The Rejuvenation Clinic & MediSpa - London, Canary Wharf

The Rejuvenation Clinic & MediSpa - London, Canary Wharf

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Canary Wharf Cabot Place West,
London, W14 4QT
United Kingdom
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+44 870 243 2230

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Customer Reviews for The Rejuvenation Clinic & MediSpa - London, Canary Wharf (4)

February 5, 2014
Great Medispa
Great Medispa with excellent menu and therapists. Relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommended
October 18, 2013
Great place
I'm really surprised at the reviews on here, but I guess they are from a while ago. I don't know whether management has changed or not recently. I work near this spa and walked passed it for months and months. I went in for the first time about six months ago for a manicure, and keep going back. The last time I went to Dr Russo for a skin consultation and botox. What I love about this spa is the fact you have the range of beauty treatments, waxing, pedicures, etc, but also a top Harley Street doctor in Canary Wharf for REAL skin rejuvenation. Above and beyond the standard facials you get everywhere else. The staff are really friendly, Dr Russo is a real professional, and they always have offers on, so I think they're really good value too.
April 8, 2012
Absolute Shocker, Avoid!!!!!!!!
Staff were rude, appointment after appointment was cancelled. On two occasions I had to travel across London from Wimbledon to be told my appointment was cancelled, and "sorry we would have called but we didn't have your number"... this despite emailing it to them on numerous occasions, and despite the clinic having called me the day before to change the time of my appointment! Absolutely rubbish, unprofessional service - DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 1, 2012
Cancellation after cancellation...
We booked and were cancelled, rebooked and were cancelled again due to the same reason of 'somebody has called in sick'.We have since applied for a full refund. An absolutely shambolic business that will hopefully go bust and be replaced by a business that can actually deliver on it's bookings.
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