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Wailea Massage & Body Care

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Wailea --Kihei,
Kihei, HI 96753
United States
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+1.808.879.8244 Toll Free +1.866.518.3979

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Mon: 9am  -  6pm Tues: 9am  -  6pm Wed: 9am  -  6pm Thu: 9am  -  6pm Fri: 9am  -  6pm Sat: 9am  -  6pm Sun: 9am  -  6pm
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Customer Reviews for Wailea Massage & Body Care (1)

Del RioR
May 27, 2010
Testimonials from Wailea Massage Clients
THAT WAS GOD! Honeymooner, side by side couples, on the lanai. 9AM--gorgeous balmy, breezy morning. This couple had just been married and were staying at the Grand Wailea. We went and picked them up at the hotel as it is only minutes away by car. I just got finished massaging him and he said "that was god". We were both awed by this--there really wasn't anything to say. It was a beautiful moment. Jason T. April 24, 2010 Ms. Kelly owns a hotel and spa in California and calls Wailea Massage and Body Care when she is in Maui. She loves the personalized outcall service in her home. (2009) Don M. came as an insurance client to treat his injuries from a car accident. After a year with the compassionate care he received from Wailea Massage he was able to return to work as a boat captain. (2008) Chuck sent many of his colleagues working on the Adam Sandler movie production being filmed at the Grand Wailea to Wailea Massage and Body Care which is minutes away from the Grand Wailea. He was impressed by the professionalism and quality of care and service. "They even provided valet service to and from the hotel since I didn't have a car." (2010) .--PAIN AND STRESS FLEW AWAY ON THE SOUND OF THE TIBETAN BOWLS-- Gave her a treatment--with Lava Flow, warm stones, aromatherapy, Tibetan Healing Bowls 5:30 PM on the outside, oceanview lanai. She felt the sound of the bowls made the pain and stress fly out of her body. She also mentioned the sound of the breezes through the leaves and fronds reminded her of when her dad took her hunting on the big island. Her father could tell what kind of tree it was from that sound. I thought that was an amazing memory. Donnie A April 22, 2010, John W. and his family have been coming to see me for 7 years. They always stay at the Kealani. John raves about my massages. He says I just get all the right spots. Also he's impressed because I can work on his whole family. I give him and his wife major pressure while I give his daughter less pressure, she started getting massages from me when she was 14. Now she's 22. They call every time they're on the island. Cindy, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my massage with you last Wednesday. We had a very relaxing time while on Maui and my massage just topped off the vacation. Diane Child May 2010 This client started with 20 minute poolside massage in his lounge chair with Laura's "Magic Hands" and extended it to 2 hours. He and his family had massages for the next 3 days. She worked on his back outside at the pool which she doesn't usually do. He liked the backwork so much that he came inside the spa the next day for more. He even invited the therapist, Laura, to come to Calif to do massages. (Laura also works at the Four Seasons Resort Maui which offers a service doing massages in guests lounge chairs. April 3-5 Mr. Patrick. Randy Travis and his wife Lib started receiving massages from me in 1990. I've been working for them for 20 years now and have even gone on the road, tourbus, with them and their entourage. REGIS AND CATHY SHOW-- 1994ish--gave Regis a massage on national TV. Massaged Regis to the rhythm of the song I was singing. If "you like try"let me know. We'll pick a song out. I'll either sing it or play it. Just ask for my Regis and Cathy Special "AMAZING MASSAGE" Ms. C works for Adam Sandler production crew.--May 3 2010.
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