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Chakra Spa, The

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1184 Eglinton Ave. W.,
Toronto, ON M6C C2E
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+1(416) 784-3438

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Customer Reviews for Chakra Spa, The (2)

December 24, 2009
I was given a gift certificate for one of the packages at this spa. When I tried to call in to book an appointment there was never anyone answering the phones. I tried calling several times and I left a message as instructed on the machine with no response. After I finally managed to book a time slot, I went in to find that they were not at all prepared for the package I had booked. It was supposed to include a variety of different services but they only had a masseuse there that day. On top of that, the atmosphere was horrible. The "massage room" was way in the back down the narrowest flight of steps in what looked like an unfinished basement with a massage table. The "rooms" were also not real rooms and just separated by curtains. There were a few other ladies in the next room whom were talking loudly and completely ruined the atmosphere. So much for a relaxing spa experience. I have seen many complaints about this spa on other websites as well. The owner actually responded to some of the responses and asked that customers take their complaints directly to the staff there. I did exactly that but the staff there were so unprofessional and could care less about my complaint. Even though it was a gift, it was a complete waste of time and gas money coming to this spa. I would not recommend it to anyone.
June 18, 2007
Worst "relaxation" message
Unprofessional staff - my boyfriend took me there as a surprise for my 25th birthday. My boyfriend had made the reservation a week earlier as a surprise for my 25th birthday, and prepaid for the day. But when we arrived, they seemed to have no idea why we were there, and nothing was prepared. My boyfriend, in the end, had to go around the receptionist counter and point out from the website which treatment he had chosen and paid for! The receptionist turned out to be my masseuse. In the middle of our treatment someone came into the spa yelling profanities, our masseuses ran out of the room and left us there for 20 minutes while proceeding to yell back at the person. They came back in and told us we would be compensated. The treatments were something I could have done in my own bedroom. and the ethiopian coffee rub hurt like nothing I've ever experienced. The massage? Mediocre, if that. The "steam shower" invovled a stand up shower smaller than my own at home in a regular grey washroom resembling a public washroom in your regular fast food restaurants, except with a shower. The chocolate pastries in the end were two giant slabs of chocolate cake, much too rich, which were to be washed down by a tiny sip of champagne. Our compensation? The owner called us the next day and said she wanted to charge us more than the $300.00 she charged for this treatment. Ha! The website does not reflect the lack of ambiance of the spa, and I'm next to positive the girls who massaged us had little more than on-the-job training. I am extremely disappointed that we actually had to pay for our treatments. It was unproffesional, unfomfortable (the girls would move us around on the massage beds as if we were grocery carts), and lacking of any kind of relaxing amibance. Their ambiance music was far more than backgroudn music, they blared it on what sounded like full blast. I will NEVER return here, it was a complete RIP OFF.
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