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128 Halifax Old Road, Edgerton
Huddersfield, HD2 2RL
United Kingdom
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Customer Reviews for ALEXANDRA HOUSE (7)

March 11, 2014
Lovely spa, new and improved building
I was so pleased to receive a spa finder voucher as a present and then discover I could use it at Alexandra House. It is such a cosy place to relax. Because it is smaller it has a more informal feel that sometimes bigger places are lacking. You can tailor your package to suit you and it is reasonably priced. I really recommend a visit. The staff are friendly and great at recommending treatments to suit you.
May 17, 2012
I was really looking forward to going to Alexandra house but i came away disappointed. It started off nice enough, i was given a drinks menu and asked to choose what i would like. I was then called upstairs and had a indian head massage (i had never had one before) and i seemed to pay for someone to pull my hair? not what i was expecting! the facial (Balancing Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facial) was excellent, the best facial i have ever had. Next i went back down stairs and had the Honey and milk Fiji firming wrap which according to Maxine the owner was supposed to be a combination of cellulite treatment, massage and full body exfoliation. There was no massage and it wasnt a full body exfoliation?? I then had reflexology...which i don't think I'll have again and then hopi ear candles which removed a little wax but when i got home and used a cotton bud and this removed so much wax that the hopi ear candles appeared to be useless!! I didn't think the overall service was that great....i wasn't given a robe to change into and it was only when one of the therapists asked me why i wasn't in one did she then go and get me one! on the website it says you get homemade chocolate fudge cake..... overall very disappointed and wont be going back.
Hi Rebecca Sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your visit to the spa. Indian head massage does include some gentle hair tugging and movement to stimulate the hair cells and improve circulation to the scalp. The honey and milk firming wrap uses honey sugar rub to exfoliate the body and a honey body masque is used to massage the body so I’m not sure why you felt that you hadn’t received these treatments – I will remind the staff about the treatment protocol to ensure that these are always included. The Hopi ear candles work by relieving pressure in the sinuses and ear canal and they do loosen ear wax and so it’s not unusual to find that you can remove ear wax later (although cotton wool buds are not recommended to be used in your ears as they can cause damage to the tender inner ear area). We usually only provide a robe and slippers and cakes if you have also booked the pamper package which is why you weren’t offered these as part of your individual treatments. I’m glad that you enjoyed your facial, the Eve Taylor aromatherapy facials are really lovely. I hope this answers some of your concerns. We strive really hard to offer excellent treatments with great customer service and I hope that you’ll be more satisfied if you were to visit us again. We do take people’s comments seriously, and as I mentioned, I will speak to the team about the treatments to ensure that they include all relevant therapies. Thanks, Maxine
Helen D
June 1, 2010
Fantastic staff
OK, so it isn't the largest spa but I have visited a handful of times and the treatments I have received have been excellent. It is also very good value for money compared to other larger spas, the small venue adds to the personal experience. Maxine and the therapists are very professional and curteous and always make you feel welcome and relaxed, unlike larger spas which can make you feel herded about like cattle at a market!
May 29, 2010
I went to Alexandra House for the afternoon in March and was very pleasantly surprised. Hidden away on a side street is this lovely little home-from-home spa. I went for a package that included a full body massage along with the spa's signature foot treatment, parrafin hand treatment, cakes and drinks. It was a treat and i was made to feel very special and pampered. The atmospehere was very relaxed and tranquil. I would highly recommend Alexandra House, there is often special offers on the website too.
March 25, 2010
Excellent individual and professional service
I spent 4 hours at Alexandra House having the "Serenity" experience which included hour-long facial, hopi ear candles (reiki was an alternative) and a back massage. All 'experiences' also include parrafin wax hand treatment, foot soak and drinks and cakes. Total cost was £120. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend the spa. The staff are friendly but not intrusive and lead you through the whole experience so there is no wondering where to go or clock-watching. As it is a small spa there were only two or three other clients which gives the whole experience the personal touch whilst being a very professional service. I am impressed with the range of services offered given that this is a relatively small business. I cannot understand the two earlier reviews on this site referring to dust and hospital waiting rooms! I live locally and will definitely be re-visiting on a regular basis. First class.
January 26, 2010
Pretentious atmosphere
The first time I ook at the building, it was impressive from the outside but when you are inside, you don't feel relaxed as most spa abroad that you have in mind. you know, everything is made of wood and lots of candles and greeneries. I feel like i'm waiting for a hospital, no I won't be back. unless they make the environment more natural.
September 25, 2008
Place is dusty, cobwebs w/ dirty linens
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