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La Salon and Spa, offers salon and spa services at its 1,600-square-foot facility. Salon services are offered on the spa's first floor, with its bright yellow and brown décor while all spa services are performed on the second floor with music, plants, and candles adding to the soothing spa atmosphere. The spa strives to provide high-quality personalized spa and salon services that include massage, reflexology, facials, Diamond Tip microdermabrasion, Biolift wrinkle treatment, body firming treatments, manicures and pedicures, hair care, and waxing and sunless tanning services. The spa is open seven days a week and offers VIP membership programs, packages, and gift certificates. Events such as bridal and birthday parties and girls' days out are also held at the spa.

LA Salon and Spa

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LA Salon and Spa
324 Millburn Avenue,
Millburn, NJ 07041
United States
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Customer Reviews for LA Salon and Spa (58)

October 30, 2013
Bad choice
I purchased 3 "Moms day off" package the only thing that was great was my massage with Joy everything else was TERRIBLE. had my feet soaking in water for over 20min till she finished with someone else and just horrible at pedi's ended with a bad blowout that I never thought anyone can really do a bad job being that my hair isn't curly. Never again! The show "Tabatha's take over" should definitely visit this place
March 25, 2013
Must try JOY!
I have had a number of massages in the past few months in different spas. Joy gave me a best massage. She releases my stress of my shoulder and works my spine for 20 minutes. Joy is firm, but it is not painful. I love it. Joy also has sweet smile all the time. Since I started massage session with Joy, my headaches and sciatica are gone, and I just feel happier and healthier.
March 21, 2013
I really like my facial!
I bought the groupon, so I tried the facial from La Salon. She name is Luba. She cleaned my face very good without painful feeling. She is little quite, but she is very nice. I like her very much, so I will came to her for facial again.
March 9, 2013
Terrible, I walked out quietly and quickly
I purchased via Amazon, a massage and a facial and started with the massage appointment. I asked the woman who was to work on me where she trained - and as she could barely speak English, she told me the city and would not tell me more. hmmm. Remain optimisitc and got on the table. I told here where I have an injury and requested that she not touch the area - - and would you believe, she went started and went right to the area with strong pressure. Healing hands, she did not have, and after 8 minutes - got dressed to leave. Was just going to get my money back from amazon and leave quietly, but i was stopped by the loud and angry asian owner - she was trying to blame me for my dissatisfaction and told me to come back and try someone different - when I asked her about the other people and their specialties, she could not answer a single question and just kept telling me to come back. This place is HIGHLY unprofessional, and it is obvious that the staff is not trained in the profession in which they are working...STAY CLEAR and avoid wasting your time here.
February 15, 2013
Horrible Experience
I went there for a massage. The woman could not have possibly been a massage therapist. She asked me to lay on my stomach and she rubbed my back for 50 minutes -- nothing else, just my back. And even that was terrible. She had no idea what she was doing. Additionally, the room was freezing! I mentioned it to her and she turned on a small space heater. It still felt cold and freezing to me. When I was leaving, I looked at the space heater because it seemed to be blowing out cold air -- sure enough, she had it set to a cool fan setting. She was an idiot. The place was not clean. The staff were not friendly or courteous at all. Never again!!
January 4, 2013
Worst mani / pedi EVER !!!
The worst manicure pedicure that I've ever had !!! The place is absolutely NOT like the photos. It is very very chaotic and loud. The stylists were discussing LOUDLY and obscenely about their night lives and more ! Every thing would be fairly acceptable except after a REALLY BAD manicure (nailpaint half off the nail and over the skin - sides of the nails left unpainted) the owner (I am guessing) DEMANDED the tip. They do not have drying stations so you have to wait in the very uncomfortable pedi stations for your nails to dry and of course NO aid from the 'specialist' unlike even the most modest of Chinese parlors that I've been to. Im pretty sure Im not going there again. I should've read the reviews before going in !!!
October 15, 2012
I love my massage!
I usual go to La salon and Spa for Massage with Jen. Jen toke a vacation, so I tried Donetta. She is even better. I love it. She can communicate with me and perfect pressure. I love her touch.
