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Le Reve Rittenhouse Medical Spa

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255 S 17th Street, 4th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States
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Customer Reviews for Le Reve Rittenhouse Medical Spa (32)

November 25, 2013
Excellant Wax at The Body Klinic
What great people you are guys! I loved my bikini wax. Usually it is very painful, BUT with Sophia's skilled esthetician who did it so perfectly and quickly, I was amazed at how fast it went and how I did not cringe as usual. She put wax in narrow lines and took off little by little - not the usual huge area of wax being ripped off your most sensitive area! I look nice and fresh and smooth and I love it! Thank you girls! My next wax will be at your place!!! Yelena
November 22, 2013
Great Spa
I enjoyed my visit to the Body Klinic. The staff was friendly and I had a very nice conversation with one of them. Their service is great, although I visited on a busy day I had to wait for a bit but it was worth the wait. Their prices are fair and I will be visiting them again very soon!
August 29, 2012
WARNING, Scam, Outrage!!!
Here I was, about to get a massage with my regular guy, Igal, mind you, they don't bother confirming appointments anymore, some russian lady comes out from the back, butchers my name and calls me to follow her. Nobody even bothered to tell me that the massage is going to be preformed by another person. Now, I always get deep tissue massages but a massage from her felt like I was raped by king kong, I was achy days after it and now I scheduled an appointment with my physician to rule out lasting damage from the brutality that they call a massage. My legs were almost entirely neglected because most of the time was given to the back, not something that I needed. When I came out of the room I saw the massage lady and another russian black haired girl speaking russian, looking at me and laughing. Not a nice feeling to top off this horrible experience. Did I say that my masseuse didn't speek more than 10 words to me, no history of injuries no nothing. The front desk just told me that "Igal isn't working here", I feel like I've been scammed, that is a low way to practice business and they should be ashamed of themselves. P.S: If anyone knows where Igal is working now you are more than welcome to PM me!
August 9, 2012
Small but good quality!
I have enjoyed waxing, facials, and massages at this spa for the past several years. It is very small and does not offer many amenities, but the staff are very knowledgeable and the products are great!
February 9, 2012
My experience at The Body Klinic
I work long strenuous hours everyday speaking with customers. I’m constantly on my feet. Sometimes I got this pinching sensation in my neck. I had to find a way to relieve my stress, so this is the reason why I started coming to The Body Klinic The Body Klinic is my haven away from the urban jungle of frantic deadlines, congested traffic jams, and constant frenzy of every day living. The aroma therapy candles lifts my spirit, and fills me with a tranquil peace. Nonna became my regular masseuse. Her touch is amazing. She was always excited to see me. She is like a trained physician studying every curve, and knows how to target each single muscle. She is always prompt, and eager to fulfill of my demands, such as booking a last minute appointment with me or seeing me really early in the morning, before the spa is even open for business. I love The Body Klinic. It’s my favorite spa in Philadelphia.
November 1, 2011
The Body Klinic Day Spa is the best full service spa in the Philadelphia area. Whatever it is you need to make yourself look and feel better, you can get it there. I had a facial peel last week and went back for a full body massage after a long work day the following day. I also go for nails, waxing and facials. I can't get enough of the place.
October 20, 2011
OMG, this is the best beauty salon ever!!!! Thanks babe for such an incredible present!!))
For my birthday my husband bought me the organic rejuvenation full body treatment at the Body Klinic Day Spa. It included a mani, pedi, facial and a full body massage. What a great gift that was. It was the first time in a long time that I felt that pampered. Now I am spoiled and will be going back soon for more.
October 15, 2011
best place to get facial. Generally amazing spa salon
Whenever I go to The Body Klinic Day Spa I always get the 60 minute facial. That is around once per month. I leave there feeling refreshed and my skin feels so moist and tight. It is a really great escape in the middle of the city. I also have gotten my waxing done there and never felt self conscious. The staff is great
September 29, 2011
Pampering spa salon
I gave my sister a spa gift certificate for The Body Klinic for her birthday - so thought it only appropriate that we go and enjoy the pampering together! They've got great two-people treatment rooms which give a sense of occasion to bookings for two. Lovely pedicure and facials. The girls were fabulous and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a day spa experience or gift!
September 19, 2011
this is the most incredible beauty salon in the world!!!
When I need a facial, manicure, pedicure or any spa treatment I head over the the Body Klinic Day Spa. The staff there treats me like I am their only customer. I even got my husband to go for the gentleman's facial. He looks a lot younger and refreshed. Now I am afraid to let him out of my sight.
