Flaming June Day Spa

Flaming June Day Spa

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1701 Grant St.,
Vancouver, BC V5L L2Y
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+1(604) 253-2001x

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Customer Reviews for Flaming June Day Spa (2)

May 3, 2012
I love Flaming June!
Having just moved to Vancouver in the fall of 2009 I have had to do quite a bit of leg work to find a place that suited me and my needs. I am the type of client that likes to develope a friendly & fun relationship with businesses that I frequent. I have found a lot of spa type businesses in Vancouver have fallen short in what I look for. I find a lot of places in different neighborhoods (i.e. Yaletown, Kits to feel fairly sterial and over polished) or feel like a `puppy mill' in the way they are all about getting you in and out so they can move on to the next client. Coming out of the Okanagan I knew they type of place that I was looking for and felt comfortable in. My first visit to `Flaming June' was with a groupon (student buget) and I had the most amazing swedish massage w/Carma :) She is my go two girl for when I am feeling the pain. My 2nd trip to see her was w/my spafinder card I got for x-mas. Seriously, this girl's hands, wow! Elvie is my waxing/threading/eyebrow girl. If you are looking for a good job w/the wax...waxing wednesday's. It is really nice because I now can call in and they know who I am and how long my treatment will be and squeeze me in if it is at all possible at the last minute. xoxo Danielle
October 12, 2010
Flaming June stressed me out
I tried out Flaming June for an hour long massage, and was disappointed. The spa itself has a nice cozy feel to it. It is pretty small, but clean and nicely decorated. I arrived on time, and ended up having to wait for almost 30 minutes before they were ready to go. Once the massage got going it was clear the esthetician did not have much massage experience. It was a very long hour, that left my back just as sore as when I arrived. When I left I noticed that there was a LOT of oil in my hair, actually it's a good thing I was going straight home because I was absolutely covered in oil. I left feeling more stressed out that when I arrived.
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