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About Aura Wellness Spa

Located in the heart of Manhattan, near Herald Square, Aura Wellness Spa's expansive 12,000-square-foot facility is spread out across three levels with amenities including locker and shower rooms with Vichy showers, a relaxation lounge, sauna and steam rooms, and a juice bar. One of the spa's unique features is its four therapeutic grottos made of yellow loess soil and bioceramic stones (meant to soften the skin) where guests may enjoy the therapeutic benefits of heat, steam, crystal, jade, and cold temperatures. Services the spa offers include facial treatments, massage, and body treatments. Wellness services such as acupuncture, Chinese cupping therapy, and holistic health consultations to evaluate nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality, and stress reduction are also available. The spa is open seven days a week until 2 a.m. and is available for private functions.

Aura Wellness Spa

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Aura Wellness Spa
49 West 33rd Street,
New York City, NY 10001
United States
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Mon: 10:30am  -  11:30pm Tues: 10:30am  -  11:30pm Wed: 10:30am  -  11:30pm Thu: 10:30am  -  11:30pm Fri: 10:30am  -  11:30pm Sat: 10:30am  -  11:30am Sun: 10:30am  -  11pm
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Customer Reviews for Aura Wellness Spa (16)

December 31, 2012
Nice Place to get a Korean Scrub
I visited during Hurricane Sandy when our NYC apt was without power. I got a Korean scrub and spent some time in the various saunas. The scrub was very thorough and very rigorous. I've received a few Korean scrubs and this was definitely the most intense. The service was good, but the room in which I received the scrub was rather drab and unpleasant. The saunas were small, cozy and enjoyable.
May 10, 2012
Great for my first visit
I found this spa on the Spa Finder website and decided to try it and use the Spa Finder gift card I got from my brother. The balance I paid after the gift card was used was worth the service I received. I went on a Wednesday afternoon and loved it. I arrived on time and the masseuse named Lee was ready to see me the moment I changed into my robe. She worked out my kinks with necessary roughness. I really enjoyed how empty the spa was cause I don't feel relaxed in a crowded spa. I felt like I was the only one in there. I didn't need any of the items I bought with me seeing that I didn't know what to expect. The spa had everything at my convenience. I recommend this spa and I myself will be revisiting sooner than later.
September 14, 2011
Korean Body Scrub
I'm a fan of hole-in-the-wall places to get spa treatments. But I decided to pamper myself and find a decent day spa that would fit the bill. So, looking through trusty spa finder, I came upon Aura Spa. Price seemed reasonable for a nice looking place with free sauna use online. If I have to describe my experience, I booked my scrub, loved it and will be back for more! The spa is huge! Really clean and the scrub was thorough! Hopefully, I'll be back when I decided its time for some pampering again.
March 9, 2011
My Valentine's Gift!
My husband surprised me with a gift card from Aura Spa on Valentine's day. Being the dessert lover I am, he got me the Chocolate Sweetheart package. I was so excited that I booked my appointment that following Saturday. I was really impressed that my husband did such a good job finding a spa like Aura! The front desk receptionist explained the services I had been booked for. And I was just all smiley! I was booked for a microdermbrasion facial(Yay!goodbye to black heads & my enlarged pores) that comes with a chocolate facial mask, a chocolate sugar foot scrub & a chocolate foot wrap! I'm a fan of microderm and really enjoyed the session with the chocolate mask. I was surprised that the mask was so hydrating like the esthetician said. Usually, the skin on the sides of my nose get flaky even with a moisturizer. But this time, there was nothing! The foot scrub & wrap was lovely too! She actually did my whole lower leg and it felt so therapeutic. The room started to smell like hot cocoa. Enough to make you want to buy one in the next dunkin donuts shop you past by. I was really happy with my treatment and I have my husband to thank for and Aura spa! I will be back for a couple's massage next!
October 7, 2010
Relax till you float
I've been to quite a few NYC spa's, Aura is one of my favorites! The Grottos are unbelievable. I usually arrive an hour and half early to spend time in the grottos before my treatment. The spa is very quiet and relaxing; what a spa experience should be. The staff is very accommodating. I had a girls night at Aura with 5 of my closest girlfriends and they were able to arrange a sushi dinner for us after our treatment in the lounge. The massages and body scrubs are amazing. I walk out feeling like I'm floating every time!
August 21, 2010
HORRIBLE. My masseuse, Jennie, didn't leave me alone to get under the sheet, and there wasn't even a sheet to lay under! Just a thin sheet on the table. She LEAPT on top of me and started pounding my neck and shoulders FAR too hard. I asked her probably 10xs not to be so aggressive. Then she threw a sheet over me, pulled it down & COMPLETELY exposed my back side. I pulled the sheet up & she laughed. When she had me sit up, the sheet came down, exposing me again, & when I fixed it she said why, there's no one here. I said BECAUSE IT MADE ME UNCOMFORTABLE. At one point she cooed into my ear "anything you want." Obviously I should've left then but I was in a bit of shock. Plus I'd been there before with other masseuses & they were fine. Naively I thought this session would be too. Wrong. Nightmare. I demanded my money back but the receptionist couldn't get in touch with her manager explaining since it was Friday there was no manager there. WTF? I asked to put her manager on the phone she couldn't find anyone & insisted couldn't refund me since I had a gift card. I felt completely violated & in more pain than when I walked in. I share this embarrassing story to spare you the same terrifying experience. AVOID AURA!
July 26, 2010
Well and Good at Aura Wellness!
