Green Spa and Wellness Center

Green Spa and Wellness Center

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8804 Third Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11209
United States
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Customer Reviews for Green Spa and Wellness Center (6)

November 24, 2013
I love going to this spa. I enjoyed massages, hot bath soaks, and other relaxing body treatments. You do have to walk up one or two flights of stairs to get to the treatment rooms. So professional and pampering. Tea and trail mix to enjoy in a relaxing lounge after.
September 12, 2011
When you make an appointment with this place for a "massage" MAKE SURE they know what you are asking/paying for when you call, when you get there, and when you meet your "massage therapist"....and then double check with all of them all over again. I went in assuming I was getting a full body 1 hour massage and ended up with a Reiki Therapy session advertised as a massage on Groupon. Reiki is spiritual therapy without touching so imagine how annoyed I was when NOTHING was being done. Finally after asking if there is an actual massage at all, I'm told no, but proceeds to give me an attempted back massage while then explaining to me how he is actually an acupuncturist, not a massage therapist and asks continuously how he was doing, considering. SO disappointed and annoyed. And to think, the regular price for this Reiki therapy is valued at $95. You have to be out of your mind to even think to waste your time on such nonsense.
August 25, 2011
Love It
I have been to Green Spa many times and they have always been accommodating. The staff is very friendly and experienced. I always have the most amazing massages and facials there. At one point I was going there once a month for different services! If you go definitely try their stone massage and signature facial. Awesome!
July 3, 2011
My Spa for 10 Years
I love this spa. The services offered include some you won't find elsewhere. The decor is lovely and soothing. Techs are professional. Sometimes it can be noisier than usual as they offer a "Spa Party" for young girls on their birthdays (5 friends get mini services etc). Actually kind of sweet - its their mothers who are loud, lol. When I did have a problem with something I told them and they were quick to resolve any issues. It wasn't the techs it was the front desk people. They offer valet parking on the weekends and also have a lovely tea garden in the backyard. Try them! I drive to Brooklyn from Staten Island because I've found no other spa comparable. Enjoy.
March 23, 2011
I frequent spas and went to this spa and had many services done. The following was my experience: 1. bath soak - pleasent, aromatic - however I was sharing a room (divided by rolling thin door) and my unwanted roomates had an in depth convo the entire time, heard someone laughing on the main floor and someone running up and down the stairs. Aren't spas suppose to be relaxing and quiet? Not so great when you are naked in a tub 2. facial - was great, staff was very informative and didnt' talk too much. The only downfall was that I heard lots of packets being opened - not so "green" 3. steam shower - dirty..towels had holes..don't need to say much more 4. massage - a bit rough and technician's hands were like sand paper. No music in room - heard footsteps heavily on stairs and people talking in waiting area 5. mani/pedi - nightmare...young girl looked at my feet with face of discust and commented as such and burnt my feet with scolding water. She also told me that its awful what happened in Japan and the Muslims are the ones that need to get it. Stay away, very far away
February 16, 2009
A Luxurious ExperienceTH
I had the pleasure to have a couple's massage with my boyfriend at the Spa & Wellness Center for Valentine's Day and I was very pleased with the atmosphere of the spa and the service. The ambiance of the spa is soothing and relaxing. The decor is amazing too! The reception staff was very warm and friendly upon our arrival. They were very attentive and helpful. We had a couple's massage and the couple's suite was truly beautiful. They had a fireplace lit upon our arrival and the room was beautifully decorated. Our technicians worked out our every ache and pain and after checking out I received a beautiful single, long stem rose. I would visit this spa again in the future and highly recommend it to others.
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