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Z Spa is a luxury-oriented spa is located in a peaceful suburban setting in Rockland County, New York. The spa was established by a highly skilled massage therapist who has trained other bodywork practitioners. High-quality European products are used for all skin-care and body treatments. Z Spa's locker rooms are equipped with steam showers with several rejuvenating settings to reinvigorate or relax guests. Several spa packages for men and women are available that combine treatments such as healing stone massages and vitamin facials.

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Z Spa
263 South Main Street,
New City, NY 10956
United States
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+1(845) 638-9772

Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
Accepts Multi-Use Spafinder Gift Cards
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+1(845) 638-9772

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Customer Reviews for Z Spa (25)

December 30, 2012
Quality Massage Therapy
Personally, I think this place is great compared to the other "spas" around Rockland County. It is clean, peaceful, and the staff is always wonderful. I agree with all the other reviewers that say this place is worth re-visiting. For all of the others, well, some people will never be pleased no matter where they go. Move on and leave this place to those that appreciate it.
November 10, 2012
Disgusted. Horrible customer service. With an upcoming wedding (destination) I tried making an appointment for waxing services. I was put on hold for 10 minutes before even speaking to someone. I told the woman on the phone I had several questions before I booked and she said "First, give me your credit card number." I understand that they have a cancellation policy, but seriously how crass! I decided to not book because they knew NOTHING. After speaking to two women I spoke to a man who simply said "Just come in". Sorry, no. My mother and sister unfortunately decided to book appointments and go. Both have missed patches on their legs. Not the tiny baby hairs that are sometimes impossible to remove, but rather it looked like the woman who did it was blindfolded at the time. When my mom called the next day they blew her off. My sister went in person to the spa the next day and the man and woman in charge were plain disgusting. Nasty immediately and made my little sister cry. No apology and no resolution offered. Maybe their prices may be better than some spas, but in this case you get what you pay for. Fountain Spa is a million times more competent and classier than this hole of a spa.
April 27, 2012
Love Z Spa
I have been to many different spas and I have to say that Z Spa is now one of my favorites. I love the quiet atmosphere, and how it's not one of those huge, crowded spas. I also am somewhat of a germophobe but Z spa is really clean and the were very showers nice. As for the massage, I had the hot stone massage and it was AMAZING. I also had a mani/pedi which I really enjoyed because it was so quiet and secluded (instead of at one of those mani/pedi places where you have 10 people in a room). I will definitely be back here for more of those hot stone massages!
April 20, 2012
Good massage, good atmosphere for 'burbs
got a gift certificate from a friend so I went in for a sports massage. Locker room was a bit small, but it's a small spa so not many appts at the same time. masseuse knew was she was doing, good hands, worked on the areas I asked her to (had some lower back soreness from work). overall good experience, place was quiet, clean, and had the 'spa' ambient music going. I'd go back for another massage (esp if i had a gift certificate again!). hope this is helpful!
April 18, 2012
Pleasant Experience
I like to be pampered. ...if it's not food, it's from a spa date. Zspa offers a range of services from massages, skin care, manicures, pedicures, to the special treatments. The service has been consistently pleasant with polite and helpful staff. I can see how people could think the manager receptionist can be rude sometimes but that is probably due to how quiet he is and always to the point. I found it refreshing. Zpa has always taken care of me when I have visited (many times already) so I have absolutely no complaints. Also, the place is kept very clean, and over all relaxing as it should be for a spa. I would recommend this spa.
April 18, 2012
another massage, please
I can't wait to go back to Z Spa for a hot stone massage. My friends had recommended this place to me and I tried it out for the first time last week. It was great! Relaxing massage so close to home...
April 17, 2012
Maybe I will give it another try
My husband got the Z spa sampler package for me for Christmas...from the reviews i as a bit hesitant to go but didn't want to waste the gift...pretty much an average place, nothing stood out as special or unique...I've had better massages but I've also had worse...