The design at Aura Wellness is very modern and sleek. I had a fantastic shiatsu massage by Jasmine after enjoying all the grottos. The ladies locker room led me to the coed grottos area. The grottos are beautifully designed dome-like structures and unlike anything I've seen at other NYC day spas. It was such a bonus to be able to enjoy this activity - two saunas, a steam room and an ice room during my spa day. I would love to come back to enjoy all of the hydrotherapies, which they are known for.
Response from Aura Wellness Spa
Thank you spafriendly. We hope to see you soon again. Do try our Korean Body Scrub or our modern waterpod(hydrotherapy) the next time!
January 28, 2010
Couples Package
Recently I experienced a couples package with my partner and I must say I received exquisite service. Top of the line. We did the body scrub which is one hour we were welcomed warmly by the front desk staff and escorted to a private rm where we were treated like royalty with strawberry's and glasses of wine me and my partner felt relaxed and at home. Private steam room and shower we were never interrupted once during our personal time. I highly recommend this spa to anyone who wants a get away from the crazy city.
Response from Aura Wellness Spa
Thank you Ms Jasmine. We hope to see you again!
January 6, 2010
very satisfied with Facial and Customer Service!
I have been in Aura Spa couple of times and I recommending this Spa highly to everyone. Facial there is absolutely fantastic. I would also like to mention Mirka ( Spa Manager) who provide very high quality of Customer Service, I recommended this Spa to couple of my friends and everyone been very happy! Thank you Aura Spa and thank you to all stuff there. ;) Michaela
November 10, 2009
Worst Massage Ever
While the place was very clean, quiet and professionally appointed, my massage was the worst one I have ever received. I repeatedly told the therapist that she was using too much pressure (and vigorously pinching and kneading me) but she continued on without changing at all. I honestly wanted to get up in the middle and just leave. I could not wait for it to be over. The next day I noticed bruising on my shoulder as a result of this massage. The saunas were a nice touch and the front desk staff was very nice, but I would never get a massage here ever again.
September 30, 2009
Water Therapy Anyone?
So I needed some TLC badly. I booked myself a water therapy treatment and it was great! They basically place you in a capsule( the capsule only covers from neck down, so breathing and moving around is made easy, thank god!) and you get the full pampering all in that one capsule! I started with the hot sauna therapy, second a body scrub and third a green tea mud rub, fourth the Vichy shower and lastly a moisturizer to seal the deal. The therapist was really sweet and meticulous I have to say, from time to time she made sure I was comfortable and covered all the key areas of my body that needed the extra scrubbing and moisturizing. It was just what I needed!
December 7, 2008
Rip off
I bought two gift certificates online as Christmas presents from Aura and have yet to receive them. I have called about 5 times now and every time they say they will call me back or ask me to call back. No one can tell me if the certificates have been sent or if they will be sent. Total scam.
June 30, 2008
Amazing spa in NYC
This place is ideal for a getaway. The facilities are very clean, spacious, unique. The service was amazing because the staff (at all levels) was super friendly, making he experience pleasurable. I was very excited to come here with my husband to celebrate our anniversary. The only thing I would've preferred is that they would've offered a snack or light refreshment at the end of the services. We were there for about two and a half hours, so something other than water would have been just the icing on the cake.
May 5, 2008
Heaven on Earth
Absolutely amazing!! My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our experience at Aura Wellness Spa. The spa is immaculate – the facility has a great design and a soothing ambiance. It was as if we walked off the streets of Manhattan into a new world. The staff is very professional, well mannered and it was apparent they are the best at what they do. I will never visit another spa besides Aura. They have set the standards so high it's impossible for another place to beat them or even come close. The grottos!! WOW!! The couple’s suites!! Pure Genius!! This was the experience of a life time --Trust me!! I am a very harsh critic with extremely high expectations and I was blown away. I have been ranting and raving about this place to everyone I know and thought it was only fair to share my experience with you all. Aura receives my highest recommendation. Check this place out and you will leave writing a similar review.
April 14, 2008
A Real Spa in NY
I have been to lots of spas in tri-state area and most are just small office spaces that do massages and facialsand you dont't get the full spa experience with steam, sauan etc. This place has incredible amenities, very spacious, with locker rooms and showers.. even a lounge with a big screen tv. I really loved the crystal lined steam igloos.. so beautiful! I liked how there was fruit to nibble on as well/ I had the body scrub which was fine. I did sign up to get a combo scrub and massage and there was not much massage included.. it was more like a 10 minute afterthought and was not very impressive. Next time, I will just get the massage since my friend absolutely raved about hers as the best one of her life. I do plan to come back here though because I was very impressed with the amenities though.
April 9, 2008
Came here on Saturday....
It is rare that I can honestly say that I have a great massage (even the pricey ones are usually mediocre). Yoko gave an great (exceptional) 90 minute massage. She used both her hands and feet (holding on to poles suspended from the ceiling). She first gave a full body massage with her hands and then a full body massage with her feet. She applied just the right amount of pressure with her feet (I like hard but not too painful). The grand finale consisted of her stretching my body into various Thai massage-style poses.
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