September 11, 2011
Pampering service
I go to the Body Klinic after work for their "after work wind down." It it just what I need after a hard days work. I also received the signature 60 minute facial a week ago. People ask me why I look so relaxed. I tell them my secret is the Body Klinic Day Spa.
September 9, 2011
Wonderful place!!
I go to the Body Klinic after work for their "after work wind down." It it just what I need after a hard day's work. I also received the signature 60 minute facial a week ago. People ask me why I look so relaxed. I tell them my secret is the Body Klinic Day Spa.
August 18, 2011
I have been to many day spas in my time and this place is an absolute disaster. I booked the hair and scalp treatment and a mani/pedi. While the scalp treatment started out ok, it basically ended with me being plopped in a chair in a dirtly closet with my feet propped up on milk cartons, and a creaky old helmet dryer was dragged over and blew COLD air onto my head while I had some kind of goopy hair mask on. The "clinician" then proceeded to comb out my hair by roughly yanking and pulling on it with a brush. I then was handed my clothing on a hanger and told to go change in the bathroom where you can barely open the door because there is a washer/dryer blocking it. I had a soaking wet head and had to go up front and ask for a blow dryer which was thrust at me and I was told to go dry my hair myself. THEN.....I asked who was doing my mani/pedi because no one gave e a seat or told me where to gp next. Turns out the woman who was to do my pedicure was working on my friend, and I was expected to wait around for an hour until she finished. I mean...this place is a total joke! I canceled my mani/pedi and walked across the street to get one done. "Quaint" it's not. Dirty and unprofessional it is. Don't go.
Response from Le Reve Rittenhouse Medical Spa
Dear Nancy, We appreciate every feedback, good, bad, neutral, as long as it is constructive. Unfortunately your review has some creative license that befits a short story in the fiction category rather than a review. You were taken to a treatment room where your scalp and face were massaged, then a high frequency machine treatment, afterwards a Morrocanoil mask was applied and left for quite some time, this "goopy hair mask" is used in the best salons all over the world. The "creaky old helmet dryer" is a last year model ionic activator, a thing that makes your mask penetrate the hair even deeper into the core. And the "chair in the dirty closet" is a hair washing station that is present in every salon only that ours is divided by a partition for privacy (there are photographs on our website if you want to see it again in case you mistake our spa with another place) and as far as milk cartons go...sorry, we don't serve milk to our clients. Nowhere does it say that a scalp treatment comes with a complimentary blow-dry. You came here with your friend (who loved every service she got by the way) and yet instead of voicing your dissatisfaction to the owner you simply smiled and left. Good communication is the key to get what you deserve and I only wish you told us that your experience was not to your liking while at the spa. *Our "clinicians" are licensed aesthetic skin professionals, certified massage therapists, and licensed nail technicians, we even have the proof on our walls in each treatment room.
March 28, 2011
A pleasant escape
I have been going to Rejuvalax for the past 3 years. It is a quaint European Spa with a personalized touch. The staff is sincere and knowledgeable. The services are phenomenal. The experience will leave you wanting more.
March 5, 2011
Go somewhere else
This spa failed to meet even my most minimal expectations. 1. They said their policy is to only accept $50 in SpaFinder certificates. After discussing with them they grudgingly took $100 in certificates. 2. I paid for a deep tissue massage. However, I've had swedish massages with more pressure. This was more like someone spending an hour just using their palms to move oil on my skin. No pressure even when asked and certainly not deep tissue. 3. The atmosphere was not relaxing. You could hear the staff and customers yelling and laughing through the walls and the music was not relaxing. Overall this was an overpriced and very inadequate experience. I will not be going back.
September 1, 2010
Not bad, but could have been better
I went for a one hour massage, and it was nice, but not as deep as I would have liked. Overall pretty good though.
July 31, 2009
like OMG!
I went there because my friend gave me a business card of their senior massage therapist, Igal. Let me tell you something, it was heavenly, not only he knew where the knots were but he also was willing to explain how I got them and how to avoid it in the future, great guy overall! He even ended up giving me a longer massage for no extra cost and staid in the room to emphasize the importance of stretches. Thank you!!!
January 19, 2009
what a disaster!
