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8212-B Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA 22182 United States 


Located in Vienna, Virginia, part of the DC metro area, McClean and Tysons Corner. Parma Spa was designed by Carroll Frey with the intent of enhancing clients' overall experience, with elegant features such as French grisaille paintings, touches of gold leaf, Venetian chandeliers, and gilded mirrors. Murals evoking the French countryside decorate the walls. Clients are encouraged to linger at the spa with extras such as Italian linens, chamois robes, gourmet refreshments, and tea in Limoges china.
The spa embraces the concept that the five elements of wind, earth, fire, and water are the "building blocks of our bodies," and that once these elements are aligned there is "balance within the human body and within the universe." Parma offers a variety of modern and ancient therapies aimed at achieving this harmony. Each client undergoes a one-on-one consultation with an aesthetician, massage therapist, or doctor, so that the spa can understand the client's needs and recommend a variety of customized treatments.
Spa services include massage treatments encompassing a range of Ayurveda modalities, body treatments, Endermologie cellulite treatments, skin-care services, waxing, threading, and permanent makeup. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) rejuvenation treatments, a pigmented lesion laser treatment, a vascular lesion treatment, and laser hair removal are among the spa's laser treatments.
Parma is staffed by an international group of spa technicians and licensed physicians. Staff members speak English, Spanish, Hindi, German, Chinese, and Korean. Western medical doctors perform services such as Botox&#174, Restylane&#174, Juvéderm&#8482, vascular laser treatments, mesotherapy, and sclerotherapy. Physicians also consult with clients on topics relating to cardiology, acupuncture, internal medicine, counseling and psyche therapy, dermatology, comprehensive physical exams, gynecology, sexual function/dysfunction, weight and nutrition management, and oncology.
Packages are available, and clients can also participate in yoga classes provided at the spa.

Hours of Operation

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