the best.
June 27, 2011
Enjoyed it!
I've really enjoyed getting my hair cut here. Somehow the staff seems to always talk me into getting color :) The staff has great opinions about what would look good.
May 27, 2011
GO SEE GINGER FOR A BRAZILIAN!!! SHE IS THE BEST!! I'm going in this weekend for another appointment with her.
April 12, 2011
Convenient and Quick - Not Luxe
The pedicure area is interesting architecturally but not very comfortable or relaxing. Staff is proficient though.
April 8, 2011
relaxing and addictive
I always feel relaxed as soon as I walk into Azana Salon and Spa. The locker room has everything you need to refresh yourself before and after the services. Having received two massages and a facial, I've always appreciated how the staff does their best to make you comfortable, whether that means engaging in conversation or remaining quiet while you take in your moment. The only thing I could see improvement in is the staff members being a little more knowledgeable about the other services provided at Azana. I had a hard time finding someone that could tell me more about a service I was considering. Overall, however, I am very glad that a friend recommended Azana to me, and I've since put Azana gift certificates on my Christmas and birthday wish lists!
April 5, 2011
Overcharged by $75
I went to Azana with a gift card for a pedicure, and while I was pleased with the quality of the service, the attitude of the staff was unignorable. When I went to check out, the receptionist as well the manager (I assumed - at least she acted like it) seemed confused, gave me my bill and I left as quickly as possible. It wasn't until I was in the car that I looked at the receipt and realized they overcharged me by $75! How do you do that??? My services didnt even total $75! I went back in, after waiting 15 minutes for them to fix it, I was offered no apology, no discount. Bullcocky.
March 20, 2011
going back soon
I came last Saturday for my first brazillian waxing. I went on a trip this past week. I was scared but the girl, ginger, made me feel comfortable. She talked to me the whole time like we were old friends. It was very quick and not a hair was left. I told all my friends to go and see her. I will be back again.
February 11, 2011
Spa Pedicure
have been to this spa a couple time now and this time and last I was stuck waiting well past my appointment time. When I was finally taken in for my appointment, I was assisted with my items which was nice. As I was receiving my pedicure I was disappointed. For the cost of this pedicure it definetly needs some improvements. When I got home I found my toes still needed cleaning, the rough areas on the bottom of my feet were barely touched and the massage (which is the reason I get pedicures) lasted just a couple of minutes. I found the area that you get the pedicure in was quite chilly. After the pedicure was completed, I was assisted back to the main waiting room to let my toes dry. Again, the waiting room was very cold and not relaxing while I waited for my pedicure to dry. No one checked up on me while I waited and when I went to the receptionist area, she had no clue who I was, what services I got and whether I paid or not. Considering I checked in with her and sat in front of her for the past 30 minutes I felt that this was not a very relaxing atmosphere. I will not be going here again, definetly not for a pedicure.
November 17, 2010
I have been to Azana several times now. After going this past summer for a pedicure and leaving a negative review on here about it, I was contacted by a manager who rectified the situation and encouraged me to go back. I did go back this past weekend, but this time for a facial (which will be my third from Azana). I had the Acne Complex facial for the second time. The first time I had Karlee, which in my previous review I gave glowing reviews about. I wanted to book with her again, but unfortunately I was told she does not work most weekends. Instead I was randomly placed with Kaitlyn. Both are very different and each have their strong points. Overall I was very satisfied. Kaitlyn added small touches I believe to personalize her facial like adding lavender to the water she soaked the towels in. It was extremely relaxing and the amount of pressure she applied as well as her hand movements were amazing. I would definitely recommend her, especially if you're going on a weekend! She mentioned she's getting married next summer so tip well! :)
November 8, 2010
Overall a great salon but some services feel rushed
A friend and I visited together and received 3 services (massage, manicure, and pedicure). The massage (with Lauren) was great and very relaxing. There is a locker room for you to change into you robe and slippers with a shower. After the massage, we were taken downstairs to the salon area for our other services. The technician did a great job on my manicure but the pedicure felt rushed and was not even close to the quality that I receive at my normal salon. We paid for the top pedicure (which at other salons takes close to an hour) but it took approximately 20 minutes. I will return but will not use the salon for pedicures.
