Mancini de Paris Salon and Day Spa

Mancini de Paris Salon and Day Spa

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901 S.Barton street,
Arlington, VA 22204
United States
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Mon: 10am  -  7pm Tues: 10am  -  7pm Wed: 10am  -  7pm Thu: 10am  -  7pm Fri: 10am  -  7pm Sat: 10am  -  7pm Sun: 11am  -  6pm
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Customer Reviews for Mancini de Paris Salon and Day Spa (10)

March 14, 2013
Worth a try...
So, I tried out this place a few days ago being that my nails were looking dingy, and their newer salon was super close- I will say I was pleasantly surprised. Not a ton of selection in nail colors, but they had the basics and what I was looking for (Afterall, how many shades of pink does one person really need?) I hadn't visited their previous location, but the one they have now is a nice set up. It looks clean, and the pedicure chairs work nicely. The nail technician was very friendly and did a great job. She was much more meticulous with the gel manicure than other places i've been to, and my nails look lovely. Overall the price is decent, and the location was nice. For a gel manicure and a pedicure it was $60. Parking is simple enough (It's by the Giant, so their parking garage gives a free hour of parking.). If you are looking for a decent nail place that isn't outrageously priced and is clean, definitely check this place out. :)
February 1, 2013
New location, that's about it.
So they may have moved to a 'new and improved' location, but the level of disorganization and confusion remains the same. Too bad. I was hoping for a neighborhood mani/pedi place, but won't be going back. Between the confusion among staff and their limited English, and the owner's condescension, I'll be voting with my feet and going elsewhere.
September 18, 2012
If you want poor quality/cleanliness/service then this place is for you!
A friend and I purchased a Groupon for massage, pedicure and facial. After buying we checked reviews online and got nervous about all of the negative comments but Groupon wouldn't refund our purchase. What a waste of time and money! The decor was outdated and did not look clean, the bathroom was a dingy mess, the staff were indifferent to our concerns and even rude! We couldn't have our treatments at the same time so my friend went for the massage first...the masseuse was talking on his cell while gesturing for my friend to follow him down a dank smelling hallway, and when my friend tried to ask him for a female he ignored her...we spoke with the owner and he said it was our fault for not requesting a female when we made the reservation! My friend said she would skip the massage and they just shrugged their shoulders - no offer was made to substitute a service or even apologize. My friend opted for starting her facial and was waved over to a woman who, though extremely nice, spoke little English and looked to be in her 70's...hard to believe she was on the cutting edge of aesthetician technique. My friend was so uncomfortable that we decided to leave...the owner simply said we couldn't have a refund and didn't seem to care.
August 8, 2012
Worst experience of my life...wasted $
I purchased a $59 Groupon for a partial highlight, cut, & blowdry which was good for same day service. Mancini would not highlight my hair because he wanted to color it. I asked if the Groupon was good for color, he said no. I said I had already purchased the Groupon and could not get a refund. He said I could "use it next time", these Groupon's expire so that isn't going to work. He would not take said Groupon, then charged me for a cut & blowdry. It's a good thing I had money because he charged me even though I had the Groupon. When he styled my hair, he put no product in it so it was tangled and looked like a rats nest, I couldn't run my fingers through it. I had to go home, wash it, and leave conditioner in it for 15 minutes and then spend another 10-15 combing out the tangles. I feel like he cheated me out of money twice. I have a useless Groupon, and I have $40 less cash in my wallet. I wish I had NEVER wasted the time and money. I will NEVER set foot in that salon again.
April 4, 2012
The worst place ever! I went there with a trubates deal I bought, I get there today and they said they couldn't see me because the trubates company hasn't been sending them their money! Needless to say I was furious especially since I took off work early and the people at Mancini's didn't tell me this last week when I made my appointment. They were so rude and said it wasn't their problem. I would never recommend anyone go there even if you have a discount. The place looked dirty anyway so I guess it worked out for the best. Now I have to deal with trying to get my money back from trubates.
May 4, 2011
Without question, this is absolutely the best microdermabrasion I have ever received! I have tried multiple spas for this but the treatments I receive at Mancini's will ensure that I will continue to return. The results are awesome - my skin is glowing. Thank you Mancini's for providing such a wonderful service!
April 4, 2011
The best haircut
the best haircut with Mancini, I love my new style, and I receive braziliane wax with Mary the healing touch the fastest bikini wax ever, i hope they will offer spa special soon than I can try all there service
March 31, 2011
The best day I got
mancini de Paris the best place to go, I really love it I get the Moroccan scrub in Vichy shower room, the technician very professional, she explain every thing what for, and I get my facial with her too her name is Mary she does have healing touch, I was so happy I finish my treatments with the massage it was great and very relaxed, definitely I will go back again.
February 4, 2011
horrible spa
I went to this spa for a massage, facial, and pedicure. The pedicure was fine. The massage was not good at all and the massage therapist never even asked what areas I'd like her to work on and it didn't seem like she knew much at all about how to give a massage. The facial was awful. 10 of the 30 minutes was just sitting with a basic face mask on while the woman doing the facial just left the room. It was no better than a facial I would give myself at home. Do yourself a favor and spend your money somewhere else.
November 15, 2010
A Relaxing Break from the Stresses of Life
I would not have expected to find peace and tranquility at a mall but Mancini de Paris was a welcome escape for me. I had both a massage and a facial which melted my stress away. The staff was pleasant and responsive. They worked on knots and especially tense areas and I came out fliable and refreshed! I would definitely recommend this place.
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