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Customer Reviews for Jaira's Waxing Salon (14)

March 23, 2013
Excellent service and staff
Ok. I never write reviews, BUT i saw two reviews here about the salon being dingy and dirty? No way! I have been to questionable places, but not here. I was super uncomfortable getting a brazillian, but the entire staff was very welcoming and professional. I continued to go even nine months pregnant! I've also gotten legs waxed and thats a pain because I grow in different directions. And the patience they have just to get the job done right is phenomenal. I hate to see negativity where it's not deserved. Must be competition because my jaw dropped when I read those comments. People burning clients? Can't be. They have different types of waxes. I've even had my underarms waxed with a chocolatey wax. (yes I smelled the chocolate!) They are professional and clean. I absolutely recommend this salon for first timers which I'm sure you will continue.
March 6, 2013
My go to place for waxing!
I've been a regular at Jaira's for almost 2 years. Having tried Brazilians at numerous spas around the area, Jaiara's is the best! Ask about the unlimited waxing packages and pre-payment deals.
April 11, 2012
Went in for a Brazilian came out a Blonde!
I wanted to get a brazilian wax and was looking for a new establishment. A friend recommended that I give Jaira's a try knowing how I prefer supporting small businesses. I went in for the wax and started small talk with Jaira, come to find out she is a trained colorist. I had recently started a new job and wanted a fresh look for my virgin jet black hair. And so started the journey to becoming a blonde and our 5+ year friendship. I have since recommended the salon to dozens of friends (women and men) for their many services and the referrals keep multiplying. DO NOT believe the LIES on the negative review (most likely competition). If you are looking to be pampered without pretentiousness than look no further than Jaira's Brazilian Waxing Salon.
March 24, 2012
Highly Recommend!!
I read other people's reviews and was skeptical about trying, but decided to follow through with my appointment for a Brazilian wax. It was very clean and nice inside. Staff was very courteous and professional. My hair was too short (they recommend not shaving for 3 weeks), but it there was enough there so we went ahead with it anyway. Not all of the hair was removed, but she did say I am welcome to come back in a week and she will get the rest free of charge. I absolutely had a great experience, although it was painful in some areas more than others, I will definitely go in the future.
August 12, 2011
1st Time Trying a Brazilian
I took advantgae of a groupon deal that has been in my bag since May. I have been going to Jaira's for leg waxing but couldn't get the nerve to try it. I finally got the courage was so glad I had it done at Jaira's! The technician was quick and while it hurt it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. At the end, I felt so clean and was happy I did it. Now I am adding this to my list of self maintanence regimen!
August 9, 2011
One of the worst brazilians I've ever had done!
I decided to try Jaira's since I took advantage of a Groupon for a $25 brazilian. I should have remembered that old saying, "you get what you pay for." The space itself where Jaira's is located is dingy and not well-kept at all. The brazilian was a disaster. The wax was too hot and I got burned and when the woman was done I wasn't sure she had taken off any hair at all because there was so much left! I decided not to stay there and have her fix it and had to go someplace else a week later to get the rest of my hair removed. I'm so glad I didn't spend the full amount for this wax job because it would have been a complete ripoff.
July 27, 2011
No Frills but great waxing!
I tried Jaira's because of their known expertise for waxing and I was not disappointed. Their prices are reasonable and they did a very thorough and clean job. It is a no frills but clean place. They have a one chair salon, 2 pedicure + manicure stations, + 3 treatment rooms for waxing. If you are looking for experts at waxing, look no more! I am hooked!
May 19, 2011
Tried all services and won't be back
Had a body wave done and my hair was destroyed. Rolled incorrectly, only half curled and was from a Riteaid box! :/ Ended up chopping off >12 inches of hair to repair! Waxing was on the same par. Rollers used were obviously used and had someone else's hair! Yuck- refused and requested she use a new applicator. Obliged but she didn't seem too thrilled at my request. Price was average for the area. I wouldn't go back because I would rather pay just a little more and not have to keep my eyes peeled for shortcuts or mistakes.
April 23, 2011
Good atmosphere!
I would definitely go back. Sweet staff, friendly, and open, even if there migh have been a language barrier. Customer service was good, and the place clean. Nothing major and fancy, but smaller and quaint.
October 21, 2010
Best biquini wax...done by the best experts
Jaira and the crew are not only professional they bring waxing to the next level. I have been not only waxing with them for the past 11 years but have sent my friends clients and relatives to share this wonderful experience. IF looking for a full servie salon...search no more. Jaira's salon provides the best and inovative solutions to hair removal. I have traveled all over and no one does waxing like Jaira. I strongly recomend this salon!!!!!
October 17, 2010
Good No-Frills Waxing
I used to come here for my Brazilian waxes. I no longer visit because I've moved. However, the many times I DID visit this salon, I had good enough experiences. The waxers never really made conversation-I don't think they spoke English. However, they were warm and tried to make you feel as comfy as possible. They were quick and efficient as well. And I remember the price of a Brazilian wax to be reasonable against all the other local salons. The salon is a house with a dog grooming salon on the same premises. A bit odd, yes, but nevertheless, the place is clean and I never left unhappy.
September 9, 2010
great job!
the salon is great! very clean, modern, and professional! very nice people and place! simply loved it!
August 4, 2010
Great "First" Brazilian Wax!
Went to salon for first time - the south river location - it was a very good first experience it was painful of course but I loved the salon. Alex was sweet and informative and very patient. She told me what to buy for after & told me in a day i would be fine & she was right! She tried sugaring in a section and another type of wax - i perferred the normal wax over both. Very great experience. Brazilian waxing done by real Brazilians- the best!
July 23, 2010
More like one of those city holes in the wall than a spa
I went to the Sayreville location today for a wax and a mani/pedi. The place is spacious enough. Three private rooms and an open "salon area". The wax was terrible. She didn't let the wax dry long enough so had to repeat each strip twice-ouch. The foot bath had one of those home foot baths in the tub part. Probably a code violation. The available nail polish colors were sparse. Only a few shades of french mani base, a red, and a pink. They were clearly in a rush to finish my mani/pedi because the manicurist got help from the waxer and only one of my feet were scrubbed/loofahed and the other got lotion :( They advertise themselves as a full service salon, but there were only two people there. There were three hair stations, two hair sinks, a dryer and NO nail dryers!! On the plus side, the women were extremely sweet and social. I wish they had better facilities because this is certainly not a spa.
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