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4343 West NW Hwy, Ste 385
Dallas, TX 75220
United States
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+1(214) 358-4370

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Customer Reviews for Jonas Aveda Salon (1)

October 4, 2010
WORST customer service and verbal abuse!!!
I was very disappointed with this salon. I love aveda salons and had been using one in Arlington that I liked. When we moved to Dallas, I decided to try this one. My stylist was named Kat (Katrina) and I went in initially for a cut- I have curly hair, which she is familiar with, and I was happy with my cut- she did a good job. So several weeks later I scheduled a partial highlight for my anniversary. I wanted two different colors- blond (to cover the gray) and red (some shocking color for fall). Looking back Kat may have been aggravated that I was the first customer and she was tired, or having a bad day, or upset that the owner had told me $75 was ok when Kat said she usually charged more. Whatever the reason, after talking about color wheels and doing highlights, that was actually the last Kat worked on me. She had another customer so someone else washed my hair and brushed it. I didn't want to pay $25 for an added hair dry so I dried it a little myself. What I saw was no difference in the blond, and STRAWBERRY blond as my requested RED highlights. It was actually a brassy color that looks like the results you get if you do it yourself at home. It was almost unnoticeable. I thought it may look better outside with light and when dry and didn't know what to say, so I paid and left, not commenting on it (my mistake). Once dry and in the sun I literally could not tell a difference at all! I called several people and they recommended I call the salon and have them fix it or request a partial refund. I had had this done for my anniversary weekend and as it was Fri morning, was leaving that afternoon. When I saw some clients at lunch and they remarked that they couldn't tell anything about my hair had even changed, I decided to call Jonas salon. The receptionist (also the owner) named Gloriana, gave me the most shocking dressing down I've ever heard as a customer. She said it was all completely my fault- that I didn't pay for a hair dry so they couldn't check their work. That I rushed them (since I had client meetings set up for lunch), that it wasn't fair to the stylist for a refund and they DO NOT give refunds because then everyone would want one and they wouldn't make money (now that just says something about their service if "everyone would want one"). Then she wanted me to come back but I was leaving town with my husband in an hour so we scheduled an appointment for the following Tuesday and I hung up in tears. I told my husband this while leaving town and he was furious! I said I didn't want to go to the apt because I didn't want their attitudes and didn't want to risk vindictiveness on my hair and he agreed. So I decided to call and cancel and forget the whole thing. Upon calling, (Gloriana answered again) it was a complete fiasco. She accused me of not giving them a chance, that this was again all my fault, and upon hearing my husbands voice, DEMANDED TO SPEAK TO HIM!!! Shocked, I gave him the phone and listened to her verbal abuse! She accused him/us of being "cheap" for not paying for a hair dry and said, flat-out that we were lying about leaving town this weekend (not that it was any of her business regardless), as well as that we just wanted our money. We said that we weren't challenging the charges or canceling our card, so that obviously wasn't the issue. She then hung up on my husband (after saying quite a few more things)! We were both incredibly shocked at the customer service we experienced with this salon and absolutely floored at the accusations leveled at us and the way we were treated. I have NEVER experienced such poor customer service and even ABUSE!!! This will be reported to the better business bureau and I recommend you go elsewhere for any type of service!!
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