Raquel Greenberg Tango Academy

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5 Rossmore Road, London, ENG NW1 6NJ United Kingdom 


Raquel GreenbergDancer, Master Instructor and Choreographer Argentine TangoRaquel started dancing when she was 6 years old. 12 years of ballet and contemporary were the foundation for all that followed.In 1991 she started Latin and ballroom studies, received the IDTA diploma (international dance teachers association) and competed in international dance competitions such as the prestigious Blackpool congress in England.In 1998 she discovered and was swept away by the Argentine tango.Her most marking maestros are Carlos Gavito, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida , Roberto Herrera, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Javier Rodriguez & Geraldine Rojas, Nito & Elba, Vanina Bilous. From 2001 she based herself and lived in Buenos Aires, capital of Tango, where she was teaching and performing, breathing the essence of the Argentine Tango.Her personal style is the outcome of fusion between traditional tango and modern tendencies, having studied worked and danced with old age milongueros, great masters of the traditional style and the leaders of “new age” tango.Elegance, grace, musicality and aesthetics within the embrace – the soul of tango, are her guidelines.Coming from different dance disciplines made her both a good social dancer and a performer, incorporating her knowledge and experience into her dance and teaching, being able to analyze body movements and musicality. Her teaching experience extends over 20 years first in ballroom and Latin American dances than Argentine Tango.Raquel has performed as Tango dancer in numerous theaters in different productions on stages all over the world (South America, USA, ASIA and Europe), as well as in world tango festivals. She has also presented prestigious Tango show productions in Hong Kong, Greece, Israel and Italy. Since 2005 she is touring the world giving master-class workshops and performs in Europe, Asia and the US and also honored to teach teaming up with Pablo Veron.In 2012 she moved to London, her new base, where she is teaching performing and from where she travels the world to diffuse her art.