Narayana Yoga Project

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191 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 United States 


Our experts specialize in Ayurveda, the holistic approach to wellness. They use a specific method to identify the unique body constitution in one’s own being, such as pulse and tongue diagnosing, as well as analyzing the tongue. The dietary compositions of our bodies are all very different from one another and it is vital to our health. Our specialists will discuss the diet and the lifestyle changes according to the body’s energies and its imbalances. After our experts have determined the nature of your body, they will propose a guide of herbal supplements to balance your health. As an Ayurveda Center, we also complete the detoxification process of the body which every person needs at least twice a year to live in a healthy optimum state of life. Our services that are done by well-trained Ayurvedic massage therapists consists of essential herbal oils and grounded herbs. The results of our services leave you with a healthy and relaxed state of mind and body.