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119 East Washington Street,
Milford, MI 48381
United States
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Customer Reviews for Polished Outlook Inc., Salon & Spa (20)

May 8, 2014
Above and Beyond
I was surprised with a wonderful gift for Mother's Day from my hubby to this wonderful spa. The gift certificate was for the Great Escape Spa Package and the name says it all....it was an amazing escape! The package included a little bit of everything and it was super relaxing. I loved my massage which included a hot herbal steam towel treatment for feet and warm herbal pillows for back and eyes....one of the best massages I have ever had. The facial was to die for! I've read several reviews on how great their facials are but unless you try it yourself you'll never really understand. By far, the best facial I have EVER had! Pedicure and manicure was exceptional as well! Then my Master Stylist styled my hair so well that I actually returned for a color and a cut! To top it all off, this package included a lunch and they went above and beyond with it! Overall I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend this little hidden gem! Five star service all the way!
April 23, 2014
I received a spafinder gift card and decided to give this place a try. I booked an appointment for an hour massage this past Saturday. I asked for a deep tissue massage and to concentrate on my back and shoulder area. I have a ton of knots I wanted to be worked out from sitting at a computer all day. Instead of a deep tissue, I received a "rub down." She barely spent any time on my back and shoulders and didn't work out any knots. She never asked how the pressure was or where my areas of concern were. I had to tell her before she started. I figured she didn't know how to give a deep tissue and was instead giving me a Swedish massage. When I went to pay, she charged me $15 more because it was supposedly a deep tissue. I was so disappointed, I ended up booking a deep tissue at Massage in Novi later that day.
Response from Polished Outlook Inc., Salon & Spa
Dear Emily, We are very sorry to hear that your experience with us was not exceptional. That was truly not our intention. We really appreciate your feedback and hope you do give us a chance to make it right! We assure you that we only employ the most qualified and experienced staff - so there had to be some kind of misunderstanding with your requested massage, however inexcusable. I do hope you do not judge the entire Spa by this one experience. We would be happy, if given the opportunity, to rectify your experience with us. Our Spa Director will be contacting you shortly to resolve your grievances. Most Sincerely, The Polished Outlook Team (248) 685-9898
March 24, 2014
Absolutely wonderful spa and salon in Milford. I used my Spa Finder gift cards on their Stress Reliever spa package and it was one of the best spa experiences I have had! The spa part was amazing! The body treatment, massage and the facial (best facial ever!) were remarkable. Then, I had a chance to try out their salon for a shampoo and style with expert styling instructions and that was so much fun and my hair looked fabulous. The entire experience was very pleasing from beginning to end. I was very relaxed and would highly recommend this tucked away little gem.
September 11, 2013
I came here for the first time with my friend for some "girls time" and we had an amazing experience here. We booked several services and everything was just wonderful. I tried the collagen facial which was by far the best facial I have ever had! I even bought some skin care products that were used during the facial. We also had pedicures which were absolutely great. They have a private room for 2 for pedicures and we just had the best time! The whole experience was wonderful and they made everything very special for us. Thank you very much!!!! We will be back again!
June 2, 2013
Friendly Staff
Great job on the manicure, I just wish they offered gel/acrylic nails too!
April 5, 2012
I knew this would be a great place since the moment I called. I expressed over the phone how much I needed some relaxation (I work 70 hours a week) and sure enough when I came in for my services they treated me like a queen. I was so relaxed!! My massage was great and the facial was the best I have ever had in my life! I really enjoyed having coffee and reading their fashion books. Highly recommend!
March 1, 2012
After having been here multiple times
The sales pitch is way over the top. My biggest complaint is getting to the counter to pay and get charged for things that weren't even mentioned. I've left there paying more than I've paid at a high in end spa in Chicago. So if you don't mind ok service in a not so great atmosphere and don't mind paying this is the place for you. Last year I went here and gave the girl at the counter a coupon from the local paper and she told me they don't accept this anymore. No reason given. I think it was for sales.
Response from Polished Outlook Inc., Salon & Spa
Dear Kaya, We are so sorry to read that your visit with us was not a good experience. I assure you that it has never been our practice to have our clients over charged and not being informed on pricing and additional services. I have looked back into our history to try and contact you so we could at the very minimum return your money. Unfortunately we don't have a "Kaya" on our books. Also, we have never advertised any coupons in the local paper so I am sure there was some kind of misunderstanding. Please allow us the opportunity to help you out in any way we possibly can. Customer service is our greatest priority, to such extent that every valued client leaves with an anonymous self addressed survey so we may be made aware immediately of any improvements that need to take place. This area I have also checked to see of your complaint and have also not been successful. I am sure it would not be any ones attention to make accusations that are not true, so please help us to make every effort to make amends. Most Sincerely, The Polished Outlook Team. 248 685-9898
June 22, 2011
Memorable Experience
Staff members are very professional and talented, as well as kind and friendly, and they anticipate all guests' needs. They provide a meaningful and memorable experience through warm, compassionate, and genuine care. It is this personal attention that keeps me coming back year after year.