September 23, 2012
Best Gift
I bought deal from quarteroff. I came to try, it is great! I went to many other spa for facial and massage.The massage is very different with others and Facial is very detail. So I bought two more sales after I finish services. I like it!
March 6, 2012
Try and Like it!
I bought groupon voucher for facial and massage. I came to try, it is great! I went to many other spa for facial and massage from groupon. The massage is very different with others and Facial is very detail. So I bought two more sales after I finish services. I like it!
March 1, 2012
The best deep cleaning Facial!
I saw the last review for this salon; I felt it is not fair. I am a loyal client for this salon and spa for 4 years. I get my hair, nail, Massage and Facial down all the time there. They are very friendly and have reasonable price. My son face is full of blackhead. He went to dermatology before, but his face still have problem. Therefore, he came to try deep cleaning facial, his face is so much better. We love la salon and spa.
February 25, 2012
Not the experience we expected
The website pictures of this place are not at all like the real thing. My best friend & I decided to get mani/pedi's we thought the friendliness of our nail techs would make up for our disappointment. However, during the pedicure, the salon owner freaked out about the position of my friend's chair & took the controls & repositioned the back of the seat so that my friend was now bent in an awkward position. Then another employee came over & repositioned the chair back to the way it was. I swear it was like watching a bad SNL sketch. After the pedicures we were told we had to go upstairs for our manicures. Not a good idea if you don't want to mess up your pedi, as the stairs were steep with overhangs & was carpeted to boot. If you aren't careful going up you can easily stub your foot & ruin the not yet dried polish. The mani/pedi's were sub-par. While we were waiting for our pedicures, we also observed obscenely rude behavior from one of the hair washers. This employee very rudely told the customer whose hair she just finished washing that she needed to get her tip before the customer went over to get her hair cut. This place has very unprofessional staff who barely know how to do their jobs.
Paul EF
February 11, 2012
You get what you pay for
The whole experience was disappointing from start to finish.....all of the positive reviews sound like they were written by the same person. Totally skewed and uncomfortable. My daughter left with a red face that took two days to clear?
Response from LA Salon and Spa
Good deep cleaning facial will turn face red. The face will be clear after few days. we will try to improve communication with our clients.
December 22, 2011
Went in with a positive outlook
I went la salon and spa on a tuesday and decided to get the shellac nail polish manicure. lets start with when i walked in and asked if they had someone available and the girl at the desk looked over to someone i though was a customer and said can you handle it. They directed me upstairs to a room where they had their nail stations. The girl sat down and at that point I should have left, she didn't seem to know what was going on and clearly never dealt with applying shellac before. After a few minutes another girl walked in and the two started speaking spanish [which i speak and understand] and is clearly telling the girl that the paint will fall off my nails because she did not wait the full 3 minutes between coats. Needless to say its day two and its peeling off already. The difference that was left on my gift card they gave as store credit, which I will not be using.
December 21, 2011
The best gift from my son!
I came to La Salon and spa to get Massage and Manicure and Pedicure yesterday. It is amazing! I go to get massage in regular base. Jen gave me the best massage! I am very happy to find this spa. The manicurist also did a great job. They are very friendly. I felt very comfortable with all the staff. I bought the gift card to my family while I leave.
December 13, 2011
I bought a groupon for a massage.. and it was the worst mistake I could have made. The entire place is not clean inside at all. The owner is loud, abrupt and obnoxious. They actually had a contractor come in and leave his tape measure... she put it in the drawer before he came back to keep it! The massage itself was equally horrible. The woman talked to me the entire time, used entirely too much oil, and also used her nails. She also kept her bracelets and rings on throughout the entire session. Completely awful..
Response from LA Salon and Spa
First, I believe it is a personal attack or drama among business. How it possible that a client got the massage service during salon was remodeling. Further, Second floor has not have any work done for one or two years. Whenever, you saw the owner hided the tape measure, how do you know that it was belonging to contractor? Second, each client has different personality. Some people like to talk and some people don’t. If you mention that whole massage was keep talking, then conversation may be both sides. For the groupon price, this is lowest promotion we have ever had. Our massage is known in the town. We did a good massage with reasonable price.
