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345 Estudillo Ave. #209, San Leandro, CA 94577 United States 


Healthy Skin for a Healthy Body    the Natural Way . . . 
How healthy do you think your skin is? We use non-invasive advance treatments to rejuvenate your natural glow and persevere your youth. As a result we are passionate in helping men and women maintain healthy skin for a health body through amazing innovative products, treatments and education.
We take pride in standing out from the average Day Spa with only FuFu Treatments in mind. With so many popping up left and right it's hard to figure our which one is right for you. Which is what separates us from the rest, we go beyond our school education and do continous monthly training and education on New Studies of Skin Conditions, New & Advance Ingredients and Treatment and focus only on Result Oriented Products.
From the first step with our Detialed Consultation and Computerized Digital Skin Analysis, we can actually see what underlying conditions are under your skin and are invisible to the naked eye. Pore sizes, wrinkles, pigmentation, rough areas and more. Take before and after treatment or product pictures.
We discuss our clients real skin concerns and skincare routines to help find ways that can improve their skin in the long run.  We know from past experiences that's educating our clients on how to take better care of their skin at home and why our skin does what it does makes a big difference in the look, feel, age and touch of our clients skin. For what we do twice a day at home can and will make a big difference on how gracefully we age.
Come in for a Detailed Consultation and a Skin Scanning Analysis, where you can see underlying conditions under your skin. Learn how to take better care of your skin and to slow down aging.

Hours of Operation

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Thursday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Friday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday: CLOSED


      Our Signature Facial Collection

Needle-less Collagen Treatment- Unique 100% natural pharmaceutical grade Collagen helps lift, tighten, refines finelines, hydrates and heals; great for all skin types. All without Surgery, Botox and No Downtime

Intense Hydrating Treatment- Soothing Pineapple enzymes provides gentle exfoliation and increasing hydration while improving rough textures

      Our Essential Facial Collection  20 mins   30 mins   60 mins

Essential Target Facial - Great to get in a little pampering and correcting during a busy week. Refresh and choose hydration, extracting, or just exfoliating. May even do a LED Photo Treatment or a Mini Peel for more exfoliation with minimal downtime

Essential European Facial - Begin exfoliating dead cells while increasing hydration, water retention & nurturing skin. Aiding in deep penetration your skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother & revived. We help find your skins needs and correct with either Hydration, Stem Cell, Vit C or Multi Vit

Organic Hungarian Facial - Indulge your skin and senses with this 100% Organic Hungarian Handmade Skincare. To help truly strength, correct and heal the skin. We help find your skins needs and correct with Chocolate Lovers, Strawberry Dipped, Bamboo Corrective, Bright Skins, Calm Arnica Skins, Citric & Kale, Raspberry Pore Refining

      Our Advance Treatment Collection

Photo LED Facial, No Peeling Peels, Level 1-2 Peels, Microdermabrasion, Body Peels, Detoxifying Facial, Oxygen Facial and Contouring Facial

      Facial & Full Body Waxing

Brows, Bikinis, Brazilians, Legs & More

      Our Essential Massage Collection   30min   50min   80min

Signature- A great pairing of Swedish and Deep Tissue to give you the ultimate destress and relaxation of the body

Swedish- A great for overall relaxation of body-mind-spirit, using long superficial, soothing strokes for balance and relaxation

Deep Tissue- For those who prefer deep muscular manipulation. Helps relieves tightened muscles that releases tension and stress

Hot Stone- Using warm Volcanic Basalt Stones to soothe aches, pains and relieve stress. While balancing the body and increase circulation, lymph drainage and toxin removal

Prenatal- Similar to a Swedish massage and beneficial at all stages of normal pregnancy. It can shorten labor times and ease pain and anxiety

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