Skin Solutions Spa and Laser Hair Removal Center

Skin Solutions Spa and Laser Hair Removal Center

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655 Rossville Avenue, Woodrow Shopping Center
Staten Island, NY 10309
United States
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Customer Reviews for Skin Solutions Spa and Laser Hair Removal Center (24)

August 18, 2014
just wanted to say me and my wife went there for hair laser removal just one word great me and my wife are extremely happy I did my back ,,,she did her legs and privates thanks god for the people working there from the owner to the workers they made us feel so relaxed and comfortable I was so nervous going there because of past bad experience but everything worked out great I normally don't do reviews but we were so happy we had to tell people especially thanks go out to mrs lisa note I saw the other reviews don't know what they are talking about the place is extremely clean and has a great ore about it very cosy just wanted to imput that thanks
March 28, 2013
First impression, front lobby area...filthy.. so dirty the textured walls had a layer of dirt you could see. Massage room tiny..and no room for any possible way to get a decent massage..table up against the wall? And the atmosphere of dirty continued..obviously they do all in these rooms..wax on the blanket..wax heater was covered in old wax with hairs stuck to it..this is what i was looking at waiting..How can this place pass? Never again..
May 9, 2012
Poor Services
I went recently for a facial and massage and both of which were rendered unprofessionally. None of them had the spa feel. The lady who provided the facial had foul breath and I had to hold my breath everytime she got near my face. The message couldn't be labeled as any- Swedish or any other type. It was simply a rub-down. I would like to know if the people who work there are certified. The prices are cheap but spa is supposed to offer people heavenly feelings. Don't expect them from this place.
April 14, 2012
I have gone to skin solutions many times. I had bought packages in laser hair removal. This time I went for a maintenance, still purchasing a package ($491.00). Had laser on neck, which left me with 2nd degree burns. Called twice to speak with owner and she would call me back, I sent photos to their email to show her how bad the burns were. She told me it was just hair follicles. It took a few calls and emails and a threat to file a lawsuit to get a meeting with the owner. Showed her my burns and she said she would either give me a free session for more laser or a bottle of cooling gel....really???!! I said I want my money back...she said she'd have to speak with the owner....I was told she was the owner...2 days later I'm still calling her back. Went to the hospital to have it documented.
March 30, 2012
Great Prices
This is a great spa for a massage. Their prices are definitely affordable and the place is very clean. They also have a very friendly staff. Skin Solutions offers different sale packages through out the year which makes it even more appealing.
March 28, 2011
Great Local Spa
Great local spa on the south shore. Very affordable and clean!
March 25, 2011
Very affordable prices given here during their free consultations. Professionalism and outstanding hospitality goes a long way.
March 23, 2011
called them up a few weeks ago, very nice people. Very nice specials out right now, great prices too...would def recommend this place!!
March 23, 2011
Skin Solutions
I first came across this place over the internet and checked out their website. The list of choices they had to book appointments for seemed endless. The prices were more then reasonable, but my god, to choose a service must be impossible. Great people there, friendly to talk too. Skin solutions gets an A+ in my book.
March 23, 2011
Swedish Massage
Always wanted to try a Swedish massage, and they do it here! Local Spa on south shore, nice neighborhood too.
March 23, 2011
Laser Hair Removal
Very professional laser center. I called them last week and spoke to the owner herself, very welcoming person. The prices I saw for lip and chin were 49$ per session. I looked around and that's actually really cheap. This place definitely deserves a try, its most likely highly recommended.
March 23, 2011
50 bucks!
Deep pores and teeth whitenings 50 bucks? wow. Saw their ads online and the prices seem unreal! The atmosphere alone at this place looks marvelous. Id say make an appointment now, their spa week availability is most definitely filling up.
March 23, 2011
specials, awesome
Great deals going on here for the next few weeks. Cheap prices and a lot of services to go by, I'd probably want to do them all! Friendly people too!
March 23, 2011
Spa week
Great specials here for spa week, a lot to choose from as well. I know id enjoy a good massage here, and teeth whitening is only 50 bucks!
March 21, 2011
Lovely atmosphere, Lovely prices
Popped in for a visit last week and had a consult on laser. Felt comfortable with the place itself, and the prices. Had my first treatment yesterday and must come back in 5 weeks. So far so good for this place, leaving a review now and most likely another once my treatments are complete and im hairless! Great work.
March 12, 2011
I had semi-permanent eyelashes put on with Eriona. OMG, they look soooooo amazing! When I had them done at other places, my lashes fell out. My lashes lasted over a month and Eri is the best!!
