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SpaFinder Melanoma Initiative
Join SpaFinder's 2009 Melanoma Initiative

Be Sun-Smart

Learn how to enjoy the sun safely this summer. Join SpaFinder in helping raise awareness about the dangers of sun damage.

Total wellness for you and your friends and family is more than skin deep. Join us in a pledge to spread awareness about sun damage and the importance of daily sunscreen use, self-examination, and yearly full-body dermatologist checkups.

Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults and the risk is higher among women than men. The evidence points to women’s use of tanning salons and booths. In 2008, there were 116,500 new cases of melanoma and 8,420 deaths, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Get educated about sun safety and save someone’s life by being diligent and observant of skin irregularities. Remind them to apply sunscreen regularly and recommend yearly skin checkups with a dermatologist.

Tips from Dr. Doris Day, Noted Dermatologist

Dr. Doris Day, MD.

Dr. Doris Day, MD.
is a board certified dermatologist who practices in New York City. She is a frequent guest on Good Morning America and ABC News, and has a weekly column in Health Magazine.

  1. Think "Daylight Protection", not just sun protection:
    Both UVA and UVB rays damage is cumulative. Most of it occurs slowly over time, not just from going to the beach. UVA also goes through glass, so use a minimum of SPF 15 broad spectrum sunscreen every day, all year round- and reapply every few hours.
  2. Find Healthy, Alternative Sources for Vitamin D:
    The food you eat can provide adequate vitamin D, especially fortified cereals and milk and vitamin D3 supplements.
  3. Staying Healthy Can Be Affordable
    Here's a few of my favorite — and affordable — sun protection products:
    • Banana Boat SPF 30+
    • Purpose Complete SPF 30
    • Neutrogena Sportsface SPF 70
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Pledge To Reflect With SpaFinder
  • Be Sun Smart
  • Wear Sunglasses year round
  • Use a minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen
  • Have an annual full-body mole check
  • Share this important message with others