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Customer Reviews for Fit & Fabulous Body Wraps (18)

October 29, 2012
perfect experience!!!
I was very impressed with both the services provided and the results! Drove all the way from Athens, GA to use Fit & Fabulous Bodywraps and will be back for many more in the future!! Lost 8 inches and 10 pounds on my first wrap! AMAZING RESULTS!!!
September 30, 2012
Coupon buyers beware
I purchased a coupon for a wrap from Living Social. The only way this company allows you to contact them is via email, which I did. The response I received was that it would take 2-8 weeks to schedule an appointment. Note - that is not saying you will have an appointment in 2-8 weeks, it is saying that they may not even contact you to schedule an appointment for 8 weeks. Well, I'm in week 8 and still no appointment or response to my 3 inquiries with the company.
September 4, 2012
The Real Deal
I have been doing wraps with F&F for many years. Along with healthy diet and exercise I still need that added "boost" to tone and tighten. This is also the way I have kept cellulite off as it helps in detoxifying the body. There is something different about actually sitting in the sauna verses some other options that are offered today. (Plus the benefits of infrared alone are great!) Patrice is an amazing person and very professional. She makes you feel at ease. You have nothing to loose here, only gain!
February 19, 2011
This was my first wrapping experience and was unsure of the outcome. After my relaxing experience and looking at the inches I lost, I was speechless. Enjoyed it and will go back for more.
September 17, 2008
Very relaxing!
I just started working out and wanted to do something to help the process along. This was my first time being wrapped and it was so very relaxing. I went for the double wrap and I couldn't believe the difference just one visit made! As an added bonus the Nip/Tuck process actually decreased my stretch marks! I highly recommend this spa!
June 17, 2008
Great Wrap
Loved the wrap. Very relaxing time. I saw results the first visit and have already gone for another wrap. Staff very friendly and helpful. Loved it!!!!
February 1, 2008
Great Place to go!
Great place to go with great service and products.
January 11, 2008
I wish I could go every day!!! And it beats every other pricing in Atlanta.
December 17, 2007
Amazing Spa
I have had exempllary service at Fit and Fabulous. I lost inches on my first visit and they have stayed off by following the instructions from Patrice. They make you feel very special and important on each visit. I will go back again very soon. It is a great place to relax and unwind!
December 13, 2007
"Fit & Fabulous" fits this place to a tee. You really do feel fit and fabulous when you leave. Where else can you burn so many calories just relaxing? The staff is great and so friendly.
December 11, 2007
Great service Very friendly staff. One on one treatments. Be it pain control or inch loss Patrice has something for you. What a wonderful way to spend an hour.
November 28, 2007
Best Experience Ever
I have never been to a spa like this. It is great, i am greeted at the door, although the traffic is flowing i never have to wait to enjoy my wrap. I still talk about it today. Patrice and her associate are the best. This spa is highly recommened!
November 27, 2007
this was so relaxing and the service is wonderful. i feel and look great after I leave!
August 23, 2007
A Fantastic Experience
Patrice is an absolute angel! I was 3 days away from my wedding and was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I only needed a facial, but saw the bridal pampering specials offered by Fit & Fabulous and decided to give it a try. Patrice made time for me even though her schedule was booked solid. She smiled the entire time I was in the spa and made me laugh. I got so relaxed during my treatment that I almost forgot where I was! After my treatments were complete, I felt refreshed and revived. Patrice's herbal wraps even got rid of the muscle tightness and soreness I had left over from my triathlon the weekend before! I came in to Fit & Fabulous feeling miserable and left 4 inches thinner and feeling fantastic!
May 10, 2007
Sooooo relaxing
I only had a partial body measurement and still lost 2 inches over all. I was so relaxed afterward. It was such a great experience I scheduled my next appointment before I left and I can't wait to go back.
March 11, 2007
Our first visit and first wrap ever was very rewarding. Can't wait to do it again!
March 10, 2007
Wonderful Experience
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Fit & Fab. Patrice was so personable - she made me feel right at home. I had a double wrap (Express Wrap and Wrap Utopia) and I was really surprised at the results. I actually saw a noticeable difference in my upper arms, buttocks, thighs, and stomach. Not to mention the sauna and the massage chair which were both extremely relaxing. I'm going back next week...
March 5, 2007
A double wrap
I visited Fit and Fabulous this morning with my mother and we had a wonderful time. It was our first spa experience ever. We saw weight loss imedeatly, me collectivly 6.5 inches, and customer service was exellent. I will be going back to visit Fit and Fabulous along with my mother
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