November 12, 2011
You got to try this spa!
I bought groupon hot stone massage, so I can to try them. I got my massage all the time. The lady gave me a good massage. She is small, but she is stong. The massage price and the service I like very much, so I bought another gift card to my friend. You got to try massage.
September 13, 2011
I got a "60-minute hot stone massage" deal here from Groupon, and now I know why it was so cheap. I'm not hard to please, but this was bad. My masseuse came up to me, did not even introduce herself until I asked her if she was doing my massage, she stated that she was and took me upstairs to a tiny room with table. I laid down, and there were stacks of boxes underneath the table to stare at. The lights were on too high, but I figured it was alright since my eyes were closed. As my masseuse began to give me my massage, I began to hear her bump into the items in the room such as the facial magnifying glass and other equipment that was crammed in there. It wasn't quite the relaxation I was hoping for. The masseuse massaged poorly and then proceeded to place an extremely hot towel on my back without any warning, my body's reaction was to shoot up and startle. She apologized and said she would warn me next time. The massage itself was incredibly mediocre and I was sore for the entire next day. I get massages pretty regularly, so it's not like my body isn't used to pressure or massaging. I left realizing that I was thrilled the massage was only 40 minutes long DESPITE THE FACT that I had paid for a 60-minute massage. Never again.
August 23, 2011
Wonderful Experience
I decided to treat myself to a facial, massage, manicure & pedicure. I was initially attracted to the price which I thought was very inexpensive for a spa package. The day of my appointment, the downtown area experienced a blackout. No electricity but the water was still on. I was still able to receive my services and each person was professional and courteous. The policy for my pedicure lasted a month!Kudos to Tami, JoJo and Maria. I will definitely visit again.
July 16, 2011
I love the facials I have gotten from Tami. She has done amazing things with my skin.
July 16, 2011
I went to Tami for a facial with a gift certificate that my 15 year old son gave me for my birthday. Not only was his gesture sweet, but the facial amazing! Everyone likes something different, and for me, a mild extraction and a variety of masks is ideal. The steam, the music in the room made for a very relaxing hour! Tami made me look and feel beautiful! I will return!
June 10, 2011
THE MOST TERRIBLE FACIAL I EVER GOT IN MY LIFE WAS AT THIS PLACE...I've been in the beauty industry for over 9 years and I get facials regularly i bought a gift certificate from groupon to their spa and i regret every minute of it....first of all....i called to confirm my appt. 30 mins before and they didn't have me in the book....then i get there and the receptionist and is very unprofessional the lady that takes me to do my facial is telling me that she is doing them favor by staying late and usually its asian women that do the groupon facials and she is only get $12 from this facial and then she goes to tell me that i have rosacea! Now i would not have a problem with it if i did but i have NEVER EVER been told i have rosacea so she obviously doesn't know what she is doing....i didn't even get to go under the blankets she made me lay on top of the bed with my clothes on...i didn't get a full extraction...it was the worst experience of my life i was hoping to go and relax for an hr and it was the most stressful 45 minutes of my life STAY AWAY!!
May 16, 2011
Not Bad
I went to this spa with my recent groupon purchase.I was not sure what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised when I walked up the salon stairs to the spa area and found a different atmosphere than downstairs. All in all....not a bad massage.
April 20, 2011
Loved and will come back again!
My husband gave me a certificate for Massage and Facial. All the girls are very friendly and professional. I felt totally relaxed and I loved the my massage. I will come back again.
March 2, 2011
The best Manicure and Pedicure!
I bring 8 my friends went to La Salon and Spa Last week. we all had mas sage or facial or Manicure and pedicure. This is my second time to this spa. We are very happy! You did a great job. Every staff is very nice. Specially my manicurist-lily , She gave me the best Pedicure. She did great job to cut my nail cuticle and foot massage. She is the best!
