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37 East 28th Street, Suite # B103
New York City, NY 10016
United States
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Customer Reviews for Queen Jane Day Spa (13)

September 30, 2013
DO NOT BUY A GROUPON FOR THIS LOCATION. This location is very unprofessional and provides misinformation. I had a groupon and I called in advance to book appointment. The receptionist booked my appointment two days past the expiration date and took the groupon voucher code to redeem it so I figured it is fine since I booked the appointment before it actually expired. I get a call today, the day before my appointment, informing me that I will be unable to redeem the groupon and can only use the face value. I proceed to explain I called well in advance to book the appointment before it expired and the receptionist booked it after the expiration date and took all my information. I would have never booked it after the date considering I called in advance has the receptionist informed me of that. Basically there is nothing she can do. I plan on speaking to the manager Maggie and filing a complaint against the receptionist that booked my appointment and against the company. DO NOT BUY A GROUPON FOR THIS LOCATION.
March 25, 2013
Very Upsetting Experience
My masseur was 20 min late, arrived with cold hands and when I reminded I wanted deep tissue, continue to lightly rub like an amateur. After 15-20 minutes of waiting for it to improve, I actually got up and walked out. yes, it was that bad and when I marched up to the front desk, was told to pay for it but they'd "give me" a complimentary 30 min massage. Let's see, I pay for full price for the 20 mins of crap I just got and she'll "give" me 30 min - ha! Poor management, poor staff. Do not go here!!
May 30, 2012
I purchased a Groupon coupon to treat my mother and sister for mother's day. Since they dont live in the USA, we could not go until they arrived this week. I called and explained this to the receptionist and asked for an appointment this week. She bluntly informed me they are booked until July, ESPECIALLY for Groupon customers. She asked when the coupon expires and then informed me neither location could accommodate three groupon customers at once until maybe July. She added if it was just one person, maybe they could squeeze me in! Why sell groupons if they dont intend to honor them when customers are ready? This is outrageous. I have to wait a month! They were not booked overall, just cant accommodate groupon customers...smh
January 22, 2012
Very Diisappointed
The massage i got was not professional,the facial was not what i expected at all and you would think since you're spending so much money you would at least get something to drink.plus they did'nt tell me there would be a 20% gratuity charge.
Response from Queen Jane Day Spa
Hello Joan, We are so very sorry to hear about your poor experience at our facility. Our aim is to make sure all clients leave relaxed and refreshed. We do appreciate all client contact and hope to use this information to better our business. As far as the treatments go - if you are interested please e-mail us with your information and perhaps what exactly went wrong during your treatments so we can make a note of this and see which staff provided you with treatment. We apologize that you were not briefed properly regarding our relaxation room. This is a self serve area - we do have a mini fridge stocked full of bottled water for use per client, lemon water & tea on the banquet stand. We really do hope that we hear from you and could redeem your experience at our facility. Sincerely, -Queen Jane Day Spa Mgmt.
September 19, 2011
Rude, Rude, Rude
I got a Groupon for a massage and facial. When I called to make my appointment the receptionist was extremely rude, talking to her friend or someone while she was on the phone with me. When she finally figured out a day and time to accommodate me it was 3 weeks away...and I wanted to come on a weekday afternoon, not a Saturday or evening. Fine, I didn't want to lose my Groupon so I accepted what she had. The day of the appointment there was a water main break in the city and no subways running. I called and told them of the situation and they were completely unwilling to accommodate me in any way. Again the receptionist was extremely rude and I heard her making fun of me to her co-worker in the background. She just kept repeating over and over that there was a 24 hour cancellation policy and that she was charging me anyway. I understand the policy but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. But also the way it was handled so rudely and unprofessionally I felt I had to warn the public.
Response from Queen Jane Day Spa
Hello Gennifer, We truly apologize for your experience with reception at our facility. Customer service is extremely important at our facility and we do not stand for this kind of service. We have had a change of staff but all staff has been properly trained for future clientle. The 24 hour cancellation policy is kept in place to also protect our employees who do make a portion of their salary from commission / gratuity. Once an appointment is scheduled and confirmed these technicians are provided compensation regardless of the client. We never wish to mention these facts as we do not wish to hassle our clients with these extra details. Our receptionists do not have the authority to make the decision if they can still honor an appointment that violates the 24 hour cancellation policy but we do encourage all inquiries that may need further review to be passed along to our management via e-mail, which again is accessible only by our management group : queenjane28@gmail.com We hope that all is well and to perhaps be able to serve you in the future for a better experience. Sincerely, -Queen Jane Day Spa Mgmt.
