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Montreal, QC H3A 2C3
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(514) 388-8000
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(514) 388-8000
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Customer Reviews for Spa Viva (5)

June 11, 2014
I had the *worst* experience there! I've been to several spa before and felt pampered and really go going there but the chinese neuropath made me feel like complete crap. The first time I went, they insisted I try for free something about oil and then the chinese doctor neuropathist, which is the *worst* of all professionnal I've seen in my entire life, said I needed this and that and this.... to top it at more than 900$ at the beginning when I was just there to get my groupon treatments. Anyway, second time I told her I couldn't and she made a face and began to act really pissy. What kind of professionnal does that!!??? And to top it all, at the end, she gave me crap about the money I left for tips when I didn't know we were obligated to leave a tip (I don't *always* do) and made a big scene about it. I feel so unconfortable to go there, I decided to cancel all the rest and waste all the money I put in it because the thought of going back was too disgusting. WE GO TO THE SPA TO FEEL GOOD AND PAMPERED, NOT TO FEEL LIKE CRAP!!! I hope everyone who buys groupon/livingsocial/tuango coupons read this before buying! IT'S NOT WORTH IT! ESPECIALLY THE CHINESE DOCTOR! And if you read all the others comments, they all write the same thing!
June 2, 2014
The owners have no clue what they are doing and try to get free labor by making new arrival immigrants feel insecure about themselves, staff is rude, doesn't greet properly. The little blonde who acts like she knows everything is annoying. Prices tend to change... DONT GO THERE!!!
December 9, 2012
Terrible customer service - feels like a scam!
While pregnant, I purchased a Tuango deal for this spa, encouraged by the owner who said the treatment is great for pregnant women. When I arrived for my appt, they refused to give me the treatment, saying it might be problematic and switched it out for a maternity massage - no price difference was mentioned beforehand. When I got out, I was harassed by the owner to pay a difference. The initial service was valued at 160$ and the maternity massage at 125$ - I was already getting LESS value. But on top of that, the owner insisted I pay 85$ extra - the service without the Tuango deal. This spa sells group deals on websites so that they can wrangle you in and then cheat you on full price. If you try to calmly discuss, the owner yells at customers and staff. I will never go back to this spa!!
July 28, 2012
I had a horrible experience at SPA VIVA. I bought 2 massage sessions and I had pre paid for them. I had one massage at that time and was owed another. They gave me a receipt for the future massage and they told me to bring it in for my next visit so I did then they denied me the service when I had proof that it was pre paid. They stole my money and didn't honor the service. The owner started screaming at me and her staff in her language that I didn't understand. This place is a scam and the owner is a horrible women with NO customer service. I have told many people about this nightmare and they will not go there again. Thanks for your time.
March 20, 2012
Naturopathic Services!
Wonderful spa with a really great variety of naturopathic services! Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Will definitely go back!
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