March 11, 2011
Great services and great prices!!!!
Skin Solutions Spa is a great way to treat yourself! They have very afordable prices and experienced therapists. Every month they have different specials. I love to come on Wednesdays for their Wacky Wednesday Special. For $99 I get my facial and 1 hr massage!!! Their facials are amazing and they leave your skin feeling new, fresh and lustrus!
March 10, 2011
No more sagging skin - thanks to Thermage!
I had Thermage done to my face 4 months ago. I had amazing results. I saw a slight change in my skin right away but after about 1 month I really saw my eyes looking more refreshed. Everyone was asking me what I did. It really was a noticable change. The pufiness under my eyes really went away. They told me that I had to wait a few months for my collagen to increase and my skin will improve. They were very honest when they told me that I will see 20-40% results right away and the rest will take time. I am so happy now and I feel more confident in myself! The staff is so friendly as well. I would definitely go back for other treatments!!
March 10, 2011
I had a great experience at this spa! I found the staff friendly not stuffy...which was very refreshing. The specials they offer were reasonable enough for me to return whenever I want, not just on special occasions. I will definately be back again.
January 4, 2011
I saw negative feedbacks but unfortunately I decided to try. Well, I am punished enough! I spent about $2500, yes $2500 for the thermage procedure! They refused to send me my picture they took before the procedure per my request because my picture before would have been much better than my picture after. They tried to persuade me that it was just the skin depression in the beginning and every day it will be better and better. It's been about 3 months and I have absolutely the same face which I had, probably a little bit worse. After spending $2500 and guarantee a result for three years. This is awful place. Please never go there!
February 22, 2008
Worst Place ever!!!
Some of the people that work there have no respect and mannors. I was waiting in the waiting room for my services and one of the massage technicians came out screaming at the receptionist about a room sitution right infront of me and another customer. The floors are so dirty!!!! Over all my experience was unpleasant
July 29, 2007
i have been all over staten island in seek of perfect eyelash extensions. after my long search i came across skin solutions which offered them at a great deal 99$ i figured let me try them and if i didnt like them it would be no great loss compared to the 300$ every where else was charging. well let me first tell you that my initial application was wonderful for 99$ you cannot go wrong the young girl ( i believe her name was laura or lori something of that sort) made me feel very comfortable and explained the proccess and after care thoroughly. i soon scheduled a refill a few weeks after...however i recieved another technician who had absolutely no clue what she was doing!!!!! all of my eyelashes fell out! and it took merely two and a half hours to put on lashes that hardly looked like they were even there! after speaking with the owner who also had no clue as to what the procedure entails i was disgusted that i could not recieve a refund. i was not happy with my services or how this situtation was handled. i advise if you do choose this spa for eyelash treatment ask for the young girl i stated above. if not, dont even bother.
February 5, 2007
Never again!
I've been to almost every day spa on this island. I've had MANY massage therapists, and I must say the massage I received at this place was the absolute worst experience I've ever had!! Let me begin by telling you the temp. in the room was near freezing. The only thing that gave me comfort was the heat from the bed. Next the therapist must have never had formal training! Or else I would wonder why many parts of my body were left uncovered during the massage. (ie both legs at the same time, my back as she worked on my legs) I would also wonder why she would walk in and out of the room and leave the door open during this time (thank GOD she remembered to cover me up during this time.) Oh and let me not forget her sharp nails which grazed me from time to time (OUCH) Her technique was horrible! Have you ever had someone rub your arm or leg, up and down, continuously in the same motion for at least 10 minutes straight (can we say chaffing???) I actually had a laser hair removal treatment scheduled as well, but following this horrendous massage, I just wanted to get out of there!! If you want a professional treatment, go somewhere else!! I would recommend RemediSpa or AF Bennett, here on the Island. But PLEASE save yourself the discomfort and spend your money in a better place!
January 14, 2007
best laser hair removal results!
I had 3 treatments of laser hair removal and my hair is practically gone already! The results are simply amazing! I've also received a complimentary massage since I bought a package and it was sooooo relaxing. I have to say the staff are all so nice and they make you feel at home. They have a lot of services to choose from. The candles and soothing music was an added plus!!
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