A New Spirit Wellness Center & Spa

A New Spirit Wellness Center & Spa

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4907 West 29th Avenue,
Denver, CO 80212
United States
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+1(303) 477-1652

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Customer Reviews for A New Spirit Wellness Center & Spa (8)

Todd B
July 29, 2010
I didn’t enjoy anything of my experience at A New Spirit Spa. I was really looking forward their exclusive “Float Tank” experience. Well it wasn’t relaxing. The water was Luke warm and by the time I got out I was literally shivering. Then I had a hot stone massage. During my hot stone massage twice I had to have the Massage Therapist remove the stone on my hip because it was too hot. I didn’t realize the heat wasn’t radiating up my back and the other stones were too hot as well. The day after my massage I realized I had a blister and it popped so when I was taking a shower I realized I was burned during my massage. The second day after my massage I contacted the Spa. I called and sent an email with 2 photos of the burn on my spine. Still to this day the owner has NEVER called me. FIVE DAYS after my initial contact about the problem the Owner responded to me via email. Their response was that the burn didn’t come from the Massage Therapist and they would not refund any money. They claimed to not see any burn on my back in the photos whereas anyone else can clearly see the burn. It’s a perfect round burn on my spine where several layers of flesh were burned. A medical professional confirmed that. Yes I have a birth mark but that is much higher on my back. The Massage Therapist told the owner of the salon the burn was a birth mark. That is NOT a true statement. The Massage Therapist put the hot stones on my spine and then denied it. Any photo you can find on the net has the stones directly on the spine. They offered me to come in and meet with their aesthetician to look at the burn. Also they offered another hot stone massage from the same Therapist. I find that highly amusing. I was not about to go back to a place where I was burned and they took no ownership of the damage to my body. If you do research you’ll find that burning from the stones does happen in this kind of massage. If he wasn’t wearing gloves maybe he would have had a better feeling for how hot the stones actually were. I gave them the chance to make it right but they denied all ownership. $105 would have made this all go away but they wouldn’t refund my money. Now I have to seek legal counsel. I do not recommend this Spa to anyone.
July 11, 2010
Best massage ever
If your live in Denver, this is the place to go. Their therapists are outstanding. I been going there for 4 years now and I still love it. LB
Aldora N
February 10, 2010
I love this Spa
I stumbled upon this spa and I was very impressed. I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have had massages, facials, and detox foot baths. All of my experiences have been great. I wish it was closer to my side of town I would frequent more often. It is worth a visit. I love when you go into the entrance and you can take your shoes off or leave them on. When I walked into the spa I immediately felt relaxed. I love this Spa and it fits all my needs.
April 6, 2009
Wonderful Experience
One of my clients had given me a SpaFinder gift certificate for Christmas, so as I was searching for a spa, I was drawn to A New Spirit. I was curious about the floatation tank, so I booked it for an hour, followed by a one hour massage. The tank was very cool! It was very relaxing, and with the warm water and soft music, I was asleep within minutes. After my time was up in the tank, I went for my one hour massage with Barbara, and she was awesome! I was very pleased with the calm and soothing atmosphere and with the staff. The environment was very clean, and the staff was very warm and friendly. I was long overdue for some pampering and they saw to it that my needs were met. I've already told several of my friends about A New Spirit, and I will definitely return in the future. It's my new favorite place!
April 30, 2008
Unbelievably disappointing!!!
Well for starters. The pictures you see on the website is not even the actual spa. Total false advertising there. I decided to give it a shot cause it was close to the hotel I was staying at. When I walked in it smelled of rotten fish food due to the foul fish tank that greets you as you enter the reception room. I almost tripped over all the shoes as I walked in and all around there were these dried up deceased house plants that were in dire need of being composed. I was greeted by who I was told was the owner. She looked like she had just been to the gym and hadn't brushed her hair in a week. Not to mention the slue of all her sports drinks and junk all over the desk. I was booked for a hour and a half massage and salt rub exfoliation and she said I was only on the books for a one hour and made me out to be a liar. What about the customers always right policy? The massage therapist was wonderful and I had no complaints there. After my massage the owner offered me a complimentary foot detox bath. It pulls out toxins from your body out your feet into a tub of water. Well she sets me up right in front of the waiting room for all to see. No privacy or consideration was shown to me. To top it all off she pours my nasty toxic water into the toilet that everyone uses. How disgusting is that! I can't believe I actually used it earlier. If I had know they pour and splash waste all over it all day I wouldn't have stepped foot in there. Over all the place is low class and a sorry excuse for a spa. Apparently they have these floats tanks but judging by the sanitation of the place I rather take a dip in the East River. Bottom line.......don't waste your time and money here. I travel all over the country and get spa treatments. A New Spirit tops the list of the worst spas I've been to. If you could even call it one.
November 28, 2007
Never again.
First, the massage therapist was chewing gum during the massge, so that was all I could concentrate on. She also seemed to be in a big hurry.... I couldn't even relax. Then, the facial mask burned my face due to "enzimes". After the massage and facial, the robes they provided were all frayed and tattered... hopefully at least clean?!?? I tried the "float tank" and YUCK! Not only was I totally uncomfortable and bored out of my mind, the tank was actually dirty! It had chunks of black stuff floating around. I even got out of the tank and almost went to the front to request my money back... I wish I had! The shower after "my float" left everything to be desired. They had "all natural" soaps and shampoos. There was hair dryer "available", but no mirror or outlet! The comb provided wasn't even clean... It had brown hair still in it, so I didn't even brush my hair! Finally, the "detox" is bunch of hokey! It a foot bath that supposedly pulls the toxins out through your feet with an electrical thingy. Granted, the water was disgusting after 10 minutes, but I highly doubt it had anything to do with my body. I will never go here again and I don't suggest you do either!
January 7, 2007
Favorite Spa ever!
I've been to A New Spirit 6 times and each time I've had a great Massage! I've also had two of the most relaxing facials ever there. Last time I tried the detox foot bath, it was crazy it pulled my toxins out thru my feet. I could actually see whats ailing me, crazy! Many of my friends swear on the floatation therapy, I'm going to try it next time for sure. I recommend this spa to all of my friends, it's great! Hope this helps, friends
November 30, 2006
Couple's Package
Great experience for a man and a woman. It was a great atmosphere that encouraged relaxation (even the waiting room was relaxing). It also wasn't too girly for a man to try it. (If you're worried about that)
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