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Balance Therapeutic Massage

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1952 Laskin Road Suite 508, Regency Hilltop Shopping Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
United States
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Customer Reviews for Balance Therapeutic Massage (5)

January 24, 2013
Good massage but lacking in overall spa experience
My massage was nice. The masseuse had strong hands and did a good job - but she had a runny nose and her sniffing was incredibly distracting. She excused herself once to blow her nose, which was appreciated, but I really wish they would have just given her the day off and/or provided me with a substitute. After the massage there unfortunately wasn't another room to relax in or a bathroom/shower. Their overall space is small so I understand, but having a bit more time to enjoy the serenity would have been nice. Instead, I was dressed in ten minutes and paying at the front desk. They were super nice but laughing and joking loudly. It's a weird "complaint" but I really wish they would have been quieter and soothing to go with a better full spa experience. So overall, go if you're just looking for a nice, quick massage. If you want more of the spa experience, this is not your place.
January 2, 2011
Terrible customer service!!
I booked a massage for my husband and I. As we are filling out forms, a massage therapist Becky makes small talk with us by telling us that you "always know it's a black person when their name ends with an 'A', because it just seems all black people have that fancy 'A' at the end of their name". WOW was all I could think... Seriously?! Next thing I know we are being asked to come back at a later time because Ayesha (sp?) "forgot" she was scheduled to work and didn't show up. Not offered anything, nothing to rectify the situation, simply " I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say". Needless to say, we left without a massage. Total disappointment all around.
Response from Balance Therapeutic Massage
This is a justified review from the client's perspective. After careful consideration as to whether or not to respond my staff has asked that I do so as the owner. I will not offer excuses as I said the context of the complaint is correct. The "small talk" that the client found so "Wow" was made by an extremely well skilled therapist with a heart of gold named Becky, not to be confused with another extremely skilled therapist with a heart of gold of ours named Rebekah. A talk show host Becky isn't. Several members of our very close knit staff are black and their beautiful names do end with an "a". That's where the comment came from even if perhaps it shouldn't have been spoken to clients who were being told that their exact appointments couldn't be met due to our mistake. The comment was meant to be complimentary of the beautiful names of some of our staff such as Ayeshia who they had just gotten off the phone with informing her of the situation. When this appointment was made and booked with Ayeshia we were operating under holiday hours with many therapists off for family visits from Christmas through New Years Day. Ayeshia had made a mistake with the adjusted schedule and thought she was coming to work on time. Ayeshia lives moments away from the center and when we called her to say that she was booked with a couples massage she immediately was on her way. Yes the clients received an apology and they were OFFERED a later appointment within the hour of their scheduled appointment. It is understandable that the clients would not be able to stay past their planned and scheduled appopintment. This is not a usual problem and our customer service is not representative of this single occurance. We are a massage center with a goal of relieving stress and not causing it for our clients. We wish that this situation had gone better for these particular guests. Our desire to console them was not met with any warmth whatsoever and the staff could see that. I believe that is why these clients were told that we were sorry and that the staff didn't know what else to say to them. These clients made it clear that they were unhappy and left in more frustration than was probably necessary; however they were not happy and it stems from our end on that day. We accept this review and again wish things would have happened better that day for these people. With gratitude for all reviews, David Esteppe
May 28, 2010
A Relaxing Oasis
This spa is conveniently located right off Laskin Road. As soon as you walk in, you know that you'll dread leaving. Calm, one really wants to speak out loud as to break the serenity. I introduced my mother to massages by getting massages in the same room. Both of our masseuses were sensitive and their energies were very healing. My mom loved it so much that she purchased a package deal. It's strange to walk outside and see the clutter and fast pace of every day life. You'll want to go back.
October 29, 2009
My daughter & I just returned from a very relaxing massage. We used this spa based on location and the fact I could use my Spa Finder Gift Certificate here. What a relaxing experience for both of us. We both arrived with sore muscles, my daughter's was in her back and mine in my hands, wrists and arms. We both feel that C'Asha, who did my daughter and Jen, who was my masseuse, were both great!!. We both feel we will return and recommend both ladies. The pressure hurt a little but was due to the fact that both of us had quite a bit of tightness and were in need of a massage. My hands and arms feel so much better and are not aching now. My daughter said her back feels great and she is off to ride her horse. I, however, am just going to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening with no sore muscles!
February 18, 2008
Ask for Tamara...
We spent President's day weekend in Virginia Beach and decided to give this spa a try. They put my husband and I in the couples room and my massage therapist was Tamara. I'm in my 16th week of pregnancy, she did an excellent job of loosening some sore and tight muscles in my back and leg area as well as feet. I also work at a desk all day and had stiff shoulders, Tamara did an amazing job to loosen them up! I can't remember the massage therapist for my husband but she did an excellent job of loosening up some tense muscles too. If we lived in the area we''d be regulars, prices are very reasonable too.
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