Inches Away Suddenly Slimmer

Inches Away Suddenly Slimmer

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516-c River Hwy,
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States
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Customer Reviews for Inches Away Suddenly Slimmer (2)

September 1, 2010
Don't let them steal you'r money!
I went to suddenly slimmer did the sauna, and the body wrap. The people were nice and we had good conversation, but it was the BIGGEST waist of money. Not only did they charge me 170$ which I paid in cash, and then tipped 20$. as I was leaving I schduled another wrap for the weekend, put my card down for reservation (not to be charged) and they actually charged the card!!!! I endend up paying 2 times for 1 service. not only that but the 17inches I lost came back 3 days later, and I ended up in the hospital! I canceled the appointment that I could no longer make, with a cancelation conformation and the only response I get Is that they have no reciept, claming I paid cash AND that their records show no monetary balance for that day! I have tried to call several times with no avial, so needless to say I am having to go through the bank to get this resolved! These people in no way are professional, nor do they no how to operate a buisness. DON'T WAIST YOU'R TIME!
February 4, 2010
Wonderful Experiance
I used the Infrared Sauna on my visit here, and I was very impressed! I was weighed before I went into the sauna, and after, and I lost 1.5 pounds after! And it stayed off! I did it a 2nd time, and I lost 1 pound! The staff was very easy going, yet professional, and I loved the experience :) Wish I could go everyday!
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