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About MassageLuxe - Kirkwood

MassageLuxe's philosophy is to "deliver the highest quality massage by providing a comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious environment to all of our clients." The 3,200-square-foot spa is decorated with a warm, earth tone color palette with slate flooring, an indoor waterfall, and cultured stone walls as well as a relaxation room where clients can unwind before or after their massage. There are 12 treatment rooms (including a couple's massage room) where a variety of massages are performed, such as Swedish, aromatherapy, hot stone, deep-tissue, pregnancy, reflexology, sports, and back. As a special touch, the spa has a hot towel warmer in each treatment room to help indulge tired muscles and ease clients into a deep state of relaxation. Membership programs for individual clients and corporations are also available.

MassageLuxe - Kirkwood

Address & Info
MassageLuxe - Kirkwood
1246 S. Kirkwood Road,
Saint Louis, MO 63122
United States
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Customer Reviews for MassageLuxe - Kirkwood (5)

November 9, 2014
Don't go here if pregnant
I would recommend NOT going here, especially if you are pregnant. Tonight after spending the day raking leaves and working outside, I was looking forward to my massage. I am trying to get rid of massages because I have 10 built up because of Massage Luxe's ridiculous policy (they won't let you use the massages that you have already been charged for every month as a member if you cancel ... so if you get behind on taking them, it's difficult to get caught up and they just keep billing you each month). Five minutes before my appointment as I was on my way, I get a call from them telling me that I need a doctor's approval form to get a massage because I am considered a "high-risk" pregnancy because I had a miscarriage before (which was never confirmed by a doctor because it was so early). I had been to the this same Massage Luxe THREE times during this pregnancy in the last month. One of those times was in the first trimester. Never before had anyone said that getting a massage would be a problem at all. The woman tonight, who was rude, told me she had been in this business for 16 years and was their most experienced masseuse and that she was very concerned about my baby.
April 18, 2012
WARNING! STAY AWAY FROM MASSAGE LUXE! They will steal from you and think they're entitled to do so. Here's the story: I bought a massage package for my mom. The deal was that every month my credit card would get charged for 1 massage. She could get a massage when she wanted, and "bank" them for future use. (i.e. if she skipped a month there would be 2 massages available the next.) When she had a surgery and couldn't go for awhile, the payments continued to be taken from my credit card with the understanding she could get the massages later. Then, my credit card number was stolen, and the card re-issued with a new number. When Massage Luxe tried to bill and the charge was denied (from the stolen card #), their management "administratively closed the membership". Meaning - they will not let her have the 4.5 hours of massages I paid for ($246.96), nor will they refund my money! Massage Luxe claims what was purchased was a membership (although what was paid for was 1 hour a month of massage time/month). Their BS is that their membership is like a gym, and once the account is closed, you can't use the banked massages you've already paid for. This is the case even if THEY close the account. They have no care if the problem was beyond your control (stolen card), they're happy to steal from you, too. I didn't know what my mom had used for her massage time. They're also making a bid deal out of this being "last year" - meaning my credit card was stolen in December and I called them in March. During my first call the receptionist laughed at me throught the call (nonstop), even though I told her how inappropriate it was to do so when someone is taking to you about finances and credit card charges. No one returned that call. 10 days later I called again and was given the story about their "membership" and "contract" terms. Although I didn't never signed their contract, it was my VISA that was charged. Anyway - this company has a very unprofessional attitude, and has no scruples about taking your money and not providing benefits - even when due to their own "administrative closings". Their staff and management is snotty, and certainly doesn't put themselves in their customer's shoes. I will be filing complaints with VISA. Their contract doesn't even sound legal, but certainly under the circumstances they should refund the money or provide the massages. AVOID ALL BRANCHES OF THIS COMPANY, THEY ALL FUNCTION UNDER THE SAME BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES!!!
May 25, 2011
great massage
I got a membership with MassageLuxe and love it been going there for close to a year some masseuses are better than others but that is probably anywhere. Great staff and awesome water massage jet bed. I also enjoy the free bottles of water they give out and how nice the people are.
February 12, 2011
bad customer service
Staff at front desk was not very friendly. This did not feel like a relaxing upscale place where one can go to be pampered. I paid for a 1 hour massage but only received a 30 minute massage. I would not go back.
February 8, 2011
massag luxe- kirkwood
spa is very confortable, relaxing, would rcomend massage luxe to any one.
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