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Allure Hair and Nail Spa

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3771 Jodeco Road,
Mcdonough, GA 30253
United States
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Customer Reviews for Allure Hair and Nail Spa (10)

May 13, 2013
I actually came to this salon back in Seotember 2008 with my bridesmaids. We got the massage package as well as the pedi/mani package and hair and makeup. I overall felt very rushed on everything, including the massages and mani/pedi. I felt a little on edge about everything while I was there. The massage, pedi and manis were all fine by me and my girls other than being rushed. The girls hair dos turned out fine, my hair was horrid though. My sister ended up redoing it right before the ceremony as well as all of the makeup. I would go back for the massages, pedi and mani, but definetely not the hair and makeup.
April 30, 2013
Best experience ever
I received a Spa finders gift card as a birthday present and I chose Allure Spa and I had a great experience ! I had a mani/Pedi and A Hi-lite and they have gained a new client! I was welcomed at the front door with a warm smile and friendly receptionist and from that moment on it just got better!! My hair hasn't ever looked this good!! Thankx Allure, Mackynizie :)
April 25, 2011
The Best Pedicure and Manicure!
This was a very comfortable place to come and relax. The atmosphere was relaxed the staff very friendly and Monica did the best pedicure I had ever had. She took her time and explained every step. I will now try another service at this spa. Thanks for a great experience.
January 5, 2011
Great experience!
I wanted my hair layered. Amber knew exactly what she was doing. I was very impressed. The ladies were very professional and friendly. Wonderful experience.
December 19, 2010
worst hair cut ever
i went to this salon because of this review page so im letting u know i dont see any thing good about it..i first called and asked the lady is they could cut a bob she told me yes and that they would take good care of me..i gave the hairsylist named jamie a pic she said no problem..well my hair is totally gaped up all over i told her that one side was longer than the otheer she said it wasnt this has been by far the worst hair experience i have ever had u tottaly ruin my hair and she cut the back of my neck with clippers ..looks nothing not even close to the picture i showed one can fix it unless the go super short so i have to live with it i wouldnt tell my worst enemy to go to that salon....
August 23, 2010
Very satisfied
I have been going to Kim Vining for at least 13 years for my manicures and pedicures. Kim is extremely professional and on top of that she is a very caring individual. She is prompt and takes the time necessary with each customer. Kim is a true gem in the profession. The Allure Hair and Nail Spa is an expertly run organization and I have never had a problem with any of the employees or the services I have received. I highly recommend them and especially Kim if you need a manicure or pediccure.
August 14, 2010
So NOT horrible!
I am a relocated NY lawyer (notoriously hard to please) and have been a client of Allure's Amber ever since I moved to GA and am a 110% a satisfied and devoted client. As a long term (25+ years) devotee of every other week mani/pedi services, I know what I want - this young professional is among the best I've worked with. My job does not permit nail art, but for my next vacation, I'm definitely having her artify my nails - very talented in that form of nail services! Amber also does all of my hair services and I have NEVER been more pleased with the results. I have horrid, thin, uber-curly, FRIZZY white hair. Ick. Amber does my color (love it) and to those in the know, white hair is extraordinarily hard to color properly. She also does my melanin treatments - the greatest invention of the century! But the coup de gras is the cut she did on me - a stacked bob, the style I have wanted all of my nearly 58 years. I went from long hair to a mid-length bob and instantly loved it. Easy to do, perfect to a single hair and exactly as promised. Amber advises on products and the whole 9 yards. A lovely young woman and talented professional. Not sure who Megan encountered, but couldn't have been "my" Amber! Debi K.
Jo AnnS
August 5, 2010
Consistently a quality, lovely and refreshing experience
I have been a consistent customer to Allure Hair and Nail Spa for eight years.....I have a manicure every two weeks and a pedicure every month. I have referred my family, nieces, sister, a many friends for services at Allure. Several have been consistent, repeat customers for years. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people and over the years bad people have tried to "get something for nothing." And the easy way for them to get a free service is to complain about the service! It has been a "scam" for years in the beauty business and all shops suffer from it! And the most expedient way for those people to justify there action is to write such a review as you see displayed here! How sad! So all we folks that enjoy our visit to Allure can do is refute such malicious words with the truth. Allure employees are kind, friendly, professional, and very experienced. If they do make a mistake and we all do, they do their best to correct it and have you leave as a satisfied customer. Because, if they don't have satisfied customers, they don't stay in business! Give them a try....and if you don't like it, write a review.....but if you do like it, share the experience! Jo Ann....a very satisfied customer for years!
July 2, 2010
Never had this kind of problem
My wife's been going to Allure since before they were Allure. She actually followed one of the hair stylists to Allure from her other location when Allure first opened. I'm in Allure every 4 weeks and have never seen, nor heard anything like what meganj experienced. We don't use all of the services offered but I'm in every 4 weeks and my wife is in every 2 weeks for nails and then every 4 weeks for hair and nails. Our experiences have always been good. Dont' pass this spa by because of megan's "bad day", you'll miss out.
May 9, 2010
I should have walked out when I heard one of the salon employees talk about how horrified she had been when Amber messed up her eyebrows. I am new to the area and it took me a few weeks to work up the courage to schedule the appointment, so I figured it was just cold feet. NO it was not cold feet, she is HORRIBLE!! I showed her several pictures (which she didn't even take the time to look at) and I even mentioned that I wanted it similar to her hair cut. She asked about the front of her hair and I said that I liked the length. Half way through I realized that the back was quite a bit longer that the front!! So I got up and brought it to the attention of the front. Betweent the lady at the front and Amber, they convinced me that it was all in my head and what I had asked for. No where near what any of the pictures I had shown!! All she could say was that she guessed she could have done a longer consult!! I went home half ok with the hair cut but after further examination I realized that I was not in my head, just a really bad hair cut!! Do not waste your time with this place unless you want to spend the entire time listening to how other employees had messed up services (YES, It happened more than once during the hour I was in the salon) and end up with a bad hair cut!!
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