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Sewickley Spa, The

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337 Beaver Street,
Sewickley, PA 15143
United States
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+1(412) 741-4240

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Customer Reviews for Sewickley Spa, The (7)

January 24, 2011
Sewickley Spa is Good, Not Great
I had a massage/facial package back in Dec. While both services were good, I would say they lack the attention to detail that would classify them as great. For example, during my facial, i suspect that my technician was text messaging during my mask/steam treatment. The soft clicking was just enough to take me out of the moment. I also had to ask for a leg bolster to relieve the pressure off my lower back. In my experience that's standard any time you're laying on your back for 60+ minutes. Again, the massage was good but nothing special. It's a popular destination and was very busy the day we were there so maybe I just had a slightly "off" experience.
November 12, 2010
I had a private party with ten ladies from the region. We had an amazing time. My manicure was fantastic! The other ladies were very happy with their treatments as well. I felt like a princess!! Highly recommended.
November 6, 2010
Tip Enforcement
My inital call for my 1st appointment, was met with--almost an afterthought of a gracious reminder that if one wishes to tip one's therapist, that it would be cash or check separate from payment for the spa services. Okay, not an issue. Entering on appointment day for some much-needed bliss and r&r, on the "client intake" forms filled out--again, in black and white, spelling out terms for you to tip your therapist, & how much to tip according to services rendered. Bristling, I decided--okay, they have to educate the public, but any adult receiving services of any type in this world is aware that tipping is a compliment, that it is encouraged, and is welcome, but is NOT mandatory. Post massage session, which was competent, but nothing out of this world or exemplary, the front desk gal informed me in no uncertain terms--brightly flashing a smile, that they have envelopes available for me to place my tip in for my therapist. Gritting my teeth, I did so. But never again will I allow myself to be harangued into tipping for services. Lest you think this is just "sour grapes" on my part, I myself am a 16 year ABMP C.M.T. in private practice; the total number of times I've "informed" any client, new or otherwise, of tipping? Zero.
cari b
April 23, 2010
Not relaxing and lacking in Knowledge
I recently had a spa treatment during spa week where the prices are discounted on certain services. I booked a facial and a massage. I took the day off work to have a nice relaxing day. My massage was shorter than the time specified and not relaxing at all. It was cold in the room, the table was uncomfortable, the girl did not use the bolsters for under your knees and ankles which relieves pressure from your back while you are on the table. The room was lacking in luxury. An old water jug was used to get water into the towel warmers?? That should be hidden? don't you think???!! I don't want to see things like that. I have had many great massages and this was not one of them. My Facial is another story. My facial was after my massage and I waited about 25 min on the table for the girl to come and do my facial. The lady was very nice and did an okay job on the facial. But they ask you to fill out paper on what products you are currently using and what you are seeing a dermatologist! I filled out and indicated prescription acne cream that i am on. The girl didn't ask me before she started my facial... she didn't ask me until half way through and said she had never heard of the acne cream that i was on when i told her. So she never read the information sheet that i filled out before my services started. The neck shoulder and arm massage that you get with a facial was really bad and only lasted about 5 min. Two hours after my facial by skin started to burn and by the end of the night looked like i had severe sunburn on my cheeks and side of my face. Also anything i touched to my face burned so badly that i had to try and wash it off my face immediately. It lasted two days like that. The third day it started to peel and was very very dry and sensitive. I wrote an email asking why that may have happened and expressed that i was concerned that they did not know what the acne cream i was on. I just wanted to know what may have cause that reaction. They never emailed me back. No concern what so ever for what happened to my face. I will never go back that that spa. There may other nicer spas in the area and i will be attending La Pomponnee from now on that is a great spa! I highly recommend that spa!
September 2, 2007
Random Acts of Kindness!!
On 9/1/07, I went to this spa for a massage. I enjoyed it very much. The service and atmosphere were very accomidating and it was very relaxing. After I was finished, I left the spa and proceded to my vehicle. My battery had died! One of the employees of this spa handed me her car keys and gave me directions to the nearest automotive store. I was shocked. I live on hour north of this spa. I went to the store, got a new battery and returned to the spa. I thanked her and offered her some money for the loan of her car and for the gas I had used. She refused. I then opened my hood and was trying to figure how to change my battery. A man was in his vehicle outside the spa. He asked to help. I didn't refuse. He removed my old battery and put the new one in. He was waiting for his wife. She worked at the same spa!!! I thanked him and offered him some money for helping me. He said no just like the girl who lent me her car. I was impressed with the spa because of the way they treat you while you're their client. But I was astonished with the spa when I left!!! They took care of me even after I had paid for my service, tipped the employee and left the building. These people went above and beyond anything that I had ever expected. They have great hearts, too!!!!
March 25, 2007
Sophistication, atmosphere, this spa is the creme de le creme. I have had six star service on cruises, and this is the only place that this type of service is offered in the spa venue. I felt not only pampered, but dignified as well. You can't go wrong here. Organics, wellness, whole person treatment, just give it a try, you will love it.
February 4, 2007
Worst Customer Service And Dumpy!
I am writing to make consumers aware that this "Spa" actually has a history of poor service. They don't even deserve one star! I have received better customer service at a fast food drive thru window. The front desk personnel couldn't have been more rude. The establishment is in need of a facelift. It is rather dumpy, wax was spilled on the carpeted stairs, glasses were water spotted and the water pitcher in the cramped 'Relaxation Room' was water spotted and dirty, wallpaper is peeling in the restroom, the rooms were chilly and the spa treatments are very lacking in luxury or pampering. I am not one to complain, but when you spend your hard earned money expecting and anticipating a relaxing and pampering day, I was very disappointed. They spend alot of money on marketing, so don't be fooled. Please go elsewhere!
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