September 28, 2010
1st time there and I will return
I had my first Brazillian waxing this past weekend. The person who worked on me was sooo nice and put me at ease. I was nervous. It was very fast and much to my surprise not as painful as I thought. The girl knew what she was doing and made me feel so comfortable I didn't pay attention that I was getting waxed. What a nice place.
August 25, 2010
Too impersonal to be considered a spa
I went to Azana today for a Girl's Day Out- massage, pedi and mani. I picked this place because someone bought me a gift card. The massage was nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. I was pretty disappointed by the pedicure. The technician seemed put out by anything I had to say. She was snobby and made me feel like I didn't belong there. She kept looking through her appointments like she couldn't wait to get on with the day. The manicure technician was late starting with me, even though I was her first appointment of her day according to her schedule that she had out right in front of me. I will be looking for a different spa for future services.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for the feedback. I apologize that you were dissatisfied with your services. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. Clearly, we did not achieve that in your case and it is our regret.
August 24, 2010
Must see Danielle! She's by far the best!!!!!
I just wanted to say I was so impressed again with the prenatal massage I received yesterday from Danielle. I have had many over the years at many different places. Danielle is by far the best!!! She is well educated and takes the time to listen to what you need. My back is feeling so much better. I myself work in a top salon and I will refer her to any of my clients looking for a outstanding massage therapist! Thanks Danielle for exceeding my expectations!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for the feedback! We greatly appreciate it.
July 27, 2010
customer service
I really love Azana's serviced offered. Massages, facials, nails and hair. I have done it all and enjoy it there. The only downside is the "professional" front desk staff. They are always polite, but why, oh why, does management allow them to have a cell phone at the front desk? Constant Texting every single time I am in there. I really have no complaints of any service that I have ever gotten and really do love the spa services. The Snacks that they have are a tiny bit strange, but I usually don't eat them anyway. For wax and facial I have seen Elizabeth and Tiffany and love them. I had a massage done by Ashley and it was wonderful. Only Madison will touch my hair. Had various people for my manicure and like every one.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for the feedback. We take all feedback to heart and try to improve upon our customer service everyday.
Theresa M
June 14, 2010
some aspects great, some so-so
Today I went to Azana for the first time ever, for my first massage ever also. I was a bit nervous for this since I have read some poor reviews, but I had a giftcard. Despite what I've read about the receptionist staff being rude, the woman that I talked to was very nice and even walked me upstairs, explaining where everything was since it was my first time. I was really impressed with the appearance of the upstairs; very calm and relaxing. The downstairs salon area leaves something to be desired though, and it does get kind of noisy since the nail area is near the front desk and hair area. I had the Girls Day Out package, so first up I had an Azana massage. It was with Debbie and it was fabulous. Not only did she provide a great, relaxing massage where she took the time to customize it for me, but she was also very interesting to talk to. I would recommend her, or visit her again for another massage. I also have to mention that the locker room appeared to be very clean. After my massage, I went downstairs to receive my Azana manicure and pedicure. I had Olivia for my pedicure, and was very pleased with it. She did chat a little with the worker next to her, but it was only short snipets here and there. The woman getting her pedi next to me struck up a convo and all four of us actually ended up chatting the whole time. It does get a little noisy over there because of the desk though. Overall the pedi was great, I was pleased how it turned out and Olivia's attention to detail. Lastly was my mani, which ended up being my least favorite part of the day. I had Jules, who didn't really try to talk to me at all, our conversation just died right away. I felt like she just cared less, and spent far less time on my mani then the pedi took. Also, now that I'm home, I realized that she missed like edges of some nails; honestly I could have done a better job at home. So, overall, my experience was great, it just ended on a slightly bad note. I would highly recommend getting massages from Azana, and also pedicures, but you could probably skip the manicure and use your money for another service or product. Debbie gives a great massage, and Olivia does a good job on nails!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Our goal is for every client to thoroghly enjoy their visit and look forward to the next. Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!