April 15, 2011
Loved it !!!!!!!
I was so happy with the whole experience. I Would go once a week for the body massage if I could. Wow I felt like gumby walken out of there, such an awsome massage. Thank You
March 20, 2011
Great place even for a guy
I always get gift certificates for my wife but i hate the whole experience of going to a spa with a million women starring at me. But i really enjoyed my "buying a gift certificate" experience at this spa. I was greeted by the door which was awesome cause i didn't have to roam around and look for a receptionist like i did at other places. The manager personally sat down with me and went over all the services that my wife would like taking into consideration my budget. The overall experience was very professional and pleasant. After a nice cup of coffee and a good conversation, I made my decision on a great spa package and the gift certificate was presented very nice. I felt like i got a lot more for what I payed for. My wife got her spa services last week and totally loved it. Now i'm actually considering of going there myself. Highly recommend for all men and women!
January 5, 2011
Warm & Cozy
Me and my husband have just moved to Milford a few months ago and he got me a gift certificate from this spa for Christmas. I booked the Warm & Cozy spa package which speaks for itself. I had a delightful experience at this spa. I really liked that it was a Victorian home which made it feel more welcoming and very cozy, not like the other spas that have that medical/doctor office feeling to them. I honestly received the best facial i have ever had by this european lady Ruslana. She has also educated me on how to take care of my skin at home and which products to use. I liked the fact that i never felt pressured to buy anything, she gave me the time and privacy to make my decision. I ended up purchasing the super firming creme which i highly recommend to every woman over the age of 35. My spa package also included a therapeutic massage which i really enjoyed and a warm cup of hot chocolate in the cozy lounge. Overall i really enjoyed all of the services and will definitely come back again.
December 26, 2010
Glorified hair salon
I was so excited to find what I thought would be a professional spa locally (I live in Milford), but was dismayed at the dismal atmosphere and quality of service. This is not a real spa, just a hair salon in an old house with granny style decor. Everyone was friendly but the pedicure I received was not professional. My daughter can do a better job at home.
October 26, 2010
Will always go back!
Since the very first time i came to this spa with a few Spa Finder gift certificate, i have always went back. It is a great place with great people. I really enjoy all of my services there and it's so great that they are full service.....i get everything done at once: hair, facials, nails, you name it. Since the very first time i got a thank you card from them that was hand written....i thought, wow they really make you feel special. And for the 100th time that i came there, it always feels like the first time....you always feel special coming there. I recommend it for everyone to try it and make it your salon and spa for every service.
October 17, 2010
Great Spa!
Honestly just the cutest and most adorable spa in the area. Very warm & cozy and at the same time the staff is very professional. I had the Victorian Queen package and pretty much had every service there (thanks to my hubby) and it was just amazing. All services were nice and relaxing, i was never rushed, even though i was there all day. Their choice of lunch was great. I really enjoyed myself there. Massage & facial were truly amazing, i have never had a facial like that before. And I was very pleased with my hair style as well! Would highly recommend to everyone.
September 6, 2010
A+ in my book
I would HIGHLY recommend this salon and spa for any type of massage you need up to and including the warm spa pedicure....and their facials are the best!! These treatments go beyond anyone's expectations. Highly professional and friendly staff. Loved the cozy and serene atmosphere.
July 6, 2010
Home away from Home
Since my first experice at Polished Outlook with a gift certificate years ago, I have only had positive experiences everytime I go. I have had facials, pedicures, body massages, make up application, detox treatments and am now a regular having my hair done once a month. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure I am comfortable and have everything that I need. The coffee is wonderful. I have purchased gift certificates for my family and friends and they have all enjoyed their spa experience. You will too!
August 6, 2009
Really enjoyed my experience at Polished Outlook!
I am not really a person that writes reviews about places but I had such an amazing experience at Polished Outlook that I had to let everyone know about this spa. My husband got me a gift certificate from P.O for mother's day and it included a lot of spa services and hair & make-up. Honestly, I received one of the best facials I have ever had. It lasted hour & a half and it included everything from hot towels & massage on your feet to advanced skin care treatments that made my skin look fresh & youthful and just amazing. The pedicare was also a treatment in heaven that lasted 90 minutes with a 15 minute foot & leg massage and parrafin dip. I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the place & how nice, friendly and proffesional the staff was.After all that spa heaven I got my hair done and I love my new hair style & color. I really didn't know what to do with it and liked the fact that my hair stylist gave me great suggestions on cut and color and it turned out amazing. Since then I've been getting many compliments on my hair and my skin complexion. I have to say they really go that extra mile for their clients...I felt very welcome and not rushed like i was at previous spas and they made me feel like it was all about me & I loved that! I definetely recommend Polished Outlook to everyone...if you're looking for a great place with amazing services and proffesional staff, then this is the place to go!!