May 25, 2011
I DO NOT RECOMMEND the massage services at this day spa to my family and friends. we were on vacation/holiday in New York a few weeks ago (May 2011) and my husband suprised me with a Mother's Day spa special at Queen Jane Day Spa. I had a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE and EXCRUCIATING experience, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND QUEEN JANE day spa to ANYONE who wants to be pampered. The special entitled me to the "swedish massage" and manicure and pedicure for $119 + taxes - not exactly a bargain. However, it was a gift from my husband and I was ready to be pampered. The "Swedish massage" as demonstrated by the massage therapist was a "superficial" massage as she explained to me - barely touched my skin. She was desperately trying to upsell the "deep tissue massage" for "only $10 more". I chose the upgrade option as I needed a "real" massage. This therapist is the most useless therapist I have ever had - when using the hot towels to clean me, she treated me like I was a child being scrubbed, with little care to my comfort level. She threw the towels on me and was so rough I almost yelled out in pain. The massage itself was even more excruciating and horrific. She had no idea how to give a massage. I had considered either as
January 5, 2011
Worst Massage Ever
I have had massages all over the city, and this is the first time I actually could not wait for a massage to END. If my husband had not been in the couples room with me, I would have honestly stopped the massage and walked out. I was hopeful he was having a better experience, but when it was over and I asked him how it was, his response was 'eh.' I felt awful that we wasted so much money on this place. I was honest with the manager when she asked about our experience and explained we were disappointed. She made a note of the who massaged me so that I would not get her again when I came back. Not any comfort considering I would never go back. Too many great spas in NYC to waste money on this one.
March 16, 2010
Great Staff and Service
I decided to check out the spa because it is so close to where I live. They are very friendly and accommodating on the phone when I was trying to schedule the apointment and had to change my time a few times. The atomosphere is great too, and the service and price is really reasonable for a spa at this location. I like the atomosphere too, it really feels like when Asian meets Western, and it's very relaxing.
March 15, 2010
Long wait with not even an apology, terrible customer service, fair massage...they act as if they are doing you a favor...possibly because it was spafinder "deal"? Regardless of the reason, will NEVER return to this sub-par spa.
February 15, 2010
wonderful treatment to body and sole
I been a regular customer for massage at Jane SPA. I come from out of town and the first appointment I make in NY is with the Spa. It has been over 2 years now and both my husband and I enjoy the deep tissue massage which helps our aching and aging muscles to recover. The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxing, the place is immaculately clean and the staff is very professional. We love it so much we keep coming back. I also recommended this spa to many friends and family and they all loved it and keep returning as well.
February 15, 2008
Great Retreat!
I went to the spa to pamper myself and leave the "real" world. It was more than I thought. The staff is catering. The facilites is very peaceful. I could not have asked for a better day. By the time I was done I did not want to leave. The prices are reasonable and worth every penny.
February 8, 2008
Love This Place
I have written about this spa before however, that was after my first time going. I have to say that I am an avid spa goer and I have not been to another spa since going to Queen Jane. I go at least 2-3 times a month (since Oct. of 07) and LOVE it. I won't tell you who my favorites are because of course I don't want their schedules to fill up, but I will tell you that you can not go wrong with anyone you get. I have not had a bad experience yet and I am usually there for 4 hours each time I go (I can never just have one service). That gives a salon a lot of time to mess up and they don't. The receptionist always checks on me in between each service to make sure I don't need anything and I even get emails from Jane herself from time to time thanking me for my business. Talk about feeling appreciated! I think it's a classy touch. Another good tip is to check their web site often, they have monthly specials. It changes each month and are really good deals. Best time to go is after work. You will get home late (depending on how many services you get) but it's well worth it. Plus, is there anywhere better to be? I have made this my one and only spa for all services - waxing, mani/pedi, facials, massage and body scrubs. The only complaint I have is that it can be a little noisy. The walls are thin so you can hear the person in the next room. That being said, usually my therapist is so good that I can ignore the noise, and that is saying a lot since I am very sensitive to sound during my massage. Besides the monthly specials, they will also give you 20% off if it is your birthday month, and 20% if it is your first time. You will not be disappointed!
May 17, 2007
Facial was fabulous!
I have been a regular customer at Jane's nail salons, but I have to say I was very impressed by the new spa she just openned. Seems weird upon entering as it is in the basement, but the ambience once you go down is very nice. My favorite feature was the Relaxing Room, which you go to after your treatment. The massage chairs are great (especially for calves) and you get a nice bowl of fruit and drink to end your visit. I dont get facials often, but Joyce did a great job. I will surely become a regular for facials and can't wait to try the other services!
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