February 5, 2011
over charge
first to say...they charge 20% with the spa finder certificates... I went for a gel manicure..online it say 30& up..in the salon it say 35&up...the manicurist talked on the cell phone the whole while during my nails...when I went to pay they said $45 dollars...remind you I dont even have nails and the reason I liked the gel manicure because I went to ATL and had it for the first time which was a beautiful experience for only $20...I had (4) spa cert...and I gave them 2...the owner I guess said we cant give money back ...we can give a credit...I knew I wasn't ever going back..so I said ok ...pay the manicurist with the $5 ...She said o by the way its a 20% charge with the spa cert and its $46 so u can add a dollar for the tip...Very unprofessional...I wouldn't recommend anyone to the place ever...
January 3, 2011
A waste of a Spa Day
After having spa finder gift cards in my purse for a couple of months I finally decided that it was time to treat myself for a couple of hours of relaxation. I walked into the busy salon, and it was total chaos. I stood there before any of the staff recognized that I was there. And I think it is unacceptable to have a manicure with the manicurist on their personal cell phone. It was not a relaxing experience, I came out of the salon totally aggravated. I told all my family and friends not to use this salon/ spa every again.
Paul EF
December 30, 2010
Girls day out
Treatments were excellent. Staff knowledgeable and friendly. Could improve experience by having pitchers of water/tea available after/between treatments, as well as place to sit. Felt rushed at end of treatment would have like to rest for just a few minutes after massage. Spa finder cannot be used in conjunction with any salon promotions
December 9, 2010
Great touch!
I have many waxing service down before. My skin is very sensitive. I went to this spa first time. Nea is very detail and clean. she is very gentle. My skin did not turn to red that much. She gave me the best wax!
October 31, 2010
Better than Doctor!
I came to spa to try their facial first time. For years i had an acne problem, and the spa helped me get rid all acne on my face. She told me that she is expert oworking oil and acne skin and she has 20 years experiences. I do feel little painful at the moment, but my face is much much better after the facial. I am highly recommend this spa if you are in need of a great facial. The staff is very nice. I will come back to her. She is better than doctor!
October 12, 2010
Worst Wax EVER!
I went here to get a brazilian wax and will never go back. The woman who did it was very unprofessional, she kept calling me by the wrong name and was asking very personal questions. I have been getting brazilian waxes for a long time and have never been in any pain, but this wax was very painful. When I got home I was still in some pain, so I looked down there to check things out and saw that I was covered in blood. The woman who did my wax RIPPED my "lip" and did not even say anything to me about it. I had to go to the doctor to be put on antibiotics to prevent infection. A huge waste of money. Do not go there!
October 7, 2010
Enjoy the spa deal!!
I have tried many spas for massages and facials in many different places. I got the email from spa finder for spa deal week. I came to La Salon and spa first time. I decide to try facial and massage. I have oil problem skin and my shoulder is very tight. I was very surprised that both technicians are expert. They are the best I have ever had. Further, the price $ 50 is very good deal! I sign up for their VIP package and I highly recommend to all my family and friend.
September 28, 2010
Experience I have to share with you
I scheduled a facial with this spa this July due to the reviews posted on this site. It was very disappointing experience! A Malaysian lady (she said her name is Jojo) did the facial for me. The way she cleansed my face was very unprofessional and she complained about her back pain while she did some neck message. She also asked me some private questions such as whether I am a student (BTW, I am not!) With $60 per hour charge, she charged me $85 dollars for no more than 75 mins. I left $10 for tips anyway. When we were out together, I asked her why she overcharged me. She said sorry and promised she would ask the owner to return $10 credit to my credit card and I never got the credit! Never go to this place, never!
September 7, 2010
WORST ever! GOT PINK EYE and RAW SKIN FROM EYEBROW WAX - Owner did not want to hear about iit
Very unprofessional Left spa with swollen, burning, painful eyelids from eyebrow wax (had many before and never had this happen!) Was told my technician to wear walk out with sunglasses so others would not see Not a spa at all don't be fooled booking was confusing, not relaxing atmosphere technician during facial kept complaining I called the owner after I had to go to Doctor to get treatment for eyes that were burning and tearing and swollen (2 days after being at spa) and he told me that I had pink eye on both eyes and needed treatment for both the raw skin on my eyelids and prescription drops of pink eyes. I called the owner to tell them about it so that they can stop this from happening again, and she denied it and hung up
Response from LA Salon and Spa
I am very shocked at this review. I have never had anyone complaint of getting pink eye at salon and spa. we work hard to keep up our cleaning standards, futhermore Waxing never touches the eyes. When the client called, the owner was concerned and wanted her to come in and show her eyes, the client refused and was highly upset!The owner offered to compensate and she got even more upset and threatened to ruin the salon reputation, by writing a bad review to spa finder. In conclusion La salon and spa will continue to provide the best service possible to our customers!
