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As we go through life, years of half-buried feelings and thoughts get stored in our bodies. Without the chance to work through these dynamics, they may linger and remain repressed... just out of conscious awareness. Mostly, these unexplored feelings manifest as everyday stress. Too often they also show up in the forms of anxiety and depression or in relational difficulties and personal compulsion issues.

Yoga is a body-mind practice which works in an incredibly direct way to access these core blocks and release them into consciousness. Often, one may feel inexplicably emotional during Yoga (in classes, it is not at all uncommon for people to suddenly break into tears). This is precisely because the breathing techniques and postures of Yoga can meaningfully open up buried feelings and bring them to the surface.

Once these are accessed, it is most helpful to process them with someone who is trained to listen. This is what the individual one-on-one sessions of Psychodynamic Yoga aim to do. Together we talk, practice, and look at the beauty, pain, and truth of being alive. Life cannot ultimately be described in words, but by meeting together we may just taste what lies beyond concepts and thoughts.

The same kind of exploration takes place in our group classes (a very different experience from most Yoga instruction offered elsewhere). In every posture we focus inward towards our emotions and mind. With this orientation, Yoga becomes a laboratory for looking at our own experience. We meet ourselves on the mat.

In a series of safe and supportive classes, equal attention is given to practicing the physical postures and paying attention to the range of subtle feelings which they evoke with a specific focus on working with suffering related to stress, anxiety, and depression.


Psychodynamic Yoga group classes are a unique hybrid of traditional Yoga workouts (beginners are welcome!) and body-mind meditations. Every aspect of this practice is designed to help the practitioner to go beyond the common version of everyday reality that often goes unexamined and instead takes another look at the mystery we call life.

Every movement we work through together attempts to get in touch with and process thoughts and feelings which come up during Yoga. Feelings tend to get stored in the body and Yoga can access these quite directly. Psychodynamic Yoga specifically addresses these emotional issues (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.) and gives them a caring and attentive space to heal through physical exercise and mindful attention.


*   Individual attention
*   Private one-on-one sessions
*   Affordable and reasonable fees (sliding scale available)

As a Yoga Teacher who specializes in working with people's emotional goals, I am dedicated to helping you to resolve issues that are felt in your body and are getting in your way. Furthermore, I hold myself to the highest standards of practice and care, which means I am 100% committed to protecting your health and confidentiality as you move towards a wider experience of well-being.

Because the material we work with candidly in Psychodynamic Yoga is deeply individual, sessions are conducted one-on-one in the privacy of my studio, located at 64 West 21st St.

I meet you where you're at and where you'd like to go. That's the bottom line here.

Each session is tailored directly to your specific physical and emotional needs: the practice itself can be gentle and restorative or a vigorous and challenging full-body workout. But the priority is always on finding out what works best for you.

This is a comprehensive approach to healing and the results are tangible. They can be felt relatively quickly. However, developing a practice is no different than any other major life transformation. It takes a level of personal commitment and patience to grow beyond limitation.

Gradually, as these experiences are brought into full awareness, one is able gain a sense of understanding and freedom from unconscious tension.

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