February 25, 2012
Not Impressed
I had a gift certificate here. It is a very nice looking spa from the outside, however, once you get in this place is terrible. Very small locker room, with a single residential style shower. Thin robes, with tears in them. Massage therapist was very unprofessional and not well trained. I had Kristin, based on the quality of massage, it seems like they hired her as an intern from a school or an unlicensed therapist from Craigs List. I am not very picky, but get massages twice a month, so I know what to expect. She did not know anything, and actually caused my back to hurt more. There are much nicer Spa's in the area. BE AWARE!
September 7, 2010
Spa Lover
I used to go to spas in the city but after moving to Rockland, dealing with the traffic and the tolls only gave me more stress, which totally defeated the purpose of going to relax with a massage~ SO - I was so relieved to have Z SPA come to us in 2001. Since trying it out, I've stopped trekking into the city... the massages here at amazing! And now I can be relaxing at home, drive less than 10 minutes, get a relaxing massage, then drive home and have enough time to get ready to go out and run errands or just continue relaxing at home. I have a busy and stressful job and my days off are precious. I'm no longer wasting time commuting thanks to Z Spa~
September 7, 2010
long-time client
I've been a long-time client (8 years) of Z Spa and have never had any problems. If I have preferences, I work with the manager to sort things out for the next time I visit - which is why I keep on going back. I work in the service industry myself and can understand that there are times when you can't meet everyone's last-minute demands. Working in the service industry has taught me that I need to communicate what I want in order to be most satisfied. Z Spa knows my preferences because I've told them. I even have standing, weekly reservations at times during periods when work is really stressful. The massages are just.. awesome... so relaxing! I always "suggest" to my husband that he get me a gift certificate for Z Spa for my birthday, which is coming up, so I'm looking forward to that treat! The massages are the main thing that I get but also occasionally get facials. In response to the previous comment posted - there are parts of all facials that aren't completely relaxing.. I mean, to have your blackheads squeezed out is uncomfortable but is a small price to pay for beauty.. you'll see how worth it it is after you come out and your nose is smooth! I prefer getting a facial over using those nose strips to cleanse my pores.
May 6, 2010
not a relaxing treatment at all
I have been a client of z-spa for nine years, did only massage there because they have a great massage therapist James. On May 1st I booked a package "a z-spa day" which consisted of masssage, facial and mani and pedi. When I came for my appointment I learnt that facial was the first treatment. When I told the dest manager Alex that it was wrong because I'll have to lie down with my face down on the couch for masssage, he said that I had to ask for this when booking this package. I said that I would never even thought about it because it was not logical. Alex the manager rose his voice at me shouting- "I've been in spa business for 35 year! Don't You, dear, teach me!" When I said that in this way the face after the facial will get even more irritated he said, which I still find hard to believe: "If you don't like it don't come here any more". I would have left right here and then but I was leaving to Europe next day and did't have much of a choice left. I was shocked by Alex's attitude!!! As for services proper: the massage was good as usual, the facial was very painful and not relaxing at all, mani and pedi (which cost 60 dollars were not any bettter than similar service in any Korean nail place on main street in New City which cost 20 dollars. When I was leaving I gave Alex a chance to apologize, I told him how upset I was by his rude attitude and the fact that I had to keep my head elevated during the masssage. His reply was "OK". This spa staff don't appreciate and value their long-time clients. By no means it can be callled - a luxurious spa or relaxing spa. What a shame!
March 9, 2010
Let me just say that this spa is a sure treat to have so close to home. As the mother of 3 young children, being able to retreat to Z Spa is amazing - like a mini vacation... a much needed one too! My husband surprised me with a package for Z Spa for my birthday. He had heard from all his married friends how great it was and how happy their wives were with their experiences there, that he decided to get one for me too. I got one of those packages that included a massage, facial, and body wrap. I think it was called the Spa Energizer.I'm not big on manicures and pedicures, so it was a perfect combination. It was so relaxing and I felt ready to take on my 3 children afterwards - tho I didn't want to leave! =) I definitely recommend Z spa, especially to those who live so close! Why travel all the way to NYC, pay those tolls and pay extravagant prices when you can get such great service here at home?
