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Haven Spa

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6464 Montgomery Street,
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
United States
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Mon: 9am  -  7:30pm Tues: Closed Wed: 9am  -  7:30pm Thu: 9am  -  7:30pm Fri: 8:30am  -  8pm Sat: 8am  -  8:30pm Sun: 10am  -  6pm
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Customer Reviews for Haven Spa (10)

February 1, 2014
I received this treatment as a gift. I have driven past the spa, and the name and building looked inviting. Check in was awkward and uninformative. No slippers were provided. I had arranged for a massage and salt scrub. I was told there was a steam shower and products for the shower following the salt scrub. No one ever demonstrated how the shower/steam worked. I was left on my own. I felt extremely squeamish about getting into the shower w/o shoes. I looked around in the massage room and found nothing but a pair of slip- ons that I found out later belonged to the therapist. Thankfully I didn't put them on! I entered the shower having no idea how to operate anything, and the promised products were no where to be found. It was more stressful than relaxing. I also found. I found the environment of the building itself to be creaky and noisy. You could hear every conversation going on out in the hallways which made it hard to fully relax and enjoy the treatments. I would NEVER go back again!
October 17, 2012
This was my first time having had a massage by a man. I never thoufght to ask who would be doing it, however the gentleman was gentle & he kept me covered in the right places. The spa is pretty & everyone is accomodating & the massage was wonderful.
October 9, 2012
Went to Haven for a 60 minute Swedish. Good therapist, bad SPA! Extension in table was not padded properly so I had the therapist take it off since it was poking my cheek painfully. Now I am laying with my head to the side, no problem. Massage is good, therapist informs me our time is up, and he will meet me outside. I open my eyes and notice something to my right, directly next to my face. It is dried blood! I lift the sheet and get up, from the area where my cheek was down to my hip there are smudges of dried blood and a smear on the other side as well! I tell the therapist, we check his hands under the light, I tell the front desk and she calls the owner. Lisa comes in and tells me the sheets were clean when I got there and that the DRIED blood was from me. She acted extremely annoyed, though I have been a client for about 6-7 years. How could I be walking around bleeding all day from my back? I showed her the light blue shirt I wore all day that was stain free. She didn't care, denied it was their fault at all, charged me for the service and acted extremely annoyed that I was upset. Yeah I am upset you charged me $88 for a massage on DIRTY SHEETS! Nasty place. Used to recommend to everyone, now letting everyone know STAY AWAY!
Kelsey K
April 3, 2012
what haven does best is attitude
Haven is a spa that takes it self way too seriously and its customer service not seriously enough. Check in is was complete confusion. I was put in a room with a garment bag. Noone told me I was suppose to have a name tag for my bag- so at the end of the treatment they could find my clothes- so guess what it took them 15 minutes to find them. No slippers were provided so I sat there with my robe and tennis shoes-not a good look . Others had bare feet which were on the same table that the woman who checked me had put my luke warm tea on. My actual facial was ok - not great but not bad. Then Check out with Allison was a nightmare. She had major attitude and as I was trying to find some of the products that my facialist recommended, either they didn't have them or Allison kept recommending more expensive products. When I asked the difference - she said" you get what you pay for- but your decision - then she looked at me and said " I would if I were you - ! " Actual check out took forever and she acted like she was doing me a favor in taking my money and it was a huge bother. Needless to say, I won't be bothering them again.
January 15, 2011
Positive and negative
My facial was great, well done but, days after the storm the parking lot was dangerously slippery, following the signs to the entrance,the handicap ramp was solid ice, while hanging on the rail, I made it up, my friend fell and hurt her leg. The very mini-skirted scantily dressed receptionist was not in any position to correct the problem. No questions, no injury report. An overstuffed reception area with an awkward overflowing pillowed love seat on which to fill out needed paper work needs rethinking, with products on display that need prices. When leaving we were told the ice problem was fixed, it was a futile attempt, when I refused to go out that way, we were walked out of a rear entrance, onto a porch & a dark stairway. When I asked for lighting, the outside light was put on; a delightful fixture, a candle would have done as well, the parking lot was the same. Charm is one thing, safety is quite another. Haven has great decor and is well appointed, a beautiful building, I doubt I will return.
November 30, 2010
Best Massage Ever
I want to thank Haven and Cassandra for squeezing me on on Saturday. Cassandra gave me the best massage EVER! This was my first visit to Haven and can not wait to return. Thank you!
Ann MarieT
January 25, 2010
Consistently Calming!
I have been to this spa for several treatments, including brow waxing, massage and facial. Each time I've gone I have recieved excellent service. The atmosphere is relaxing. I feel that the services are priced modestly, but the value is excellent. I recommend this spa to friends and have purchased gift cards there for co-workers who are under a lot of stress.
March 5, 2009
Amazing Atmosphere
I have had multiple treatments at Haven spa including quick fix facials, waxes and swedish massage. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the staff is very accomidating. Highly recommended.
September 10, 2008
Excellent Servcie
I had a Facial by Aimee and a Massage by Casundra Both were exceptional. I know the Staff and the owner of Haven Spa have worked very hard to provide a wonderful service. Very clean. I look for both and relaxing time with quality treatments. Thank You all at Haven Spa for your care. See you again soon, Linda L
August 9, 2006
Excellent Pedicure
I had recieved a gift card to have a classic pedicure. I felt very comfortable, relaxed, and well cared for. I felt like royalty when I came in and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience. I will recommend this spa to friends and family.
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