Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat

Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat

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1933 Kirkwood Highway,
Newark, DE 19711
United States
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(302) 731-1194
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(302) 731-1194
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Customer Reviews for Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat (15)

February 18, 2013
UNPROFESSIONAL & RUDE!! I had 2 hours booked. 60 mins for a massage than a 60 min facial on valentines day. I walked in 20 mins late (thanks to an accident to add to the route 1 construction traffic). I had once previously come here for a message and I was not impressed, I waited 35 mins while wearing the old bathrobes they provide in the cold waiting room for my message so the 20 mins being late should not have been an I walked in the door & no one to greet me... Than 2 woman walked in the door went behind the counter.....still no acknowledgment..... I than said HELLO! The reply...came out of nowhere "can I help you"..... Ok... I gave my name and added" I'm late"... I was than cut off by an unknown female ..... YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR FACIAL TODAY AND I CAN GIVE YOU A MASSAGE BUT ONLY 30 MINTUES NOT 60.... My reply.... I'm sorry what's your name she said JAMIE....I than shared with her that her math does not add up how does 120 mins reserved minus 20 mins late equal 30 minutes.... DID I MENTION THIS "day spa " is attached to a daycare center..... I told Jamie to cancel my appointment ... Refund the gift card my child bought me as a valentines gift..... I drove 2 miles down and paid 20 dollars less for a clean & professional experience.... Thanks Jamie : ) I requested for the owner to call me.... Needless to say she never called me
November 21, 2012
Not worth it
I will keep this short and to the point. My pedicure was was lousy. My toes were only half painted, the water was cold and my chair did not work. My hot stone massage was ruined before it started. The massage therapist stunk of cigarettes, scratched me during the massage and overall was lousy. The blankets were itchy and all I could hear were the stones rattling around and the cars on the busy street. It was a huge waste of money and there was nothing relaxing about it.
March 17, 2012
Rest for the Weary
I have been very busy juggling school, work and family. I received the best massage when I went to Bliss a few minutes late. The massage was excellent and much needed. My massage therapist was excellent. My only surprise was the location. It is on busy Kirkwood highway. But once I entered, I was relaxed!
March 16, 2012
I scheduled a Chocolate Mousse Pedicure after reading their website's on-line description. I arrived and the pedicure I received was nothing like what was described. It was advertised as a 75 minute service and my service lasted about 45 minutes. My massage chair did not function properly, and my service was supposed to have a heat wrap for my shoulders which was not used or offered. After arriving home I reread what I was supposed to have received and promptly sent an email to the spa with my complaints. I received no response from the spa. I would definitely not recommend this spa to ANYONE!
July 8, 2011
Happily Pampered!
I went to Bliss Day Spa, after receiving a gift certificate from my husband. I was scheduled for an entire day of relaxation...and that is exactly what I received. Everything was so enjoyable. I received a body scrub (where I got to choose the scent of the product), a massage, a pumpkin facial, and a grape peel pedicure. All of my services and technicians were friendly and knowledgeable! I would definitely return!!!! May I just add, that the grape peel pedicure was probably the BEST pedicure I had ever gotten. It left my feet extremely soft, without the harmful razors that other nail places use!