February 18, 2008
Fabulous Massages
I went away on a vacation this past weekend and ended up going to a spa there. I must say, going there only reminded me of how lucky I am to have Z Spa available just a few minutes away from my house. The massages at Z Spa far exceeded the ones I had while on vacation, and at a much lower price! I love getting massages at Z Spa, and I do get the occasional facial. My favorite is the healing stone massage... especially with the weather so cold these days. I would definitely recommend trying out Z Spa, especially if you live in the area like I do! You don't want to miss out~
January 23, 2008
great massage therapist but rude desk manager
I suffer from several autoimmune diseases that make my muscles and joints ache. Although medical doctors have not offered any way to alleviate this pain, massage therapy has helped me significantly. Z-spas wonderful massage therapist (James) has provided me with much needed relief so much so that I started going to him on a weekly basis. I usually find it very relaxing and soothing. However, this last time the manager at the desk displayed a very surly attitude and upset me so that it undid all the benefits of the wonderful massage. His communication skills are very poor - he behaved in a rude and supercilious manner when I just asked if he could guide me on how to use the shower properly. The fact was he did not know how to do it either even though there is a sign hanging right there. In addition, he started yelling at me which made me feel very uncomfortable. Unless, he calls me and apologizes for his belligerent behavior I would not go back there.
November 29, 2007
I always get massages after every huge med school exam. I've tried out several different spas, but I haven't been fully satisfied. I'm so glad my sister got me a gift certificate for Z Spa because it's the best spa experience I've had so far. The staff is incredibly nice and skilled. They always accomodate my massage according to what I want or need during that session. I'm usually hunched over my desk studying for hours, so I find that my back, neck, and shoulders hurt a lot. The massage therapist focused on those areas and now I feel great and ready to hit the books again! I personally haven't tried the facials there yet, but my sister has. She says they're great and I noticed how clean and moisturized her skin looked aftewards. I'll definitely be trying out a facial soon. A full day at Z spa would be a great Christmas gift! =)
November 29, 2007
let me just say, that i am kind of a spa hopper, and i really enjoyed this one out of all of the ones nearby. it is one of the bigger and nicer ones, everyone is friendly, everything went smoothly, and it was worth the price (esp compared to some other ones i go to when i'm on vacation). my warning for spafinder.com shoppers is to notice that this spa has more reviews than other ones. don't be fooled by some spas that have five stars, but they have only one review. they might indeed be nice, but these spas tend to be smaller and it's more of a gambol. all in all, i don't think you can go wrong with z-spa. i personally had a really nice experience and i have gone back several times.
May 30, 2007
I first tried this place because I received a gift certificate. I had never had a spa experience before that, but after my first time I got hooked. Since then, I tried out some other spas but I keep going back to Z Spa. Massages are great, and now after a few years I've ventured out and tried other things with my girlfriend. It all feels great and super relaxing. I definiitely recommend checking them out, or getting someone a gift certificate for them (I would be happy to get one!)
May 15, 2007
great great great
I play tennis frequently and I get pretty competitive, so I play hard. I go to Z Spa after every tennis match and it completely relieves my muscles. Thank goodness or I'd be in pain and my husband wouldn't be too happy. So thanks to Z Spa, both my husband and I are happy... LOL. The services are great and the staff is very nice. I recommend Z Spa to anyone, especially if you're looking for a great local spa.... it's great great great!