June 10, 2010
Good massages and facials
I recently went to Azana for a deep tissue massage and a facial. Both were great. I had Libbie for the massage and it truly was a deep tissue massage--lots of pressure-which I love. Tiffiny did a great express facial. I have been here before for pedicures and wasn't crazy about them, but would consider going back for another facial or massage. Another downside is that the check in/out area always seems loud and hectic which isn't ideal after a relaxing spa experience.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. W e appreciate your feed back, and look forward to serving you again!
June 3, 2010
Painful pedicure at Azana Salon and Spa
Tried them again... should have known better! Had a bad experience last time, but Manager gave me a certificate for a portion of my last amount. I went back with my coworkers only because they had spa finder certificates to use up and we wanted to go together. Felt as if I were at the dentist tonight! Trimmed nails to low, filed my skin under the nail (ouch), sloppy polish job so she went back with wooden stick and scraped under already sore nails. Employee was not very talkative. Others workers not really dressed appropriately, should not have to look at women's cleavage when getting your feet or anything else done. Location and hours are convenient but that's about it. Won't be going back.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Our goal is for every client to thoroghly enjoy their visit and look forward to the next. Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!
May 21, 2010
Loss For Words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a 25 year old facing thinning hair... decided to look into hair extensions. Since Azana is such a well respected salon... I figured I would go there. Extentions were very expensive but it was something that I was hoping would help my thinning hair and visible scalp. I was concerned about them working well with my hair.... seing that it is so thin. The stylist was great and said they would work fine on my hair. She also told me that about every 3 to 4 months I would come in for maintenence and they would fix any grown out extensions. I paid $1200 for hair and knew when I came back in 3 months she would have hair there for me since I bought so much! I am a college student, so this was a HUGE purchase for me! But may be it goes to show how desprite I was to find happiness with my thinning hair. I really trusted them!!! Here I am now 6 Weeks later and my hair is all matted and knotted. I am not fearing that my hair is breaking and I may lose a lot of hair. I saw two other stylists not at Azana and they told me to get the extensions out IMMEDIATLEY! and that I should have never gotten them done on my hair. I called the Salon and asked to speak with the owner... left her a message- not one day but four days in a row and I have yet to hear from her personally. She had the stylist call me as well as a manager. All they want to do for me is remove the extensions at no charge! I would hope they would do this at the very least!!!! I have paid for supply that they have just sitting at the salon and I can now not use because I am afraid it will just make me lose more hair! I am so afraid that when they take these off my hair will be broken and fall out! I have called so many times to get a hold of the owner. I definatley didnt recieve $1200 worth of services, but they dont want to give me any money back! I believe since I made it half way... I should get half back!!!! I am at a loss for words, and after reading other reviews I have seen online, i see that their customer service and calling people back seems to be an issue. I am really considering legal action as well as contacting contact 6! I just cant image how they treat customers who arent satisfied and have only spend $50-100 dollars! I spend $1200!!!!!!!!! and what should have lasted me over 3 months has only lasted me 6 weeks! i am a young girl who was hoping to fix my hair short term to save up for hair surgery to get implanted hair... now i am ending even worse than i started off! i may not have hair after this!!!!!! i dont know what else to do! i call Azana everyday. they have been nothing but rude and the owner has def. ruined their reputation for me! in the beginning i would have def returned... but now... NEVER EVer will I EVER go here again! I am telling everyone i know! Every single person i have told this story to, has been discusted with this salon, and cant believe they will not refund me for a service i have not recieved! I work in customer service and never ever complain... but when i am treated this way... and especially after how much money i spent at their salon... i would hope i would get better treatment than this! they have lost me as a customer and many others that i am close to! dont waste your money here... they obviously dont care about your business as a customer! just imagine how you will be treated if you are unsatisfied! cant imagine that many customers spend $1200 there in a day... makes me absolutley sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to hear from the owner herself! how she can run a salon... no clue! maybe contact 6 can get a hold of her...