June 11, 2011
Horrible 1st Impression
Preparing for a wedding in our family I planned a lovely retreat weekend for my beau and I, April 22, 2011.. his first pedicure experience. The website was alluring and the location nearby so I prepaid for our Couples pedicure session one day later we arrived at what looked like someone's home turned business. The receptionist greeting was professional but not warm and fuzzy... the service was far more disappointing. The tubs were made from a acrylic material that appears unclean. The towels used by the technicians were spotty and appeared to have old nail polish stains. My beau is a large man, the massage chair did not accommodate him very well. His technician seemed unconcerned. I've apologized to him profusely and pray that this will not hinder his desire to accompany me again for a more professionally performed pedicure in the near future. Priced professionally, but lacking in atmosphere and performance. Not recommended
Response from Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat
We do try to do what we can to please each guest. We are sorry you did not enjoy your experience. We did want to clarify a few things from the review. First, we do take a credit card to hold reservation but do not charge on the holding card, when you check in all information given over phone is removed. The issues with our pedicure tubs appearing unclean are definetly not founded we spend a ton of time, effort and money keeping our clients safe, we use hospital grade disenfectants, disposable files, we run cleaning through after each guest and clean all vents daily, we do not cut cuticles nor do we shave calluses. Our towels are basic towels, they do get laundered after use with plenty of detergent and bleach, and are disposed of when they get unslightly we do occasionally have a bit of nail polish get on towels, if you however would have made your technician aware you would like a different towel they would have definetly done so. For the pedicure station being made of acrylic this is true as are 99% of all pedicure stations in shops throughout the US, and are standard as far as size for height of client, and the chair was pushed fully back to accomadate height on your day of service. If our staff was unprofessional or did not complete the service to your standards we would have most certainly have liked for you to make your complaints aware on day of service, but we were at no time made aware of your thoughts until reading your review.
April 11, 2011
Above and Beyond Experience
I was scheduled in for a package at the spa that include a massage and facial. When I arrived I was greeted right away and taken to get comfortable in the lounge (It was very nice). On time, I was taken up for my massage and I loved it. The girl that was working with me paid attention to all my needs and wants and checked in with me frequently to make sure everything was how I wanted it. When my next technician came to greet me I wasn't surprised that my facial was wonderful as well. The whole experience was very welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere that all the girls provided was like nothing I had experienced before. I will definitely be going back!!!! :]
Response from Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat
Thanks so much Stephanie! We are very excited you had a great time with us and we look forward to your return... We will be renovating soon and are so excited about it, hopefully when you get back in you can see all the new facilities!!
January 29, 2011
Wonderful Day in Paradise!!!
My girls and i planned a trip to the spa to relax, enjoy our selfs and thats exactly what we got! We are greeted by the staff as soon as we walked in, they took our coats and then walked us to the lounge. It was beautiful and decorated with candels and wonderful fixtures. We felt like we were being treated like princess's! Our mani's and pedi's looked great, they employees were very fun and easy to talk to. It was very clean and tidy. This spa was def a great day for us girls and we are recomended this to everyone!
January 26, 2011
My afternoon of relaxation went from bad to worse in this spa where staff was more interested in talking with one another than cleaning the floors that needed upkeep and their clients needs. The massage was ruined by the loud employees in the hall. The trip to the basement or "lounge" was a dark walk down the steps and the handrail was covered with fake flowers and mini lights. Not sure why they took me there because I was not offered a locker for my clothes. I was just escorted back up the stairs again to the massage room. During the massage I had no where to put my clothes other than the crowded table in the room. Room was cold with no spa atmosphere. Altough I could go on and on I prefer to forget the entire experience!
January 25, 2011
Cute little hidden gem
I found this cute little tucked away salon/spa through spa finder. I was given the certificate as a christmas gift. Upon arrival i was taken to a warm,cozy lounge down stairs i filled out my necessary paper work then got changed in the locker room. I recieved a hot stone massage and facial both were really relaxing. I relized once there that they offer hair services, i upgraded and got a cut/style and makeup application. I have to say it was the best haircut ever. My layers are even and angle toward my face exactly how i wanted. My makeup looked great and the staff was curtious, offering me tea and asking through out my services if i needed anything or was comforable. I will definetly be returning and will get my hair colored here the next time i need highlights.
