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Body Connections Spa

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390 Hillsdale Avenue,
Hillsdale, NJ 07642
United States
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Customer Reviews for Body Connections Spa (3)

April 18, 2013
Never even got to try the spa...
Ok, that fact that they did not reply to me after i asked for my money back and it has been incredibly hard to get in contact with your spa altogether I am writing a bad review about them. It is such a shame that some one can run a business like this and still make money. My aunt owned a spa and never one time when some one called did they get a voice mail with no response for days at a time and then told to contact through email. I am so disappointed as I really wanted to relax and be able to receive a massage that i paid for and was never able to make an appointment with their company. I tried contacting them at least a month before the date that i was requesting and because no one was available to take care of me I am out of luck because, as most people, i have a very complicated schedule and they were unable to accommodate me! Very, Very disappointing!
julie b
June 26, 2011
Massage combined with the Slimline Oxygen Pod is amazing
I had no idea about the Slimline Oxygen Pod. I saw it on the news and youtube but there was no place around that had it. Then I found Body Connections Spa. It is a boutique spa. I was greeted as if I was actually someone not just a client. The massage was amazing and so many free extras with towels, aromatherapy and sugar scrub. I was in Heaven! The the pod just toped it all off! My skin looks so much better. My friends keep asking what have you done? I look 10 years younger. You have to try it!!! J bloom , Mahwah
June 24, 2011
Amazing, comforting and inexpensive!!!
I feel I have to write this review for many reasons. I had no idea the spa even existed. It it so cozy , I felt like I was at home and it was actually hard to leave. I tried the Oxygen pod. I had no idea what that was but the first full session is FREE!!! You have to try it. Now I come almost everyday I have lost 6 pounds this month and it is true you look younger and feel so much better without doing a thing. The LED lights are amazing. The prices are so low I though it was a ploy! I have been air brushed tanned there and what the say is true, you never turn orange because it's organic . if you need to truly get away from the world then go here. Thanks Nadine! Paula p.
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