May 7, 2010
Great in Some Areas, Lacking in Most Others
I have been to Azana on three occasions now, most recently being last Friday. The first time I went there I went for an Azana Facial. It was just OK. It was pricey, but was my first facial and I wasn't sure what to expect. One comment is that they used satellite radio, which is weather dependent. When I went it was raining out so the "relaxing" music playing kept cutting in and out. It was kind of disrupting so maybe for days where the weather isn't great they should have a backup CD. The second time I went for another facial and a massage. The massage was just ok, and done by Cayla. I didn't want to go for the same facial again so after speaking with the receptionist and looking on their website I decided on the Acne Complex Facial. The receptionist told me you have a consultation with the facialist prior so they may recommend a different treatment. For my first facial, the woman didn't give me a consult at all, which is irritating because I really should have had the Acne Complex Facial. Luckily I got Karlee the second time. She was awesome! She had a great personality and really knew what she was talking about, I mean really! She recommended I stick with the acne facial and also gave me some recommendations on other products to try for my face. Really, I cannot say enough positive things about her and will always go back to her for facials from now on. That's probably the only thing I will continue to go to Azana for. My last time to Azana, which was last week for a mini pedi. I had Jules. My appointment was for 5:45 and I got right in (the salon was totally dead, not sure what time they close on Fridays). Even though the pedi was a "mini pedi" it went by so fast! I swear I was done by like 6 and sitting in the waiting area for my toes to dry. Jules left even before my toes were dry. She was very nice and polite, but I just didn't feel like I got what I paid for. In comparison the pedi was overpriced, I didn't care for the pedicure area at all, and the fact that they stick you back out in the waiting area for your nails to dry I thought was tacky. Thank god it was a slow Friday, I'd hate to have went on a Saturday when it's crazy busy! My one complaint about the pedi (I got a french) was that after looking at my toes, I realized one of the white tips was totally crooked! That's pretty embarrassing, lol. So to summarize, I wouldn't go back to Azana for any sort of nail treatments, and probably not a massage even, but I will continue to do my facials there because of Karlee. Azana should thank her for its the reason they are partially keeping a customer!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I am sorry that your services were not what they should have been. At Azana, our goal is for every client to thoroghly enjoy their visit and look forward to their next. Please contact me at or you can reach me at 262-784-4700. I look forward to hearing from you.
April 13, 2010
The great thing about Azana is there hours and online booking. They are even open on Sundays. I can often book treatments the same day. I have had massages, facials, waxes and pedicures done at Azana. I'm not crazy about their pedicure area so I normally just go to a nail shop for pedicures. I've always been greatly satisfied with the services at this establishment.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We are happy to hear that you have enjoyed your services. We look forward to serving you again!
April 5, 2010
Fastfood resturant or spa?
In my visit to Azana Salon and Spa I recieved a massage and pedicure. My massage was okay NOT great. My pedicure was a total waste of money I could have done that at home. They do have a large varity of services but that doesn't change the fact that the reception desk was COVERED in McDonalds and they were all stuffing their faces. I asked myself "what is this a fastfood resturant of spa?" I was left discusted!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Azana strives to have the highest level of professionalism. We wish for each client to enjoy their experience and look forward to their next visit. I sincerely apologize for your experience, and would like for you to contact me at 262-784-4700 or at I look forward to hearing from you.
March 15, 2010
Nice place for a pre wedding spa day
Azana is set up perfectly for getting your girls together to have mani /pedis before a wedding. Its a little over priced for the quality of service. Some of the technicians are still in beauty school or just got out. But the place is beautiful.
January 1, 2010
Azana accepts SpaFinder Gift Cards and Certificates!!!
Azana Salon and Spa accepts SpaFinder gift cards and certificates!!!
November 25, 2009
No longer accepting Spafinder certificates
I was just at Azana today and was told that the spa will no longer be accepting Spa Finder certificates! There was no previous notice of this. My only choice is to take all my SpaFinder certificates to the spa to turn them into an Azana gift card. I have no problem doing that but would have liked some notice that their policy was going to change. I suspect other people will get these certificates for Christmas and expect to be able to use them at Azana.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
We are accepting SpaFinder gift cards and certificates. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
February 21, 2009
Good Massage..but..
