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Wellness Works was founded in 2005 with a vision for a center that could give credible aid to all health concerns through Massage Therapy, Mind/Body Science and Holistic/Alternative Medicine.
If you're not feeling connected to life or are facing a healing challenge maybe it's time to see how Massage Therapy, Mind/Body Awareness and/or Nutritional Science can restore balance.
Paul’s interest in holistic health started in his early twenties through diet and organic gardening. He has a deep appreciation for nature and honors his responsibility as a caretaker for the environment.
      Through receiving bodywork he found personal healing and an opportunity for a rewarding change of career. After graduating from New England Academy of Therapeutic Sciences in 2001 he worked for health clubs, Chiropractic offices, spas, and private practices. Paul's kinesthetic abilities have proved to be a valuable asset for accessing the correct pressure necessary to relieve, relax and restore the bodies own ability to self heal. Paul finds it totally satisfying to see people transformed through bodywork, diet and lifestyle changes. His diverse background in alternative health and wellness can often provide additional support avenues to wellness. People looking to reduce everyday tension, chronic inflammation, injury or the challenges of cancer and Lyme disease will find some benefit in his practice. Specialties are deep tissue, stone massage and Raindrop Essential Oil Technique. Experiencing a session with Paul can facilitate change by releasing old pain patterns and cellular memories promoting restoration and healing. His bodywork is slow, purposeful and effective.
Nationally Certified and New Hampshire licensed since 2001 Paul continues to explore the art and science of bodywork through continued training and experiencing bodywork. Furthering his interest in health and nutritional science Paul completed the "Food as Medicine" training given by the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in June 2009. Current study - Clinical Aromatherapy Coarse by Jane Buckle at Boston Medical Center. Owner/Manager of Wellness Works at 7 Main Street in Peterborough, NH. 

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