Studio G

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Accepts Single-Use Cards

218 Main Avenue North, Twin Falls, ID 83301 United States 


Away from hidden fees, away from long term contracts. Away from negative attitudes and nay-sayers. Away from not feeling good enough or strong enough, there is a place where the BEST VERSION of you is waiting. Ready to throw it's arms around you, wrapped up tightly in the experience, and wide-eyed on a massive endorphin buzz. Here, there is no "boring day at the gym" just AUTHENTIC MODERN FITNESS. Personalized for your individual strengths, it's about technique, it about BEING UNIQUE. Here we FEEL BETTER by doing better. We build BETTER MINDS by clearing them, and BETTER BODIES by challenging them. We push, pull, stretch, climb, dance and SWEAT while we're here, so we can be better at everything we do away from here. We are the Studio G fitness experience!....... sound good? See you there!