I scheduled a package deal. The massage was very nice and the room upstairs was a great experience. I also had a mani and pedi, which left much to be desired. The staff doing the mani/pedi seemed to be rushing through it like I was the last of the day and she wanted out of there. I could have done a better job by myself and not spent the money. Not to mention they do not offer flip flops for pedi's and do not have driers at the stations, but plop you at a table at the end and tell you to spend about 15 minutes there. I would go again for a massage, but would never waste my money on the other service again.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Please contact me at and I will make sure that you are completely satisfied and that you return to Azana Salon and Spa. Over the past 10 years, we have made a name for ourselves in this industry by surpassing the competition with exceptional quality and service. It is always our goal to leave you wanting more.
December 15, 2008
Best Massage and Facials
I have received many massages at Azana, all with Kimberly. She is a wonderful massage therapist. She takes the time to ask questions and make sure you are comfortable, and will do a massage that's well suited for you. She doesn't just go through the motions. It's a nice feeling that you know you matter to them. Also, I've had facials from Karlee. She is wonderful as well. Very friendly and does a great job. I did have my hair done once at the salon and didn't really care for it, it was ok but nothing special, and the front desk can be lacking at times. It depends on who is working at the front desk, most of them are fine, but there were a few that were kind of snooty. I'm not sure if they are there anymore, I haven't seen them. Other then that I would highly recommend Azana. The massages and facials are great!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for your review! Please contact me at I would love to email you a Thank you with a special offer!
April 22, 2008
Great experience!!!
I have been going to Azana for years, and my sister and I went for manicures, pedicures, and facials about a week ago. We had a WONDERFUL experience... outstanding services and staff! Beautiful facility!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for your review! Please contact me at I would love to email you a Thank you with a special offer!
March 28, 2008
Nightmare Pedicures
I have been going to Azana for years to get my hair cut. I love my stylist. I recently decided to treat my girlfriend for a pedicure for her birthday. We were both very dissatisfied with the service. The two girls we had chatted amoung themselves the whole time. Not much attention was going on at the task at hand.. our feet. They went through the motions but much was lacking, including the smooting and scraping of calluses, and the kneading and massaging afterward. The lady doing my feet constantly was directing the angle of my toes by jabbing into them with her thumb nail. A lot of time was spent on cutting the cuticles to the point of which they are still sore. The polish was so globbed on my big toes that even after a half hour of sitting in the lobby(no dryers?) they were still wet. I was given the option of buying shoes to go. While waiting for our toes to dry one of the girls seemed to be hovering around waiting for her tip which you put in the mailboxes. She finally must of had to leave but not before counting out her tips on the receptionist desk in front of us.For this caliber of a salon I was highly disappointed! Quite honestly I get a better pedicure and service at the mall!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Please contact me at and I will make sure that you are completely satisfied and that you return to Azana Salon and Spa. Over the past 10 years, we have made a name for ourselves in this industry by surpassing the competition with exceptional quality and service. It is always our goal to leave you wanting more.
March 11, 2008
Nice Place
It has been nearly 8 years nice I went to Azana Spa. It was my 40 birthday present and I had always promised myself that I would go and get a message more often than I have, but just never seem to find the time to pamper myself. Now I am highly stressed and about ready for a nervous breakdown and feel that some pampering is exactly what I need.
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for your review! Please contact me at I would love to email you a Thank you with a special offer!
December 26, 2006
Great experience!!!
My friends and I had massages, manicures, and pedicures. The services were excellent, and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful!!! Also, they are open late during the week so they were one of the only places in the area that was able to accommodate our schedules! Highly recommended!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for your review! Please contact me at I would love to email you a Thank you with a special offer!
October 30, 2006
Best facial
I had an awesome deluxe facial w/ Susan. I look and feel 20 years younger!
Response from Azana Salon and Spa
Thank you for your review! Please contact me at I would love to email you a Thank you with a special offer!
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