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Aqualia Spa

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829 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York City, NY 10022
United States
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Customer Reviews for Aqualia Spa (12)

Julia z
December 12, 2012
Great Manicure
Vivian is great. One of best manicure technician i even had.
October 1, 2012
Something about the environment made me feel uncomfortable. Not relaxed enough, the staff were a bit cold and impersonal, and pushy with their products. Made me more tense! I'd visit elsewhere.
April 3, 2012
She secretly took photos of me with her iphone!
I went for a facial. After I put on my robe and layed on the table, the facialist told me I am very hairy (looking at my arms) and asked "Aren't you embarrassed?" How rude and unprofessional! And that wasn't the worst part. Halfway through the facial the girl was giving me a face massage with a cloth covering my eyes. Suddenly she seemed distracted, massaging me with almost no pressure and one hand, instead of using two hands. Then I heard her cough loudly and the unmistakable sound of an iphone camera shutter going off. I thought to myself that I must be hearing things because she couldn't possibly be taking a picture of my hairy arms with her camera phone. I tried to ignore my suspicions and relax, but I felt uncomfortable and ashamed. Because of those bad feelings I agreed to an arm waxing when she again offered it later. After she was done with the waxing and was leaving the room to let me relax with a mud mask over my face and eyes, I heard her cough loudly again followed by the iphone camera sound again. I now knew I wasn't going crazy and she had secretly photographed me! Was that an "after" photo? Why did she do that? To laugh about me with her friends/coworkers? BE WARNED. DO NOT GO HERE.
April 19, 2011
Roses 624
I went to Aqualia for the first time for a facial. It is a very small spa with very small rooms. The facial was very good. My face felt really nice when I left, except the hot lip wax left me with a bad rash and irritation for days after. The hygienist was very thorough and did a good job, but does really push the products and push for future appointments.
October 4, 2010
I went to this spa last week and I had an amazing time! The atmosphere of the spa was cozy and relaxing right when you walked in. I had a facial and a massage and I must say that Kathy did a really good job. She knew what she was doing and I was so relaxed. After my massage felt so great and my face felt so clean, like it was glowing. This spa is defintely recommended I would come here again!
June 21, 2010
A hall in a wall
I will NEVER go back to this place. We are so blessed with so many great spas in Manhattan, why would one go to AQUALIA to be told HOW MUCH money you MUST tip them. The owner actually approached me with a calculator to tell me how much I "owe" them in tips. I told her that the service was okay, I didn't know at this moment that my neck and shoulders will be hurting a lot later on, the matter of fact I am still with that pain, anyway, I gave $10 to the girl. They gave me a silence treatment after that. I don't think that masseuse, Sofia or Sonia, has a formal training in massaging, I've been in many spas, including LaSport Spa in St Luca, and I never had that kind of massage. It was strange rubbing all over with lots of oil. I didn't fill relax after that at all plus I am in pain after yesterday's spa day - my poor daughter gave me this gift card for the Mother's day. I feel bad that she spent her money on THIS.
June 15, 2010
dirty, uncomfortable, inexpert: don't go here
This cramped, ugly space does not offer comfort. My massage was excruciating. I wanted it to stop. The masseuse was not well trained and did not seem to have much experience. The walls were dirty. The music was repetitive. The staff was concentrated on their profit, rather than their customers. I walked out feeling cheated. And sore.
March 15, 2010
I went there to get body massage, and the staff was very kind and I felt relax during massage. However, the room is too tiny and a little bad smell on the towel. The massage oil smell was great and relaxing, but end if the massage, because of the towel smell, I felt,,, little bad.. overall, good service!!
March 7, 2010
Great manicure !!
I 've been returning to Aqualia Spa for some time now. Mostly because the manicure you get there is amazing. don't know how they do it but the color stays on forever even if I give my nails a tough workout through the week. Great friendly staff and perfect service!
March 7, 2010
Wonderful relaxing facial
I went to the spa to take advantage of a Gift Card I had received months ago. I looked it up and decided to go to Aqualia. I am so glad that I did. Kathy gave me a very relaxing facial and I was very pleased with her technique. I felt like she was very concerned with making me feel pampered, and she really knows her stuff. Everything about being there was good! I plan to go back for more relaxing moments.
February 25, 2010
OK, but not up to par
I tend to think of a spa as a place that creates a relaxing even luxurious environment that takes you away from the stresses and worries of your every day life while enjoying a little pampering. Completely different from a nail salon which is generally where you go as part of the stress of your every day life when you need a quick mani or pedi before a big event and have just enough time to squeeze one in between work and when the event starts. In those cases any nail salon that has an opening will do the trick and you won't mind being surrounded by sardine packed clients and technicians who not only make you feel like you are in an Asian sweat shop, but are also loudly carrying on personal conversations, that's just a part of New York. However, when I log in to spa, spa being the key word here, I'm looking for the former experience and unfortunately, I would categorize Aqualia as more of a nail salon than a spa, despite the services that they offer. I booked $250 in services for myself, my sister, and my boyfriend for a mani and massages, so I am speaking with the opinions of 2 others in addition to my own. The Aqualia space itself is very tight. The room where I had my massage was so small it was difficult for me to stretch my legs out and put my stockings back on and I had to jam my coat in the small coat rack. In addition to the cramped quarters there was a lot of loud talking and no soothing music The bathroom was also not very clean and squeezed in right next to their on location laundry machine. To add to the unpleasant atmosphere my french mani started to peel 1 day after I got it. Despite all these flaws the girls who worked at Aqualia were extremely pleasant and hospitable, as they often are in nail salons. Because they overbooked my massages they offered each of us some free Dermatologica samples which I did appreciate. And despite my short lived mani, the massages for all 3 of us were pretty good (when our relaxation wasn't being interrupted by sounds of the conversations in the near by waiting room). They were also very generous with the time allotted for the massage, not skimping on one minute, despite the fact that we were the last customers in the office. All in all I would say Aqualia is a great upper level nail salon or cheap massage and if you are just trying to fit in a quick touch up it probably adds more value than blowing $80 at a nice spa. But if you are going for some real R&R, to feel rejuvenated from the likes of this stressful city, or have high standards, I wouldn't recommend Aqualia.
October 7, 2009
Great Service, Great Atmosphere
Went to this spa for a mani/pedi and an eyebrow wax- excellent service and great atmosphere. Was able to get personalized service due to the hour of the day.
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