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Philipes Day Spa & Cosmetique

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4635 East 82nd Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46250
United States
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+1(317) 578-9900

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Customer Reviews for Philipes Day Spa & Cosmetique (21)

Sarah B
September 25, 2012
Great massage!
I had a phenomenal massage at Philipes this past weekend. The service provider was skilled and did exactly what I asked for. I would return to have a massage with her again. While waiting for my service provider I was invited to have a seat in the lobby which was less-than-relaxing. There were 3-4 staff members working at the front desk who were chatting about phone calls that were coming in and about scheduling issues. Other service providers would come up and hang out at the front desk as well and chit chat and hang out for a few minutes. It wasn't until I passed through the door to the treatment area that I truly felt like I was at a day spa. I also was a bit surprised to find that, upon entering my treatment room, there was a pile of dirty sheets on the floor that my therapist took with her when she left the room. She must have just finished up with another massage, but I would have preferred that they be removed from the room prior to my appointment. I wasn't invited to utilize the relaxation room or locker room, perhaps this is not standard with 30 minute services. I will say, though, that for a spa that charges $55 for a 30 minute massage, I thought Philipes lacked a bit of polish.
Sarah B
March 4, 2012
Great manicure
I visited Philipes for a manicure and was impressed with the quality of the work. I was not, however, left with the impression that it is the type of place I could go for a relaxing spa day. Their service menu and product line are extensive.
October 10, 2011
Bachlorette Party
Just went last weekend, I booked this appointment a few weeks out and called several times to verify and add or delete people or services. The staff was very helpful and blocked out the time slot for us while I contacted everyone. The day of the appointment we arrived a half an hour late (traffic from Bloomington) and they moved things around to fit us all in with all of the services we requested! My Best Friend was a little stressed when we got there but after her massage she felt great and really enjoyed her Manicure & Pedicure. The employees even stayed late to fit us all in. They really took it serious that it was a special day for her and helped start the trip off right!
June 23, 2011
I've been to this spa a few times and have been thoroughly dissatisfield with their quality of service and personnel. On my most recent visit I was rushed into the pedicure room where I was given minimal attention and had to listen to the worker complain to the girl next to her about how much she hated her job. It was evident in her quality of work. She shoud not have been exposed to the general public with this attitude and I will not be returning, even though I have a gift card with more money left on it. I'd rather spend that money on the merchandise at the front of the spa or let it go to waste.
May 25, 2011
Nice Spa, but logistics could use some work
My husband purchased a spa package for me after the birth of our son. It was a surprise to me and he just told me to show up. After I got home and he asked about it, he realized that they did not give me all of the services he paid for. They FORGOT to provide one of the HOUR long services included in the already overpriced package. When I went back, they did the service (although it was rushed through and not at all relaxing and was only about 35 minutes and not the hour that was built into the package) and no one even offered as much as an apology. I would only go back if I got a gift card, but this time I will make sure I know EXACTLY what it is I'm supposed to be getting so they don't skip a service!
April 19, 2011
Great for the money!
I have been several times to have manicures and last week a pedicure as well. I think they do a wonderful job; I loved both last week! They are personable and friendly and it's very reasonable. I will definitely go back.
sharon b
April 11, 2011
Don't waste your money-WAY OVERRATED
You be the judge: I booked 2 weeks in advance to have a facial 2 days before my wedding, arrived at the spa to be told they didn't have my reservation and was given no apology or anything. When I ask for the manager, she said they had computer issues and all appointsments for that day were lost, so they went ahead a booked new ones! WHAT??? so all the people, like me, who showed up, were out of luck. I had been there a year before for a massage and it was so painful, I was sore for days and it wasn't a deep tissue massage. The staff was rude and not helpful at all. this place is WAY overrated
March 30, 2011
I've been to this spa a few times and while I was pleased with the service I got, I was disappointed that they didn't actually provide me with a full 60 minutes of service. When I arrived, they took me back to a lockerroom to change into a robe and slippers...nice. And then I was taken to a relaxation room....nice. But when I left after my facial and looked at the clock, I realized that all the time I'd spent in the lockerroom and the relaxation room was extracted from my 60 minutes of service. So my facial had actually only been like 40 minutes! Not nice!
February 15, 2011
It's a good little spa-nothing grand!
I've used Philipes for the pedicures and manicures, my fiance has had a massage here. They are or were a bit overpriced- making add on's their expensive part. Their store in the front is cute but again can be expensive. The chairs for the pedicures at the time I went splashed water up and out of the bowl causing you to really roll up your pants and hold onto your purse or you'd run the risk of getting drenched. The staff is friendly though and the location is offset from the main traffic of the upscale mall down the street.