June 12, 2009
They will Rob U BLIND !!!!
I was ROBBED. Was supposed to have a $75 TOTAL bill per my phone conversation when setting up my appt. I left there with a $160.00 bill for cut & high lite. My hair looks okay but not holy cow- to die for. It's not like I spent 3 hours in the hippest hottest salon in the world being catered to by the foremost hair designer known to mankind. Hello this is Milford Michigan- home of GM proving grounds. You know the GM declaring bankruptcy, the place that has laid off a trillion people and no one has any money area....yep, that would be the place. Frankly, I have no problem paying well for services rendered & for optional services that I choose. But, they do things to you that no other salon you have ever been to would even consider charging you for. Sky high prices. $45 JUST for a woman's cut. Highlights are $75 unless they use "special oils" & don't tell u that the stuff they're putting on your air w/o a word will cost u $20 . It's $5 if they use conditioner after washing. Which they fail to mention when they ask if you would like conditioner. When asked about conditioner I said sure. Who would say no..? because who could imagine that they charge for it, let alone that a small squirt of conditioner has like a thousand percent mark-up on it??!! They'll also charge you $15 extra for highlights if you use more than 2 colors. Even when they are the ones that INSIST on using more than 2. They don't tell you it will cost more...just say they they need 3 different colors to make you look "right"- so you say ok, who are you to argue with a professional especially when you have NO CLUE it will cost you yet another fee over and above what they quoted you originally. They push, no SHOVE products from shampoo & hair brushes to makeup & soap THE WHOLE TIME. It's terribly uncomfortable. You leave there feeling violated. It is not relaxing. It's a constant "sell". I would not be surprised if the beverages and cookies they offer are not added to your bill too. I declined refreshments so I could not tell you for certain. Personally, I left my next weeks grocery money there since my generous gift certificate couldn't cover all of my "extras"- $85.00 worth of "extras". Extras that I was not even aware were being added on until I went to pay my bill. In this economy who in their right mind would agree to $85 worth of useless extras like an extra color that I can't even see and conditioner after my hair wash and a cut & style (for $45 freaking bucks) when I was told I had to have it styled since they had to see the color dry and perhaps trim me to make it look right... No integrity. I went there because I had a gift certificate and was trying to use the household budget money wisely. My gift certificate was generous and at most normal places would have covered cut, high lite & tip. In fact, according to my initial phone quote should have covered my requested service. But somehow I left there with an empty wallet and feeling sick to my stomach knowing I had had to use my grocery money to pay for services I had not asked for.I felt like I was robbed. I wonder if that is the effect Polished Outlook wants to have on it's clientele??? I now get to try and sell things to make that money back to feed my family this week. There is no integrity there. I would never send my worst enemy there. It's a terrible feeling to walk out of a place knowing they just swindled you out of your family's food money. Do not give them your business. You may just end up leaving your first born in payment for services you never wanted, never asked for and never needed. If you MUST go.. every single time they look at you, touch you, do ANYTHING to you, ask how much that will cost you. If it's something you can't imagine paying extra for, ask anyway because they will charge you if they can find a way to sneak it in there... Buyer BEWARE....The workers, managers & owners apparently have NO MORAL INTEGRITY !
January 2, 2008
Best Spa Around!
I wanted to get my wife something special for Christmas and one of her girlfriends recomended Polished Outlook Spa. I have never been to a spa before, so I didn't know what to expect. When I called, one of the reception girls was very helpful in suggesting to purchase a Gift Certificate. We did everyhting over the phone, and when I came there it was all ready and waiting for me. I was amazed with how helpful and friendly the staff was, and the spa itself was very nice and cozy. Right there, I knew that it was a great place to send my wife to relax and enjoy herself. I got her one of the spa packages, called the Victorian Queen and she absolutely loved everything. She really enjoyed everything and said that it was a great place to relax and enjoy yourself. We recommend this spa to everybody now. I tell all of my friends that Polished Outlooks gift certificates are great gifts and my wife tells all of her girlfriends about some of their best treatments and services. Best Spa Around!
March 26, 2007
The best place to relax and enjoy yourself!
I am a Spa lover and I have visited many Spa's throughout the country, but I could never think that the one closest to my house would be the best! I had the best Spa experience at Plished Outlook- Very pleasant environment and calming atmosphere was just what I needed on a stressful day. The services that I got there were just amazing!!! I had the best facial and pedicare there. What I liked the most is that the staff were very professional but at the same time very nice and friendly! It was the best decision I have ever made! I recomended Polished Outlook to many people including friends and family, and reomend it to everybody who is looking for a great Spa to relax at!!!
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