Inner Peace Holistic Center

Inner Peace Holistic Center

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811 Race Street, 3rd Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States
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Mon: 10am  -  9pm Tues: 10am  -  9pm Wed: 10am  -  9pm Thu: 10am  -  9pm Fri: 10am  -  9pm Sat: 10am  -  5pm Sun: 12pm  -  6pm
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Customer Reviews for Inner Peace Holistic Center (9)

May 13, 2013
This absolutely the WORST place to go for anything, EVER!!! My husband (who does not know salons at all), set up an appt for me for a 90 massage and a pedicure. After waiting for 20 mins I finally got called back for a massage that was just ok. The room was totally quiet, no music, just myself and the massage therapist breathing (and her stomach growling) was super awkward, not relaxing. On top of that, it was not even the "type" of massage my husband had paid for. And then came the pedicure! Oh GOD! It was TERRIBLE! The water in the tiny tub they put my feet in was COLD, and the girl doing my toes, sliced my toe (like a paper cut) with the file while she was doing them...and barely acknowledged that she had done so. Not once did I see her pull a tool out of any type of cleaning solution before using it on me....if I wind up with a fungus, there will be a lawsuit. Then I got to my car and noticed that the paint had dried very "grainy". Needless to say, I had them re-done the next day.I called to complain, hoping for some monetary compensation, since I had just dropped about $200 there, and NOTHING! They were willing to have me come back and repaint my nails with the shitty polish they used the first time. AWFUL!
December 6, 2012
This is the best place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this place, have been going for 16 years and I can say it is the best spa in the whole world. Would never go anywhere else!!!!
August 9, 2012
just not for me.....
I bought a groupon for an acnes facial. I arrived on time and was told the person doing the facial was finishing another client but she would go set up the room so I could begin relaxing. After 15 mins or so the lady scheduled to do the facial popped in and said that's not the way she liked the room set up and flipped the lights on and spent about 5 to 10 mins rearranging the room. Meanwhile letting me know she had to bring her two kids for lack of a sitter and that's why she was late. When she dimmed the lights back down and tranquil music started the atmosphere was pleasant. I have had facials elsewhere and for am acne facial they usually pull instruments and pull and squeeze removing deep down dirt and oils. At this place there was none of that. Just creams and oils rubbed on and removed. By the time I left I felt like a grease slick and had to go home and shower. When I had arrived she told me to removey shoes I would be getting a foot rub as well but I never did. She did however do a really good neck, back, arm massage. It was very relaxing however twice throughout thr massage portion she turned out even the dimmer in the room for 10 minutes or so each time. The room was pitch black and I laid there stunned she could probably see the whites of my eyeballs the size of quarters. Overall, it was relaxing except for the pitch blackness which I still don't get but I don't feel like i got what i went there for it was like a massage/facial combo when I just wanted a a serious cleansing acne facial.
December 27, 2011
Woud not suggest; bad experience all around
Dirty facilities and unexperienced and unhelpful staff. I bought a Groupon for a body scrub/massage. It was a joke, not even halfway decent. The scrub options promised were not available, one one choice was given, which isn't really a choice. The scrub was dry and about 1 ounce was used for my entire body which was not nearly enough and was so dry it just fell off. The girl talked the whole time in spite of me being quiet and avoiding her conversation. Simple introductions and checking if the client is okay are sufficient, but I want to relax and don't want to chat for an hour with a stranger while the point is trying to relax. The massage was a joke, my dog could have done better. Then the shower after was dirty and leaked all over the floor and got my clothes wet. I just wanted to get out of there. Awful experience and would not go back for free!
October 16, 2011
Not Professional
This spa is far from typical, and NOT in a good way. The front desk is dressed in Tshirt and jeans. The girl who gabe me my massage talked the entire time and didnt catch my clues to be quirt. Maybe its my fault for not being direct enough, but reall, who wants to chit chat through their whole massage!?!? When i was done there was no tranquil room with lemon water, theres the cashier.
May 16, 2011
worst salon experience
If I could give this salon zero stars, I would. I not only received the worst hair cut and color I have ever seen, but the salon was also pompous and snobby! The manager of the salon told me, "if you would have excepted the organic lifestyle into your life and not live like a toxin, your hair would have looked great." This is what she told me after I was upset I my hair looked like the sun! I may have not been totally organic with everything I have put in my body for the last two years, but I was excited to try to try something I believed to be better for my health. What I did learn from this experience....never again.
Kerri M
November 10, 2010
Good Massage
Everything was great!
September 11, 2009
Great Little Spa
I love this quite little spa located in the heart on downtown Cincinnati. The staff is very friendly and educated. I felt very welcomed and at peace in this atmosphere.
April 13, 2009
Great massage
I came to downtown Cincinnati on business for the week and wanted to get a massage. I found them on Spafinders and was VERY happy with the massage I received. My therapist was very professional and she was really open to feedback. She customized the massage to really concentrate on the parts of my back and shoulders that I needed worked. Also the location is great!
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