Apparently, it was a perfect storm of things gone wrong: the computers were broken; they just added a hair stylist (to a 2' x 2' space in the front window); tey were under going renovations. whatever the excuses were - this was a dismal spa experience! The spa staff were completely and utterly confused by our arrival - in fact, I believe one aesthetician was called in for duty WHILE we were waiting in the non-roomy waiting area (i.e, a couch) to be taken back for treatments. No one seemed to know what was going on - it was very disorganized and chaotic. Not at all what you want from a spa experience. They DO NOT take SpaFinder gift certificates, despite what's published here. They will ONLY take $50 in SpaFinder gift certificates - and instead of giving you change, they will only give you $50 gift cards back to THE BODY KLINIC. So you are stuck going back again and again. Then, perhaps my favorite part: they have no small bills to give you so that you can tip the aestheticians. "Sorry, couldn't get to the bank, I only have 100s."
September 13, 2008
Man, am I glad that I chose to go to The Body Klinic, instead of one of those corporate conglomerate spas. It was so worth the experience. The receptionist was very friendly, and I love that European accent. The attention that I received was unbeatable. I swear they met every one of my needs, and exceeded past my expectations. They were very professional, and knowledgeable about the different types of product that they stocked in the store. The day spa itself is very unique, and I love the tranquility, and attention to detail that went into decorating it. I would definitely recommend this spa to a friend.
April 11, 2008
Unliscenced workers
I was given a gift certificated to this spa and decided touse it. Makes sense. I had a massage, facial, and a brazilian wax. The massage was awful.. There was not much pressure. I felt as if lotion was being applied to my skin rather than a deep tissue massage. The brazilian was terrible, it was perfromed by Sofia who had a massage therapist in training sit in the room while I was getting my treatment. This MT had not even gone to school for aesthetics. Is that legal? The facial was the only saving grace. Michael perfromed an awesome facial and gave description of what was going on whith my skin. During my spa day, Sophia ( the owner), was continually yelling at her employees. As a massage therapist, I am familiar with the business. THe rooms are too smal for therapists to work in. And the atmosphere is very toxic. Terme di aroma is an excellent place. I wish that I worked there. But I get my massage sessions done there or Eviam life spa. Check out these places. I prefer not to go to a spa where massage therapists perform brazilian waxing.
October 25, 2007
brazilian wax
Very professional. Comfortable atomsphere. Quick & painless as possible. Great job!
November 23, 2006
great everything
i went in to the body klinic for the full pampering treatment. the staff made me feel so comfortable. i have never felt so relaxed before. my skin was renewed, my muscles were nice and relaxed. it was all around a great time. i will be recommending the body klinic to all my friends.
November 20, 2006
i was pleased
i treated my wife to a day of pampering for her birthday. she came home looking great and very happy with everything. her skin was glowing, her nails looked great. i was pleased her being so happy. i'll definatly have to treat her more.
September 27, 2006
great service
this is a really great place to goto. i had a pretty hard week, and going to the body klinic totally helped that. i was really relaxed and the staff was very friendly and accomidating to my needs. i will definatly be back
September 7, 2006
the body klinic is a wonderful place to go. i went in for a massage. yulia did a fabulous job. it was very relaxing, and got me all loosened up. the place was very warm and inviting. friendly and definatly none of the pushy sales pressure either.
September 1, 2006
great manicure/pedicures
i recently went in for a manicure/pedicure. they did a wonderful job here. staff was very warm and inviting. you can definatly tell that they like their job. nails looked great. feet didnt look "tired" anymore. i love it
August 18, 2006
home away from home
i recieved a gift certificate for a day of pampering at the body klinic. it was the most amazimg experience ive ever had!! everything from the manicure/pedicure, to the massage and facial. staff was very warm and friendly. now i know what to get everyone for christmas...gift certificates for all this. absolutly heavenly
August 18, 2006
men always welcome
for the first time ever i decided to go treat myself to a day of pampering. the staff was very reassuring that i would be very happy i came in. well they were totally right. after my massage and pedicure i felt like i was on clouds. my whole body was so relaxed. ive never felt better. thatnks to the body klinic i am now a spa guy!
August 18, 2006
soothing facials
the facial i recieved at the body klinic totally speaks for itself. my skin looks awesome and i feel fabulous! they have really great products, and i feel like im in the best hands there. i go as much as i can
August 17, 2006
great staff
i went for a massage and the staff was amazing. very professional and kind. will definatly be returning for another.
August 17, 2006
fabulous facials
i recieved a facial and it was incredible. the service was great and my face never looked better. totally recommend the body klinic!!
July 18, 2006
Best Spa in the City!
The Body Klinic offers the best experience ever! I can't wait to go back. It truely was a treat to walk in and smell the candles burning. I've never been more relaxed in my entire life. The Body Klinic is absolutely the best spa in the city.
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