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Fifi International Spa

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47 W 57th St,
New York City, NY 10019
United States
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Customer Reviews for Fifi International Spa (8)

August 30, 2013
This place is DISGUSTING! The worst experience i have ever had at a "nail salon." Place is gross and unsanitary, people are not professional. They do a half ass job and I wouldn't be surprised if you walked out of there with a foot fungus! DO NOT GO HERE....IT IS DISGUSTING!!!
Jen S
July 2, 2013
Horrible Service
Do not go here! Horrible service, took me an hour late...Awful staff as they are rude. Terrible job on shelac...and to top it off,when i called them out on it, they accused me of just looking for an excuse to not tip well and yelled at me. Of all the nail places in NYC, this is by far the worst!
Michelle L
May 18, 2013
Crocks, filthy, unprofessional
DO NOT GO HERE I have gotten my nails done 1000 times better at little random ghetto shops! I got shellac and the polish was all over my cuticles. They made me wait for them to eat before they finished my pedicure. The biggest disappoint was how demanding they were at the end up the tip and sales tax. Honestly the groupon isn't worth it because you will end up paying the same due to the tip and tax.
April 30, 2013
Awful Experience
I bought a coupon for services online and the salon was close to my office so I gave it a try. The service was awful, the woman that was doing my nails was fifi herself - the owner. They are so unprofessional, they answered the phones constantly while doing my nails and I was getting a gel manicure which requires timing the UV light - this was not done. She got GEL nail polish on my new coat. The service took twice as long ---70 minutes on premises and I had an appointment! Just awful. They need a receptionist.
February 19, 2013
The worst crooks ever
I purchased a Groupon for my wife as a valentines gift, which we redeemed on February 13, 2013. This was the worst experience we have ever had. The Russian owner told the Russian tech not to spend so much time on my wife's pedicure because it was just a Groupon. Fortunately, the filipino did the manicure. The owner then charged me $3.00 tax which she wrote on a post-it because she did not have a receipt book. Later she attempted to instruct me on the amount a tip that I should give. (all of which was NOT Groupon policy). After I left the establishment based on my career, I conducted am investigation and found out that the employees compensation is only based on tips, contrary to labor laws.
June 17, 2012
Fifi's is very cluttered and seedy. I went in there for a pedicure. They do not have proper pedicure chairs and my feet were on the technician's knees as she worked on me. It was very uncomfortable. When I made an appt. I was quoted a price and when I got there the price was increased by $10. After some discussion the original price was agreed upon. When I was ready to leave I was expected to wait for another customer to be done with her pedicure before I could check out. The place is very unprofessional and I would not recommend them.
June 17, 2011
Avoid this place!
There is no way this place would pass a health inspection and I highly doubt any of the 'nail techs' have a license! I arrived early for my appointment. After much confusion surrounding my scheduled time I was asked to pick a color. To start with, the polishes were a mess and filthy. I then was told to put my feet in a Dr Scholls heated foot soaker with what seemed like half a bottle of soap? If it was soap, I really do not know. I was then told it was mandatory for me to leave a $15 dollar tip and how they make no money off of the groupons etc etc. After less than 5 minutes of me sitting there I asked for a towel for my feet and left. The table was disgusting and covered in nail clippings and hair and dirt and looked like it never been wiped down. There was no sanitizing equipment. Very disappointing!
August 11, 2009
Acrylic nails, gel nails, and minx nails in NYC - A Happy Customer Indeed!
I complimented a friend on her pedicure the other day and she told me about Fifi Nail Salon on West 57th Street. My friend's hands and feet looked so great, I decided to try it. Fifi Nail Salon is actually a beauty salon and day spa, offering hair, beauty and wellness treatments in addition to pedicures and manicures. The owner, Fifi, is originally from France, and she doesn't just run the business, she also performs nail services. Fifi took one look at my feet and pronounced I needed a "medi pedi." She virtually attacked my corns and calluses, not just plane them as I was used to in other salons. When she was done, my feet looked great and felt great, in a way I could tell would last longer than other pedicures I've had. My manicure was also different. After rescuing my cuticles and restoring shape to my nails, Fifi applied three coats of polish between the base and top coats. Initially, I wasn't too thrilled because of how much more drying time was involved, but the upside is that I can go at least 2 weeks between manicures, ultimately saving me a lot more time. (I now get my hands done first, and walkout right after the pedicure in flip flops.) While Fifi was doing my nails I noticed hers. Some of Fifi's fingernails were painted and decorated in metallic colors and designs. She explained she was trying out new Minx designs. Minx is "nail art" that puts pretty much any design you can imagine on your nails, very popular with celebrities. If you like a little "bling" on your nails, Fifi is one of the very few salons in NYC that is "Minxing." Whether you're a traditionalist like me or a cutting-edge sytlista, Fifi's is the place to go.
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