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Asha SalonSpa - Rockford

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7160 Harrison Ave, Suite 2,
Rockford, IL 61112
United States
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Customer Reviews for Asha SalonSpa - Rockford (5)

Nancy JoanK
March 27, 2012
Nice Massage and Facial
I tried Asha during the Wellness week promotion since I usually go to a different spa. The service was very good and helped relieve my stress, aches and Pains. I would definitely try them again for a massage and facial.
March 17, 2012
It's loud, staff is clicky, and the service is horrid. In addition the staff didn't even have a robe that fit me and worse than that they embarrased me (I only wear an XL). Suggest going anywhere else unless of course you want to add stress to your life.
Mrs. Levatino
January 15, 2011
Nails Arent Us!
The nail tech that worked on my pink and white fill was very slow. She tried to convince me that even though she had neutral product it would cover the light pink product I had and would not be able to tell the difference when the fill was done. In the end, of course, she was wrong. She also tried to convince me that the reason you could see where my old nail work had left off was because the previous work had damaged my nailbed. Wrong! The nail tech's here also do not use drills. They use what I think of as the older and slower process of emory board only. When the tech was done with applying a new fil,l she asked me to go wash my hands. I told her I didnt think she was done because the fill wasnt all the way up to my skin and I could see the difference in the nail color. She disagreed with my assessment of course and I ended up speaking to the manager to discuss my dissatisfaction. All she offered was to have the same tech fix her work or I could return when another tech could do the work - tomorrow?! I declined and we agreed I would not be paying for the service. This was my first visit for nail work and I'll never go there for nail work again! Sad to say but the nail salon in the mall is better and cheaper! Wow!
deann d
October 21, 2010
Hair Color Disaster
I had my hair colored at the salon, and it looked so awful I started crying. It had to be dyed two more times to cover the awful dye job. I still had to pay full price for the awful color and it took about 2 months to get some moisture back in my hair. I will never go to this salon again to have my hair done. I may consider this salon for nail treatments only.
June 6, 2010
Just what I wanted!
I have started wearing gel nails a couple months ago while training in Chicago. I love them & have been trying several salons in the area to see who provide the best quality. Needless to say I had not found one that had the quality of my first set of gel nails. I have wanted to try Asha Salon & Spa for some time & so I figured this would be a good time. Not only was the staff friendly & knowledgeable, but they treated me like royalty. From the delicious Avada hot tea to the warm neck pillow everything was first rate. They also gave me the best set of gel nails since my Chicago nails. Imagine how excited I was to see they accept Spa Finder gift cards!! I will return & highly recommend it to anyone. I'm looking forward to having a massage & pedicure as well.
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