May 10, 2007
I had been going to other spas for awhile (which I will not mention) but I wanted to find one that was closer. I found Z-Spa on spafinder and I fell in love. Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly, and they did their best to accommodate me even once when I was a terrible customer and arrived late. I felt comfortable there immediately, with their serene atmosphere but mostly because of their kind staff. I've had several massages and facials there now, and I've tried several of their therapists and aestheticians. They were all good, though it took a couple of tries to find my favorites, and they try to always set me up with them. In just a couple of months, I feel at home there.
May 8, 2007
I received a gift certificate from my boyfriend to Z Spa for our anniversary. He lives in Rockland while I live in Brooklyn and he drove two hours just to pick me up and bring me to the spa b/c he had heard how great this spa is! The women in his family go to Z Spa all the time and they rave about how much they love the massages there, especially the stone massage. I also got the stone massage as well as a facial and mud wrap. I wanted to do the mud wrap before my stone massage because it includes a body scrub (great for summer, ladies!) and I wanted to be clean and smooth for my massage and they were really nice about accommodating me. The massage was especially relaxing - which I really needed because I've been so stressed out at work; and the facial left my face clear, smooth and rejuvenated which was great especially after all the sun damage my skin probably got during my vacation in Florida. But most importantly, the staff were friendly and gave me personal attention. I'll definitely be going back with my friends... I've already set up another appointment!
April 11, 2007
I am a very avid Spa goer and have trearments at least once a week. I recently visted ZSpa for a 90min massage and a European Facial. Immediately when you enter the Spa you feel a sense of serenity and calmness as you inhale the aroma of the spa and hear the spa music.I was a little disappointed that there wasnt an acutual "waiting/relaxation" room but instead more of a waiting area as if you were at a doctors office. It wasn't too relaxing to see the therapist walking all around. The massage therapist was very kind and knowledgeable as to what she was doing and the massage was fairly decent. Unfortunately my facial experience was not that great. I explained my concerns to the esthetician in which she just yes'ed me to death and nodded..Throughout the facial she just continued to apply various products and remove them right away.Not once was i told of my current skin condition or what was being done. She then applied a mask and left the room for 20minutes. Shortly after she left the mask began to itch and burn to the point where i had to get up and look for a tissue to remove it.When she returned to the room I was sitting up in the bed and explained what happened. She just told me to lay down and that was what is supposed to happen. She rinsed my skin applied a moisturizer and said we were done. Although I had an experience that wasn't so great i still think i will return but maybe try a different esthetician You can't fully judge a place by just having one person on one given day. I do however wish that during the facial they were hands on for the full 50 minutes instead of 30..
March 25, 2007
You call this relaxing?
The hot stone massage was fantastic. The manicure/pedicure was abysmal. I asked for the massage first, but they were unable to accommodate. After mani/pedi I was rushed to the massage room where all the polish got completely ruined. When I showed the mess on my fingers and toes to the manager (who was also the cashier) he refused to offer me a do-over or a credit and became surly. Needless to say, the feeling of well-being from the massage abated quickly.
September 22, 2006
great spot for a massage
I really had a great hour plus at Z Spa with my massage and shower after. The place is really serene and the staff is very friendly without being overbearing. The massage type I had, which was the hot stone massage, was superb. Half the massage is done with these smooth heated stones, and then the last half is done traditionally. Heaven! The spa was meticulously kept, very clean, and the showers were really nice (was like a 2nd massage!) Going to be going back with my girlfriend very soon.
September 19, 2006
truly relaxing
I walk into the place and the atmosphere of the place already makes me relax. There's no loud chatter of people because of their quiet policy that even when it's full in there it seems like there's no one there. To add, it smells really good in there. I've had all kinds of services at Z Spa, and I really feel pampered from every single one of them, though massages are my favorites. My husband and I each have our personal favorite massage therapist and they always try to give us appointments with them. Most of all, the staff is friendly and the service is outstanding. I've been a customer for awhile and I buy gift certificates for my friends. They make it so easy for you. You can pick anything and they even put a bow on the gift box/envelope for you. Z Spa really puts you in a good mood.
March 21, 2006
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