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6935 Oakland Mills Rd, Suite P
Columbia, MD 21045
United States
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Customer Reviews for The Face Place (12)

April 10, 2013
My best kept secret
I relaxed as soon as I entered. Removed my shoes, slipped on slippers and began the best day of my life. Massage, acupuncture, facial and pedicure. Plus a delicious lunch. The staff made me feel so comfortable. This is going to be my best kept secret and I will disappear into the Face Place whenever I need an escape. 5 star all the way!
March 12, 2013
Bad Pedicure, Great Facial
I had a wonderful facial here so I thought I would come back for a pedicure. Bad idea. The seating was very uncomfortable. I couldn't relax while getting my pedicure because I was sitting on a bench with a straight up back. It's hard to explain, but it was very uncomfortable and was feeling stress while getting the pedicure and on top of that she cut my toe and was bleeding in the water. I will continue getting facials, but no more pedicures!
January 27, 2013
Wonderful experience
I enjoyed my organic manicure and pedicure . I was very relaxed witht the wonderful aromatherapy they used during the treatment. I picked from their Zoya polish and the colors were beautiful. Thanks for a great day. So glad they take spa finder.
December 1, 2012
The best in Columbia
I am so happy that this place takes Spa Finder. I got several gifts and was pleased to use them at this beautiful space. From start to finish I am very pleased with the friendly staff and top notch services and convenience. Highly recommended
October 27, 2012
Good Experience
I visited this location with my cousin on 9/25/12. We had a massage, facial, & pedicure. Both the massage & facial were very relaxing. The facial by Cindy was probably the best of the three services. The space was clean & quiet & I was able to fully relax during both services. However, I feel like I wasted my money on the pedicure. The seating was uncomfortable & the quality of the polish application was poor. I would go back for the other services but not for a pedicure. I did have a few critiques for the overall experience. First, I booked our reservations about a month in advance. In that month, I received 5 phone calls on different occasions confirming my appointment. It was like the employees weren't communicating. It was a tad irritating. Second, during the facial, the lady left the room without saying anything for like 10 minutes. I was worried it was over & I was supposed to get up & spent the entire 10 minutes just laying there uncomfortable. I found out later from my cousin this was so the mask could set but I wish she would have let me know! Finally, the flow of the day seemed off. I had to get dressed and undressed 4 different times. I wish they would have just given me a robe. Would have been more comfortable
July 14, 2012
Not the Place for a Mani/Pedi
I recently used the mani/pedi Groupon mentioned in other reviews ($29 for a spa mani/pedi with paraffin treatment - $76 value). I hope nobody ever pays the full $76 price since it was barely worth the $29 I paid. The technician was nice enough and the service was adequate; I have received better at local walk-in nail salons. I could get over the small manicure station in the waiting area, but the pedicure "station" was a joke and completely unprofessional. It is a makeshift platform, accessed by a small, folding step stool. The "basin" is a vessel sink (big glass bowl) with a kitchen faucet. The whole ordeal took two hours. Do not waste your time or money.
February 19, 2010
Spa Snob & I love this one!
I was referred here about 5 years ago by a friend who loves the facials she receives. I have been to many spas, some big, some smaller and more intimate like the Face Place. I love the services I get from Face Place and have been going for years. I have had facials, and now I get monthly to semi monthly massages. The prices and menu offerings are second to none. I agree with what the other person wrote, that I have no idea what the person was talking about slandering the cleanliness of Face Place. I have never been disappointed with the cleanliness, or have I ever left the spa unhappy. I leave completely relaxed, satisfied, and with my next appointment card in hand each and every time. ;-)
February 18, 2010
Been a client for 3 years
I've been going to Face Place in Columbia for the last 3 years. I started out just getting waxing services but then soon lead to manicures/pedicures, then facials and massages. Each time I go the staff is friendly, professional and eager to please. The decor/atmosphere is always relaxing and peaceful. I really enjoy my visits to this spa. I've tried other spas and I've I haven't consistently returned to other ones the way I have to Face Place. I bought my mom a gift certificate last year to the Face Place and ever since then, she tells me thats the only gift that she wants from now on for holidays. She really enjoys the facials there. She says that they are more thorough there in getting extractions and also providing a very relaxing experience. With all that said, they are also very reasonable with their prices.
