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Tres Chic Salon & Day Spa

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6634 Lake Otis Parkway,
Anchorage, AK 99507
United States
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+1(907) 522-2155

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Customer Reviews for Tres Chic Salon & Day Spa (10)

February 18, 2014
I had my hair relaxed and cut
This establishment clearly is a 5 Star place to go to in my book. I had my hair and nails done at one spot. I don't have time to make several appointments through the week. It's a time saver.
February 18, 2014
Always Always An Awesome Job!!!
I have been going to Tres Chic Salon & Day spa for over 3 years now... They always do an awesome, excellent and professional job on my hair. I have recommended their services to many friends and family members and not once has anyone been disappointed. Tres Chic always delivers a fabulous, fun, and comfortable atmosphere. I am always able to get a prompt appointment that works with my busy schedule. I highly recommend Tres Chic Salon & Day Spa the service is excellent and they always do such a lasting and beautiful job.
February 17, 2014
I came here for my senior prom night with my mother hoping to leave feeling beautiful. Upon arriving we have a set time for our appointment. We get there only to wait for 45 minutes to even be seen. Once she does she wat I want she ASKS MY MOM TO START ROLLING MY HAIR!!!! after being there for an hour and a half we end up agreeing to leave. To make this short she ends up cussing my mom out and shoving her out the door. I left with my hair a mess and crying tres chic ruined my senior prom. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN
September 22, 2013
Bought a Groupon coupon like others. Showed up for my appointment a month later and they didn't have any record of my having made an appointment over a month ago. I am actually glad that they weren't able to honor my appointment because the place is NOT a day spa. It was misrepresented on Groupon and I received my money back. It is a strip mall hair salon at best, and I wouldn't even get my hair cut there because of the condition of the premises.
May 14, 2013
Cancelled appt 5 times
I bought the 'spa' Groupon. I originally contacted Tres Chic in early February. They said they were busy until April. I said that was fine and scheduled the appt. The day before my appt, I called to confirm and the lady told me that I was actually scheduled the week before and had missed my appt. This is untrue because I had the note I wrote while on the phone with them while scheduling my appt. The lady said she could reschedule me for the following week. I said fine. The following week, I get a text saying that aestitician is out of the office and they have to reschedule again. This happens three more times. I finally contacted Groupon and got a refund becaue Tres Chic obviously was just trying to get the money without actually providing any services. Horrible customer service.
April 30, 2013
Bad Business All Together
I purchased a groupon for this "Spa" and scheduled an appointment. The same day as my appointment I receive a call asking me to reschedule due to staffing issues, which was fine. I rescheduled the appointment for a month. A month goes by and I receive TEXT instead asking to reschedule again. This seemed odd to me because they had called me the first time. It was like they didn't even have the decency to pick up the phone. I was more upset over how the matter was handled rather than the matter itself. Judging by other reviews, it seems like they mistreat their customers often. Very unprofessional. A business should not be handled this way at all.
September 10, 2012
Snapped at by the owner when we showed up early. Entire place was filthy...I took about five steps on the floor in the manicure/pedicure area and my bare feet were covered in other people's cut hair. The child's bed sheet on the massage table wasn't changed in between massages. How can an establishment call itself a spa when they only have one manicure table and one pedicure chair. My massage, given by the owner, was clearly not a professional. The music was turned up so loud that it was impossible to relax. The prices were the same as some of the high end day spas in town, so I expected for the quality of services to be the same as well. I was very disappointed.
March 23, 2012
Horrible Experience
NEVER go here. My hair was RUINED! The owner is very rude and mean. I do not know how she has a business. The woman put bleach on my hair to highlight then stuck me under a HOT dryer with no plastic over my hair. She did not check my hair one time, she was too busy braiding her sons hair so he could go out that night and give out business cards. My hair was BURNED, she did not tell me and proceeded to take thinning shears to it so I wouldn't know until I got home. This place should be shut down.
Shelley F
July 29, 2011
Dont do it!
I called to make an appointment to use the Spafinder gift card I recieved. They were short on the phone but I made an appt. I then read a review where the writer was stating that they did not accept her card so I called again to confirm. The person on the phone was one of the RUDEST people that I have ever come into contact with as a a customer. The man that answered the phone relayed the message to the lady, I could hear her huff, she gets on the and says "what?" not hello - I then ask about confirming the use of the card - she snapped at me and said HELLOOO I already told you that earlier when you called - I promtly cancelled my appointment and believe everything the other reviewer stated about it being a NIGHTMARE
February 10, 2008
Horrible customer service!! They are not professional with what they do. They have horrible employees that smoke like a chimney, they are very VERY rough with your hair. I asked them to high-light my hair and they have put BLEECH in my hair!!! They act like they are just trashy owners!!! Little kids are everywhere yelling and screaming, not a very relaxing atmosphere. I do not recommend this place at all.
Response from Tres Chic Salon & Day Spa
This reveiw was written by an employee that was fired and trying to ruin my reputation, I am the Owner i have never smoked a day in my life, i have a very successful Salon for 11 years
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