July 2, 2010
Look like Movie Star!
I saw the Spary tan sign outside La Spa, I decided to give a try. It is amazing! It Only took 30 Minutes,I look like a Movie Star. I was so happy to try Spary tan . Her name is Nea! She told me that she also is expert on waxing service. I came back second day for bikini wax after I love my spary tan. Nea is very detail and clean. She gave me a very gentle touch. I cannot wait to recommend her to my sister and close friend. You must try her-Nea!
March 31, 2010
Best Value!
I worked in the City but I lived in short Hill. I have many experiences in Massage and Facial. This week is holiday. I decided to give a try 60 minute Massage. I was little nervous at the beginning. She is very quite,but her technique is amazing! so I changed my mind to try the Facial in this spa. Her name is Tami. She gave me the best facial. I was supprise to this spa closed home. It is not a very funcy place, but the staff are very friendly and professional. The price are very reasonable. I went to 5 star spa before, I ONLY paid high price for atmosphere, I did not get same massage La Spa gave to me. It is best value!
March 23, 2010
The perfect touch!!
I came to La salon and spa to get Bikini wax. I used to see other girl. This time I had Nea. She is amazing. She is quite but she has great detail touch. It is painless. It is also last for long time! I am so happy found her. I recommend her to all my friend!
March 23, 2010
The best value in the town!!
Me and my friend come to La Spa for Spa finder deal. We both got a lot massages and facials. Jen and JoJo gave me and my friend the best massage!! JoJo work my shoulder and back for almost half hour. They set their timer for 50 minutes. I am happy that I got full 50 minutes massage! I went to other spa for 60 minutes massage and I only got 50 minutes massage before. I also got the Facial from Tami. She is the best! She cleaned my face very well. My face is beautiful after she finished. Me and my friend bought Vip package together. I was supprised to see negative review for spa. This spa is not so funcy like other big spa, but they gave me the best massage and facial. The staffs are very friendly and expertise what they do. They gave me the best value! We are very happy la salon and spa!!
March 22, 2010
Deal Days Experience
I visited LA Spa during the Spa Finder deals days. When I arrived I was surprised at the atmosphere. It was not decorated nicely and looked a little run down. The website portrays a much nicer picture. They take you upstairs to the spa rooms which were very dark and also not decorated nicely. The door had a window on it which I did not like when it came time to changing. They did have relaxing music on and the massage in itself was relaxing. The biggest down fall was they had a timer in the room and once you hit 50 minutes it went off. So much for being relaxed after being startled by an alarm. I think the massage would have to be less than $50 for me to come back.
Response from LA Salon and Spa
Our salon and spa is very popular for Massage. The massage room is code to have little window. The timer shows that we gave client full 50 minutes massage. Most spa only offer 50 minutes massage for 1 hour massage. Usually the staffs gave the extra few minutes more. However, we always try to give the best massage and we will continue to work hard improve everything to meet all client's need!
bonnie b
March 21, 2010
Don't let the address fool you
Shabby, dirty, unorganized, unprofessional ! Those are the first adjectives that come to mind. I treated a friend to a "spa morning" and felt that this was a safe choice because of the ratings and the address. It was an embarrassing and disappointing experience. Although the staff were friendly and hardworking, the spa area was dirty, the robes and slippers looked like they had been purchased at a second hand store, and there was no changing area. Customers are asked to change in the bathroom or in the upstairs nail salon. It is absolutely baffling how this business can survive in such an upscale area and I kept wondering to myself where did the good ratings come from??? Maybe this is under new (and poor) management ??? Can't figure it out????