January 25, 2011
Awesome spa
My name is Colleen. I've been to this spa countless times over the past 5 years. I'm shocked to see such a mean-spirited review on here. Someone that is counting the rugs and making a list of complaints that aren't even true obviously wasn't going there to have a relaxing experience. The more than comfortable lounge easily fit my 15 member bridal shower party comfortably and is not at all overstuffed with furniture. I'm at the tail end of my 2nd pregnancy as I write this review. I reveived about 10 massages from Bliss throughout my first pregnancy and enjoyed every minute of them. I have continued my routine of prenatal massages throughout my second pregnancy as well and have never had an experience like the bad one that was recently written on here. The spa is beautiful, the technicians are caring/knowledgeable (having worked with almost everyone). And I have to say that I've gotten mani's and pedi's and my nails were dried with one of the SEVERAL professional black light dryers. Unless that last review was a competitor, I can't understand why someone would make up such a malicious review about a small business that goes above and beyone for their clients. If you hated it that much, I'm sure you weren't a pleasure to work with
January 17, 2011
Worst spa day I've ever experienced
The outer appearance is worrisome, but I booked this expectant parents package with an open mind. Unfortunately I have to say this was a barely tolerable experience. Upon arrival I was greeted and taken down basement steps to a lounge. The lounge had stained drop ceiling, was decorated tackily, and overstuffed with furniture. I was never shown a locker room or given a robe or slippers. Once taken to the massage room I was told they did not have a massage table with a belly drop out and I would have to roll side to side to have my massage. Why offer a prenatal package? There was no place in this room to put my clothes. The blankets were scratchy and I heard every noise in the entire building while getting my massage. Not relaxing. After I got a Mani pedi, the pedicure chair massager heater was not working. They didn't have toe separators or flip flops. The mani table shook and they have dollar store fans as dryers. The paint job was horrible. The room was filthy, dirt all over the 5 carpets they have in one room. And paying with a gift certificate was not an easy process. Overall this day was more stressful than relaxing. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Awful atmosphere, staff, and overall experience. Stay away.
Response from Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat
So sorry you did not enjoy your experience, we would like to respond to some of review claims. For our appearance with is brought up numerous times, we at no time try to hide our appearance (most guests find relaxing) we have many pictures of entire facility on our website. The option for each guest to change on a package is always given once taken to lounge. We have never or will we use the tables with the belly drop in them, they have been proven to be very uncomfortable, and allow skin to be pulled by gravity which most guests would not like to in any way increase there chances of stretch marks during a pregnancy, we use body pillows and large prop pillows to make our expecting mothers comfortable. At any time prior to your service a call to our coordinators with the question of how we perform our pre-natal massages would have eleviated this portion of review. For issues with our pedicure chairs, we have 4 in total and 2 of which that have rollers with no heat and 2 that have heat and vibration but no rollers, if you would have liked to move to other stations if they were not in use your technicians would have been more than happy to help. We try to be somewhat earth friendly by not offering toe seperators or throw away flip flops, we do offer a array of flip flops for purchase that you could keep with you for future pedicures, but if this was a concern a call before visit would have answered your question. At no time was our staff or management made aware of your discomfort on the day of your treatments. Above review on January 26th from Kathy was from same family member of January 17th reviewer
Jen W.
August 5, 2010
A wonderful experience
I've been to this spa several times and each time I have left feeling completly relaxed and refreshed. This is a small intimate establishment, the people were very friendly and extremely reasonably priced. A gift certificate has become a standing gift in our house :)
Response from Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat
Thanks so much, we are a small family owned business and very much appreciate our regular guests!
June 18, 2010
Would Go Back Again!
I had such a relaxing time at this spa. The outer appearance worried me but once I got inside, it was really nice. There were a lot of little things that made the visit great, from the heated sheets they put on the tables to the bathroom for clean up. My massage therapist was Brittney and she was fantastic! She focused on the areas I asked and she was consistent with her pressure! I would definitely go back in a heartbeat!
Response from Bliss Unisex Day Spa/Salon & BellaBliss Couples Spa Retreat
We are very happy you had a relaxing time with us! A few guests on there first visit are worried by our outer appearance, because so many are used to spas being in a strip mall!! We are having our entire facility including our exterior renovated in upcoming months... Come back and relax any time, Brittany or any other staff member would be happy to work with you..
November 9, 2009
Great Spa
This was the first time I went to a spa. They were very warm and friendly and quiet, which made you feel very relaxed. They instructed me to use the locker room to change into a cozy robe and slippers. Then I relaxed on the sofa while I waited for them to call me. They left the room whenever you had to flip sides. Very good massage. Great price compared to others in the area. Nice hidden location; so it's pretty quiet.
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