February 17, 2010
What Every Spa Should Aspire To BE
I happen to love going to the Face Place. I go once per month, and have recieve a variety of services from them, including their waxings, massages, and facials. Every time I walk into the Face Place, I feel at ease and relaxed, from the friendly greeting I recieve when I walk in the door, to the therapists that perform these services. The only thing I do not like about the Face Place is that I must leave after my services. Cindy, Heather, and Connie give the most amazing facials and they are all so personable and warm. Diane does a wonderful job, and is a jack of all trades, but still manages to be skilled at everything she does. Every esthetician at the Face Place is very skilled and I love how they cater the facial to serve the specific needs of my skin, instead of giving me a generic facial. They do chat during the facial, but they definately pay close attention to what they are doing. The massages are amazing, and Marcelina and Shelia are extremely personable and skilled. Their massages definately do well working out the kinks in my back. Every time I get a waxing at the Face Place, I come out looking and feeling extremely well groomed. I constantly get compliments on my amazingly sculpted eyebrows. When my services are finished, they allowed me to get dressed and ready at my own pace, which I very much appreciated. The spa smells like roses, which I find to be quite lovely. The receptionist is kind and patient, even when I ask her over and over to cancel and reschedule my appointments. You should DEFINATELY try going to the Face Place; you will be glad you took my advice. Enjoy!
January 28, 2010
Best Facial EVER!!
I don't know what that last person was talking about!?! The Face Place is absolutely clean and totally professional! They are obviously from a competing salon and just trying to skew the reviews. I have been coming to the Face Place for years and drive all the way up from DC because Diane gives the absolute best facial ever. I was so sick of paying top dollar for "facials" in DC that didn't even include extractions!! Facials at the Face Place include extractions, a head, neck, and hand massage, and heated moisturizing gloves - plus they cater the facial to the specific needs of your skin. It is so rare to find a facialist that truly takes the time to examine your skin and speak with you about your issues to truly address your skin's needs. I got talked into making the drive to the Face Place by two other DC natives who swore by it and I have never looked back. You just can't beat the prices and the services are truly top quality. Contrary to the last RIDICULOUS review, the spa is very clean, the staff is very polite, and the facials and waxing are superb! I have a gift certificate for a massage and I am sure that once I use it I will be writing another glowing review!
December 6, 2009
Unprofessional, NOT CLEAN (even sheets not clean)
I visited for massage twice to be sure.I have been to many different massage therapists.Regarding the practitioners & skill level at Face Place, it is clear they have training but lack seriousness and concentration about applying that training in practice. Example: spending time on one half of the body but leaving the other side undone, while chatting away. The same approach to the practice is reflected by the lax cleanliness of the whole facility INCLUDING LINENS THAT ARE NOT FRESH. I am used to finding fresh linens on the table but it was not the case. The tone of the place is superficial presentation of professionalism that does not follow through in actual practice. Perhaps it was not their fault that the toilet overflowed while I happened to be there--I told them that I understand that customers often put inappropriate stuff to be flushed, but thinking about the place, I did wonder how much attention they have been paying to resolving their plumbing problem efficiently. I feel bad saying these things because I liked the woman who gave me treatment, but I feel these things need to be said. I wish I had just left when I noticed the sheets were not fresh, but as we all do too often, I didn't stop and think about the seriousness of the situation and just 'went with it'. I do not like thinking about the fact that I lay down in unwashed sheets that other people had been in. When paying I was reminded that I should tip my practioner, which is new to me because the other places I have gone there has been no mention of that, and there is no mention of tipping on the FACE PLACE fee schedule. I am OK with being fair and I don't want to be unkind to the practitioner. But the expectation was to add another $14.00 to the total. I have gone to other group practices and the tip issue has simply not come up. I find it ironic that it came up at a place where the sheets weren't fresh.I am supportive of just pay but I think expecting 20% of the total, which I was directly told after I suggested an amount less than that, is a bit much. I paid a $14.00 tip on a $74.00 fee for a 50 min Swedish massage. I would have appreciated some kind of notice at least about tipping on the fee schedule.
Response from The Face Place
Dear Monica, I am writing to you as the new owner of the Face Place. I took over ownership on June 1st 2011. I saw your review before I purchased this business and I made it my point to address these issues immediately. I can honestly say that your review was the only negative one that I have found so far, and considering the Face Place has been in business since 1977, I think your experience must have been an isolated experience and I hope to change your opinion. . I have done many things to improve the quality of service and to make sure the clients have an amazing spa experience. I want to invite you back for a complimentary facial so that you can experience the Face Place again. I would love for you to write another review after your next visit. Please reply and I will send you a gift certificate for a free facial. Thanks so much and I appreciate your opinion and take it seriously. Sincerely, Stephanie Lightfoot The Face Place
August 21, 2009
Great Pregnancy Massage
I really enjoyed my pregnancy massages at this spa. Very relaxing and a nice treat! Rachel was excellent and very professional. Definitely recommend this spa for all massages in the Columbia area.
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