Response from LA Salon and Spa
I am sorry that We do not offer you and your friend in the same room massage because one table thermal was out of order. All the robe and slippers are bleach and clean after each used! Most customers perfer change in the batheroom. la salon and spa will continue to make all changes and improvement. Thanks for all the advices!
February 17, 2010
It is very personal touch!!
This is my first time to the spa! I have bad pain on my back, I was hardly walk. I walk in the spa and got 90 minute massage. The girl-Linda gave me a very deep massage. She worked on my back almost 60 minute using hot stone. I was total melt down. After my massage, I felt much better and I can walk out of spa. It is great place for massage!
spa girls
February 10, 2010
You don't get better Massage than this!!
It is our Bridal party. WE have 7 girls together to have 6 of 30 minutes massage; 7 manicures and Pedicure and 4 Biniki wax. It is amazing!! We came on Sunday. We have a wonderful experiences. The 30 minute massage is best!! I have a lot of massage experience before, but this spa gave the best touch. The Nailtechs are also outstanding. They spent the time without rush. My polich last for whole week. Further, the Wax specialist -Nea gave a very detail painless touch. I love it and my boyfriend love it. We all love this spa!!
February 5, 2010
I went to the "SPA" with friends to celebrate a big birthday. we were all very excited...what a disappointment. This is not a spa it is a hair and nail salon that happens to have rooms for massage & facials. i booked a full package for each of us and we were so disgusted (and embarassed) that we left after the facials and massages. Tami (facial) was fabulous and JoJo (masseuse) was great. I wouldn't go back if it were free.
September 25, 2009
Mini Escape
Our group 5 girls went to La salon and spa last Sunday in the downtown of Millburn for a bridal party. We all got the Massages, deep cleaning Facial and Lose Inch body wrap. All staffs are very friendly and sweet. They gave us very good massage, facials and body wrap. We spent 4 hours on the services there. We all are pleased!! It is great experiences!
September 8, 2009
You got to try!!
My friend birthday is on Friday. We discussed to celebrate her birthday to a spa. I started to search all spas in New Jersey on the Spa finder website. I found La Salon and Spa. I like their prices and second package, but I saw a bad review posted. I had a little concern. This spa also had many good reviews. We decided to give a try. We both got the 90 minute Massage and spa facial. They are amazing!!!! They gave us the best Massage we had ever have. JoJo and Jen both are Asian. They gave us deep tissue massage in same room. They are wonderful. I would tell everyone I known to try their massage. Tami and Sophia also gave us a very good facial. They are very nice and very unique. They gave us the Spa facial is much better than other spa. They both had 15 years experiences. My friend has acne skin, so she went to Tami for facial. Her face is beautiful after her deep cleaning facial. I had the owner Sophia. Sophia gave me facial very detail. She deep cleans my face; massage me and gave me collage Mask. My skin is totally shining after my facial. I felt that they did a great job with reasonable price. I really like this place. I told the Sophia what I concerned at beginning. She told me that client come the spa late 20 minute and tried to use double coupon. The Front desk won't honor the coupon because la spa already gave her special promotion, so she was upset and wrote a bad review for Owner-Sophia. I am glad that I am more open-minded to try this spa. We are very Happy their services. This is the reason to motivating me to write this positive review.
September 1, 2009
I arrived, they rushed me into the room. The girl Sophia, first put this really hot towel on my face. She didn't chk it to see if it were too hot, which it was. They when she started massaging cream onto my face I could feel her nails slightly scratching my face. I was afraid of letting her do any extractions because she was going to use an extractor and I've heard that they can damage the skin. Anyway it was the worst facial I've ever gotten. I regret paying someone to slap some creams on my face which is pretty much what happened. While the people were nice it was an aweful facial.