Kat W
January 26, 2011
Great Spa!
I absolutely love this spa! I have just recently found it and so have only been 5 times. They are so nice and have great knowledge about products and services. I always leave feeling wonderful and with wonderful products that I know will be perfect for me! I am suprised about the unhappy reviews I have seen but take it from me you need to experience each service they offer! I will not go anywhere else!
December 17, 2010
Most unsatisfactory.
I booked pedicures for my friend and me at the same time. When we arrived, we learned they had moved one of us to an appointment 2 hours later, contacting neither of us about the change. I took the later appointment, spoiling our vacation "kick off". Both of us reguarly get pedicures at our neighborhood discount salon, but we had decided to splurge for the pedicure at this luxury salon. We booked Phillipe's regular pedicures, and were stunned that they did not include any scrubbing of the feet with a loofah or stone, nor did they include any foot or leg massage. (Those service cost even more!) Cuticles were pushed quickly and poorly. Polish application was messy. They put something on top of my polish for quick drying ... which I watched turn to big spots of opaque white on top of my red polish. They refused to remove/replace the polish ... just swiped over it with remover to get rid of the white opaque, leaving it even messier. Worst of all, I later called three times and was never allowed to speak to the manager. I mailed a lengthy letter of complaint, and never received the courtesy of a reply, nor any offer of apology. I prefer the skilled, polite, reasonably priced services of my regular neighborhood discount salon
November 12, 2010
the experience
this was a nice spa but personally did not find the services or staff - comparible for the price. however, i would return to give other staff a chance
September 1, 2010
Friendly staff
I recently had an incidence when I had to contact their manager for resolution. She was very helpful and quickly resolved my issue. I also bought very cute baby hats and outfits at this spa and although they are a bit pricey, they are unique and my 1.5 year old loved them! So overall I like them better now.
April 30, 2010
Would never return!
My best friend and I booked a couple's pedicure at this spa and it turned out to be a terrible experience. The pedicure itself was subpar, and the girls were downright rude. We were seated on opposite ends of the pedicure room for our couple's pedi. We asked if we could wait for two seats together to come open and we were told that we'd just have to come back another time. The techs were put out that we asked for french pedicures and my friend was told by her tech that her pedicure wouldn't look right because her toes were "weird". The service was rushed and totally basic. After we left, I called the manager to explain our situation. She was extremely apologetic and expressed her desire to make it "right". She asked if we'd return to have our service redone if she'd send us giftcards. I told her that we would. A few days later, the giftcards arrive in the mail-- the value of both cards wouldn't cover a single service for ONE person in that spa- let alone two. So much for making it right. I guarantee that those giftcards are going to sit unused. We won't be returning.
February 25, 2010
A Good Spa
I've gone twice to this spa- both times for my feet and hands. They usually can get you in same day if not next day which is a plus if you have kids! The staff is nice, not overly talkative and the pricing is pretty fair on services, however the product pricing is a bit steep!!
September 25, 2009
Somewhat subpar
I have gotten a GC for my birthday so I went ahead and booked a package. I had facial, manicure, and pedicure. The facial was horrible, probably one of the worst I have had. The manicure was OK, but I loved the pedicure. I came back a second time for the pedicure alone and liked it again. So for now I'll just stick with that.
November 29, 2007
rude girls and horrible massage
I have been to this spa several for times, for different services. (nails,massages, make-up) and the girls up front are usually rude. I am taking my business elsewhere. This is a customer service industry and if you cannot be polite and cater to the needs of your clients then you should not be working there. Massage - was very bad. I have had massages all over the country, too.
October 28, 2007
Good experience
Not the best massage I've ever had, but the atmosphere was nice. I liked the locker room.
April 17, 2007
What a disappointment.
I received multiple types of service from Philipe's several times per month for about a year. I finally shopped around for another salon, for several reasons. 1. The services are rushed & they lost their quality control. My husband purchased a very expensive day package for me --- I sat around in the "Relaxation Room" while they sorted out which services I was to receive, they forgot my lunch and one of the technicians was blatantly rude. 2. The aestheticians leave the room for 10-15m per facial. My current salon does a hand/foot massage during down time while my mask sets. 3. Their relentless marketing of products became tiresome. During check-out, I was always presented with a barrage of products to buy. Their product advice was not consistent from visit to visit.
September 5, 2006
Really enjoyed the total experience - the facial was great; eyebrow shaping and eye make up lesson was also wonderful
August 28, 2006
love it
i first went to this spa for a facial, but returned for countless mani-pedis, massages and i get my eyebrows done regulary. i would highly recommend this spa to everyone.
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