Diamond Spa

Diamond Spa

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8430 Germantown Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19118
United States
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Hours of Operation
Mon: 9:30am  -  7pm Tues: 9:30am  -  7pm Wed: 9:30am  -  7pm Thu: 9:30am  -  7pm Fri: 9:30am  -  7pm Sat: 9:30am  -  6pm Sun: 10am  -  5pm
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Customer Reviews for Diamond Spa (5)

October 7, 2013
Average Nail Salon
Average nail salon but not priced accordingly. I don't think this establishment should charge spa prices for a salon that reminds me of any other strip mall nail salon. I had a decent experience for the most part. We did book as a full bridal party (read: only 5 girls) and couldn't accommodate all of us. Unfortunately I wasn't started until everyone else was almost finished. What is the point of an appointment then? I would not return.
May 22, 2013
Amazing service!
I visited Diamond Spa last week for a Spa Pedicure and Swed Massage. Both were amazing!! The manager and staff were so accomidating that I can't wait to go back. I was very pleased with both services and both are worth their costs, which are reasonable compared to other spas. The massage in particular was one of the best I have ever received and I go on a monthly basis. I had a male masseuse (don't remember his name) and he adjusted the massage acordingly to what my body needed. He ever ran out to feed my parking meter so I didn't get a ticket!! The only adjustment I would recommend is that after the massage is over the masseuse wipe off the oil from the client. I was very oily after and had to use the sheet on the massage table to take the excess oil off so it didn't get on my clothes. I will be going there for my massages from now on! Can't wait for next month!!
August 9, 2012
Horrible First Waxing Experience
I just had my first Brazilian Wax experience with the technician Julie. I just wanted to report that I am not happy with the service. 1. It is my understanding that a full brazilian wax includes the entire genital and perirectum area. Julie asked my if I wanted the rear are done. I feel that should have been assumed, and when I talked to other people about it, I was also told that I should have been repositioned on the table to get better access and better results for the area. 2. I also understand that no area should be re-waxed, or have skin areas waxed more than once. Julie went over several area 2-3 times. 3. I didn't expect any tweezing. It is my understanding that there should not have been any tweezing involved, and frankly it was worst part of the entire experience. I understand that shorter hairs are harder to wax, but if the hairs were short, it was because she trimmed them to short before beginning. I came to the spas with 2 months of full growth with no shaving or cutting. 4. I have no paid for and had a full brazilian wax, but still have errant hairs that I have to tweeze myself, or shave on top of newly waxed skin.
April 18, 2011
reflexology pedicure
The pedicure that I received was wonderful. The method of this type of pedicure makes you feel like a new person!
December 3, 2009
The most relaxing pedicure ever!!!
I had the experience of the Spa Pedicure at Diamond Spa. It was amazing. I can't wait to go back. I wish I could book my appointment online though.
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