August 6, 2009
Fabulous salon! absolutely brilliant. secret gem in NJ
This place is a gem. Having gone to high-end salons in manhattan all my life, it was a pleasant surprise to find a place in the suburbs that beat those in Manhattan. I wanted a perm that gives my hair some body, Sophia nailed it. The coloring of my hair came out exactly what I wanted, i.e. burgundy red. The haircut makes me feel like a star. Stying my hair is easy now. It's an effortless tousled curled body which is easily manageable with some gel or wax. Lily did my manicure and pedicure. She's a perfectionist and works fast and precise. I love the fact that the staff is very professional, highly skilled, all very friendly and efficient. All that was done in 2.5 hours!!! I could not wait to come back and try the spa packages! Make sure you call in advance for an appointment, they're very popular with fully booked appointments all the time but they're very accomodating!!! SIX STARS!!!!!! Highly recommended.
August 1, 2009
Great Facial!!
I had an interview last week, so I went to La spa for Facial. I was supprised I had total different facial. She is amazing. She is quite, but she is knowing what she does. She gave me an Asian facial and collagen treatment on my face. My face felt very cleaned and fresh. I look younger;-) I felt very great. It is good place for facial!
July 28, 2009
Very friendly spa
I recently visited La Salon and Spa in Millburn and I must say I was very happy. For starters, I called the last minute to see about having a color service done on the same day and they were more than happy to accommodate me. The staff was very friendly and professional from beginning to end. Even though I was the last client in the shop, I never felt rushed. I will definitely continue using this salon.
July 1, 2009
A very special gift!!
My friend gave me a special gift card fo La Spa. I had 60 Minute massage and Spa manicure and Pedicure. They do a great job. Both ladys are the best!! They are very good at their job. I am happy to find this spa.
June 25, 2009
you must try this amazing spa
I went this spa last weekend with my sister. we both got 60 minutes massage. I was totally relaxed and satified with service. My massage therapy is JOJO. I cannot believe that she gave me the best massage I have had. She looks soft and tiny, but she has a magic hand. She gave me a medical massage.At that moment, I do feel a little pain. It is a good pain. It is great place to get spa service. I am happy find this spa.
April 6, 2009
Facial + Hair
My husband gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to the La Salon. I decided to have a facial since i was long overdue for one and foils. I had a facial done with Tami and Hair with Sophia. These girls are the best! Tami really took the time to work on my face, she is a true professional with 40 experience! I am definitely coming back in 4 weeks as she told me. The facial was only $60 or $65 and she took about 2 hours with me! My face feels amazing and clean after the treatment. Sophia did my foils, she is very pleasant and she did an awesome job. I have been looking for a new hairdresser since we have moved and as you all know its very hard to switch to a new technician. I am definitely coming back! and let me tell you , for the middle of Milburn solon the prices are great! I paid $ 160 total for : facial, eye brows and partial foils ( low lights & highlights, trim and a blow out)
November 24, 2008
perfect salon in town
so i moved to millburn 5 months ago. i have had the hardest time finding a salon. I went to RoxxHands , she charged me $19 for eyebrow threading, and i had cuts where she had threaded them. I went to Just Salon , and my hair and and eyebrow waxing cost me over $100! and the eybrows were $30.. i had other experience. I saw the website for La Salon and fell in love with how much thought they put into their website. The staff is friendly, from the minute you walk in- to your last step out the door, everyone is great and comfortable... a really "homey" feeling and my hair was absoultely gorgeous! i got so many compliments that night. :) you will def have a fantastic experience here.
November 20, 2008
The best ecouple Massage.
Me and My wife went to La salon and spa for couple Massage on the last Sat. We was so happy that we tried this spa. It was last minute. Those two girls are excellent. They stay late for us. They had couple room; and rooms are very clean, warm. We really love the Massage Thereapy-Jen and Tami. They both did a great job. We are very happy!!
September 30, 2008
We enjoy the massage very much!!
This spa was a wonderful and relaxing getaway for me and my friends. We each received individual treatments which we all loved. I had the hour and a half massage with Jen and she did a fantastic job. The atmosphere was inviting, tranquil and relaxing. The relaxation room, where you can go before and after your treatments, was beautiful and comfortable. The whole staffs were also very helpful. My husband also came to tried her afternoon. He also said that Jen was the best!! We both love La salon and Spa.
July 29, 2008
Unforgettable Birthday!!!
