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New York Ayurveda

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315 W 55th street, Street Level
New York City, NY 10019
United States
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Mon: 11am  -  8pm Tues: 11am  -  8pm Wed: 11am  -  8pm Thu: 11am  -  8pm Fri: 11am  -  8pm Sat: 11am  -  8pm Sun: Closed
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Naturopathic Medicine
Nutrition Consultation
According to Ayurveda, Rejuvenation must take place on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Before starting the physical rejuvenation program, the  body must be cleansed from the inside. A rejuvenating herb , taken orally, passes through the stomach, small intestine and large intestine before entering the blood stream. All these physiological pathways must be purified in order for the herb to reach the deeper bodily tissues where the rejuvenation process begins.
1 Day Mini Panchakarma        $375

5 Days Panchakarma  $975

7 Days Panchakarma   $1245

14 Days Panchakarma    $2400

21 Days Panchakarma   $3600


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Customer Reviews for New York Ayurveda (14)

October 1, 2013
Great Massage!
Got an hour long massage here- It was perfect! Couldn't ask for a better experience!
April 19, 2012
Nice Ayurveda Spa
I went here on my birthday to try the 2 hour Avuryeda sampler. Shri was my therapist. I liked the Garshana, although it was only performed on the back of my body. The Abhyanga massage was very soothing with Swedish style strokes. If you have knots and kinks, this isn't the massage for you. I felt the head and foot massage left something to be desired but the shirodhara was super relaxing. I nearly fell asleep during the treatment. I will go back at least once a month for the shirodhara treatment. Two minor things: there was no towel or eye mask placed over my face when I turned on my back during the massage. There was lots of noise coming from the lobby during my session. Other than that, it was a great experience.
April 21, 2011
Really good facial
Although I had to call about three times before I was able to schedule my appointment and the place is very small with not so much of a "spa atmosphere", I enjoyed the facial I had done here very much. My favorite part was the yum smelling papaya mask at the end of the treatment. The lady was very knowledgeable and explained every step of the process during the facial. She also gave me some tips on instructions on how to do the papaya mask at home to keep the skin smooth.
April 6, 2011
Great Ayurvedic Spa
Love getting routine massages here. The cost is much less than other spas, the service is great, and the location is very convenient for me. I've only tried the 60min ayurvedic massage, but I look forward to trying some of their other services.
January 31, 2011
small place but good service
This place is not as wondrous in atmosphere, however do offer great services that are indeed pleasing to the touch. I was a tad skeptical when I walked through the door, but no longer carry any doubts within their service. small place with descent service!
November 3, 2010
Great Hot Stone Massage
Have gone here twice for hot stone massage. My massage therapist paid very close attention to my specific needs and adjusted the massage accordingly to focus more time on my back. The space is small, but very calming and staff is friendly.
April 25, 2010
Great Massage
I enjoyed it very much.
April 6, 2010
Awesome, I felt that way after my eye treatment and massage. It was my first time doing eye treatment. When my therapist Shree explain me that she was going to pour medicated ghee(clarified butter) in my eyes, I freaked out. I was really scared to start but she assured me that she had done eye treatment more than 100 times. It was when I felt relaxed when she said OK to scared. I really want to do that coz' I work on computer more than 9 hours. But when someone going to pour warm thing in your eyes and you have no idea what was that haahaa…. After 10 mins of my fearful discussion, I finally agreed. She used whole wheat dough to cover my eyes and start pouring ghee so slowly that my eyes started getting relaxed right away. Whole treatment last for 25 mins. That butter smells so yummy that I end up buying in organic store (did not eat, too much fat) I recommend that treatment for those who overuse computer. After work I play video games, blogging and other stuff so my eyes are usually tired. This treatment is meant to me, for me. After that I had my massage and needless to say it was "a kind of massage." the place is relatively small but service is outstanding. If I live in NYC, I will go there every month but I will definitely visit there in future.
March 30, 2010
Ayurvedic Massage was awesome
I was here for an Ayurvedic Massage also called Abhyanga. Lot of warm oil was used which I enjoyed. Head massage was the last thing and I wouldnt want that to end. That was amazing. My therapist asked me about my current body condition and had suggested that I should try Head massage. I cant thank her enough for that. I was even given a towel to wipe extra oil. I was floating after the massage. It was an awesome experience and I will come here again.
March 15, 2010
Not What I thought
Not the best spa experience I've ever had. The place was small and had no atmosphere. I spent time filling out this sheet about my health and well being and the person who took care of me never looked at it once. I thought what was the point. I was offered tea from a styrofoam cup. Plus the next day my body hurt from the massage.....that is not relaxing.
December 13, 2009
Awesome Ayurvedic experience
Actually I had a spa finder Gift certificate and wanted to try something Ayurvedic. Based on my web search, I chose Fineliving NY Ayurveda. It was an awesome experience. Though I am new to Ayurveda but I could feel the effects right away. Shirodara (warm oil flowing on forehead) was great. Very relaxing and calming.
September 19, 2008
Great Great Great Massage and Shirodhara
i was at this warm and cozy place yesterday and got the massage of my lifetime. To tell the truth, I have been to many many spas around the world and Massage is something I just crave for all the times. Abhyanga massage at FineLiving New York Ayurveda was a steal for the price they charged. And, on the top of that, the therapist who worked on me was the greatest I ever found for working on me. Shirodhra was another wonder of this Ayurvedic center. I was just floating in the air. I am so glad I found this place and would recommed to everyone I know.
September 2, 2008
Tiny little nothing "spa" in cramped office bdg.
Spa Finder, come on! Please let us know what we're getting into!! When I want to go to a "spa", I expect that I won't be going up a dingy elevator of a business office building, have a hard time finding the "spa", and getting there to be completely let down about the amenities and ambience. This was the case with "Fine Living." How can you call a two-room office suite, miniscule at that, a "Spa"? The massage was fine, but nothing special. Nothing whatsoever was said about health, wellness, or any suggestions given...I had to probe the girl that gave us the massages, and she obviously knew little to nothing. Needless to say, we won't be going back.
December 18, 2006
Fabulous Experience here
I came here yesterday and had an ayurvedic massage and a shirodhara ( oil on the head treatment) Nisha was one of the most giving and generous practioners that I have had a treatment with. It was so profoundly relaxing and soothing.There is nothing here in terms of amenities or atmosphere since it is in a very simple and small space but beautiful amenities has not always ensured a rewarding spa treatment in my experience. Nisha usually specializes in chronic conditions and diseases and the ayurvedic treatments are usually a component of that and I plan to go back to her to address some health concerns that I have. Thank you so much for such an powerful and uplifting treatment!
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