"I can't believe what a great spa it is in the heart of Millburn. My friend took me to La Salon and Spa for my birthday celebration. After having a full day of service, including massage, facial; Mani-Pedi and Hair blow out, I completely melted and relaxed. It was an amazing experience. The whole salon and spa staff are very friendly and professional. They are very experienced. My hair also lasted a few days after blow out. I felt very comfortable and I will bring more friends to the La salon and Spa.
July 27, 2008
Worth going Back
I just want to say that La Salon & Spa is a lovely place. I have experienced many Spa's in the past I really love the aposphere there. Very quiet and relaxing.Very, Very nice & professional people. It's very clean and a very relaxing, soothing place. They offer some really great treatments and it's very reasonably priced. I have gone to many spa's in the past that charge too, too much and you don't get a good treatment at all. You can get your hair done there. mani/Pedi Facial, body Massage..... everything. It's really a wonderful place. I love it there. I have been with my facialist for many years and I go where she goes. She is Fabulous! I have very sensitive skin and she is very careful and very considerate of my needs. I am so happy with La Salon. This is a quality & lovely place to pamper yourself.
July 27, 2008
Great Service for reasonable price
I recently took an ultimate spa package that included massage, facial, pedicure and manicure. I was very happy with the services. The price is very reasonable and the atmosphere is relaxing and refreshing. The staff were experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. I was especially pleased with the massage therapist. My back has been hurting all the time and I tried quite a few SPAs. But, this massage therapist is the best I ever had. She understands the muscle groups very well and knows how to apply Asian acupuncture pressure to work on my back. One of the things I especially like was the special herbal oil she used. The room is clean and the music is soothing. Facial was very good as well. I have oily skin and the lady cleaned my pores really well. They have a range of nice equipment for facial. Their nail tech is one of the best I ever had. She cuts my cuticle very neat and skillfully. She is polite and enjoyable. I definitely felt that this is very good place with great services for a reasonable price.
July 19, 2008
Terrible Experience
Recently found this salon on spa finder and was thrilled it was close to home and had the type of facials and massages i like. Made an appt for a swedish massage before trying their facial. I should have known there was something not right when i called to make an appointment and the receptionist hung up on me in the middle of asking what was entailed in the facial treatments. When i called right back and said i was in the middle of a sentence she said, i don't know anything about the treatments, call back later and hung up again. Upon arrival at the salon, i was sent upstairs alone and stood around alone until i saw a room with chairs off to the side. Nicely decorated and relaxing sounds and colors. An older woman arrived, dressed in sandals and street clothes, not the usual white jacket and asked what i wanted; i said a swedish massage. She said she would add some hot rocks for free. Great I thought. Well, there was no swedish massage...or any massage at all. She rubbed oil on my back and put 2 rocks in the center for about 20 seconds. It was absolutely nothing. Like someone making it up as they went along. She told me, repeatedly, she worked in a higher end place for years and used questionable language when speaking of them. At the end an alarm clock went off! I said i had never seen that before in any massage or treatment. She said she didn't like to wear a watch. I couldn't wait to leave and go home to take a shower, as she put the oil on my face as well ! The bathroom is new and again, lovely colors, but there were flies all over the toilet and a fly trap strip hanging down from the light over the sink. As i walked out she showed me the room where she does facials. It was extremely small, disorganized and had a dirty counter. Needless to say, i wouldn't even consider having anything else done there. I told her i had really wanted a swedish massage and this was really not a massage. She told me it was better than swedish. Anyone who has had them knows they are the same technique, no matter what country you get them in. As i went to pay, a male employee was on the phone with a customer---he put her on hold and said out loud "someone else take this call, she is a real pain in the __ and i don't feel like finding a space for a quick hair cut" he then walked over to a mirror and began grooming his facial hair. I called 3 times and asked for the owner to complain directly. Each time i was told she is rarely in and i should speak to the woman who did the "massage". I declined. I have never written a bad review of any place, but i feel that someone invested a lot of money into this salon by the decor, and it is a shame that they will probably fail due to the lack of professionalism of the staff and most especially, the lack of knowledge of the woman performing the treatments and responsible for the cleaning of the rooms. There are a lot of wonderful spas on this site, sadly this is one that I would never recommend.
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